Kendal hadn't talk to her brother John for a long time. She decided to call him. She asked about the family firist. Then she asked him if he wanted some great news. Of course he did so she told him that she had changed jobs and her new address she told him that she didn't want anyone to know because the hostility at the other clinic and her life had been threatened and because of that she couldn't tell him something else. she knew he wouldn't let it but she didn't know about her younger sister who really need to be in a rehab facility.

John told Kendal whatever news she couldn't tell him at that minute he hoped it was great news and would wait until she could.. He told her to be careful and wished her all the luck in the world. After he hung up she wondered if he thought she had found the love of her life. She then smiled and touched her stomach with both hands and said yes baby you are the love of my life, my little Davy Joe.

In the Staff break room a big Christmas tree was placed in a corner. Closer to Christmas the staff put more gifts under the tree. Kendal wanted to give everybody a gift but she had limited money to spend. She saw on line a box of various Christmas ornaments for not too much money so Kendall order them then got a box of the same cards at a low price. She went through the ornaments and picked out the ornaments she thought each one of the staff would like.

She signed the card then put their names on the front of the envelopes, lastly put the ornament in the envelopes. She arranged them on the tree branched. It made her feel a little better but some of the staff had put her name on boxes of all sizes. On Christmas Eve there was a staff party at three. The staff ate different pastries and had different drinks from water, soda, and punches .Then Dr. Shepherd handed out his envelopes that had Christmas bonuses in them.. On Kendal's envelope it said please wait till you get home to open. The gifts she got was things for her little Davy Joe.

They put the gifts on a push cart and rolled it through the tunnel to her apartment by one of the young stock men. He helped her to unload the cart onto the kitchen island then left after she said thank pushing the cart back to the clinic. Kendal opened the envelope from Dr. Shepherd. It contained two thousand dollars. The next morning before the bank closed she deposited that money in a trust fund for Davy Joe. All the bank need was Davy Joe's birthdate after he was born. Copyright 2016 - 2023