On January the 16th after the clinic closed someone sneaked in through the clinic's emergency room door then went through the tunnel to the apartment building and climbed two flights of stairs and knocked on Kendal's door. It was after ten so Kendal just opened the door using her security chain. Someone started yelling at her Kendal turned pushed the manager's intercom system. Someone was yelling at the top of their voice threatening to kill her and the baby. she kept pushing on the door demanding her to open the door so she could kill that such and such baby. The man living upstairs while his father was on a cruise opened his door. He yelled if you don't quiet down I'll call the police Kendal grabbed her stomach Someone yelled the b word and telling her to let her in. The man upstairs yelled again people here has to work tomorrow the police will be on their way shortly..

The man yelled downstairs I'm calling the police right now. He heard someone running down the stairs. Kendal whispered no you're not killing my baby stepping back just a couple of steps and slammed her door closed then knowing her locks didn't always lock turned her back and sat against the door. The intercom picked up Kendal's last words I can't get to my phone to get help for you my precious sweet boy. I love you Davy Joe.

Early the next morning Davy Joe started crying after he cried for hours the man upstairs called the police and complained stating he had heard yelling as if someone was fighting then after it got quiet he thought that woman downstairs probably had her television up load and he had not heard a baby cry for so long. He thought the lady had been drunk and past out and not taking care of her baby. Could somebody come and make that woman take care of her child.

James Francis Flanagan and his partner answered the call. He saw blood under the door. He turned the door handle. When turned the door opened an inch. Officer Flanagan pushed on the door. The door opened to the length of the chain. His partner went to the mailboxes and told him the name on the mailbox read the apartment belonged to a Kendal Mason. He called for a detective to report to the address David and his partner had just been relieved from stakeout and was headed back to the station when the call came through. His partner replied on the radio they would respond. When David arrived at the scene he realized that he had keep his brother now a sergeant also from doing his job. They talked a couple of minutes then David told him that he may know the victim please just wait until the supervising sergeant get on the scene.

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