On December the twenty-eighth Kendal was feeling extra energetic she cleaned the apartment top to bottom then she washed and folded all of the baby clothes then she cleaned all of his drawers. His room looked great. She stocked the baby diaper hanger full and placed his bottles in the slim cabinet shelves next she placed the formula in the other side. She placed the baby bottle warmer in on his dresser. .

Late that night she started having pains she made her way to the emergency room. Dr. Kirkman had just delivered one baby when she heard Kendal was there and yes she was going to have him any time. Dr. Kirkman sat in her office until she was notified she was needed in the delivery room. At two A.M. on December the 30th Davy Joe was born. His official name was David Joseph Mason. That evening Kendal called and told her brother that he was a brand new uncle. She describe what Davy looked like and how much he weighed.On January the second Kendal went to the bank with her new bundle and got his birth date on the trust. When she drove by the other clinic Kendal remembered it was exactly one year before she had a job there. She told little Davy Joe one year ago I never thought how complete my life would be today Thank you little sweetheart.

On January the 15th the clinic faxed all new births to the hospital's medical record department. One of the clerks saw the form for Kendal's baby boy. Margret was at the clinic working and David Thomas was timing out and told his replacement he wouldn't be back for who knows how long due to be assigned to Stakeout this ring leader of a mob leader that starts that evening. He overheard Margret yell what That dam crazy b word. David told her as he pass her she needed to watch her language.

She said sorry It's my father's money hungry girlfriend. inside her mind she was plotting on how to get even with the one person she hated the most. on her personal laptop she looked up the old Saint Paul's building blue print then the West Side Clinic's blue print from the county's real estate office. She yelled Yeah You are going to get. The on duty security guard overheard her and went to have another talk. While trying to explained to her that she really needed to keep her voice lowered she snarled at him and told him to mind his own dam business. While walking away from her he mumbled under his breath Lucky you're after David and not me One of us would be dead for darn sure and it would be me as the dead person. Lady you are crazy.

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