At the same time, he slides one hand between my legs. Reaches up to stroke one finger along my slit, already wet from his spanking. “Somebody enjoyed that punishment a little too much,” he murmurs, and I grin over my shoulder at him.

“Not my fault you’re so good with your hands,” I point out, and he smirks. As if to demonstrate, he spreads my lips with two fingers and circles a third right at my entrance, teasing. Toying with me.

He pushes one finger into me, slowly, and at the same time runs his other hand along my chest, rolling my nipple between his fingers, squeezing just hard enough to make me gasp. My nipple hardens under his fingers, and he pushes another finger into my pussy, thrusting back and forth with that hand, and massaging my breast with the other in sync. The combined sensations make me lose focus on him, lose focus on anything but his touch, the pleasure that spikes through me from every movement.

I’m only just starting to rock with him, in time with his finger as he spears my pussy, when he suddenly pulls out. I groan in protest and thrust my ass back toward him, but he spanks me again lightly to stop me in my tracks. I glare over my shoulder, while he grins back, and positions himself behind my ass.

“If you want, I can just keep fingering you,” he says, eyes on mine. “But I thought you would prefer to be fucked properly.”

In response, I reach behind me to grip the base of his cock. The condom is already on, but I squeeze my hand tight around him, run along his length anyway, to make sure he knows what my answer is. I spread my legs a little and pull him toward my entrance, and he laughs.

“That’s what I thought. Though it’s hotter to hear you say it.”

“Fuck me, Josh.”

His smirk widens. “Is that how you beg, naughty girl?”

“Please fuck me.” My voice goes breathy with desire.

“Oh, so you want me to fuck you, is that it?” He trails his cock along my slit, and a shiver races down my spine.

“Yes, fuck.” I grit my teeth and plant my palms against the glass wall. “I mean, fuck yes.”

He laughs again. “Your wish is my command.”

When he thrusts into me this time, it’s hard and fast, a thrust so deep it makes me groan as his cock stretches and fills my pussy. I never get tired of that sensation, feeling him inside me, knowing he’s claiming me for his own. The cool glass of the shower wall contrasts with the heat of the water pounding over us, and his body against mine, his hot cock buried deep inside me. I clench my pussy around him as he pulls out, grin over my shoulder, enjoying the way his mouth parts and his eyes go dark with lust.

I love watching him fuck me, watching how much I turn him on. It sends a thrill throughout my whole body, to know he wants me every bit as much as I want him.

“Fuck, you are gorgeous, Paulina.” He runs his hands through my wet hair. Pulls it aside, then winds the hair around his fist, drawing my head back slightly so my neck arches, and my breasts press flat against the glass wall, nipples hard against the glass. When he thrusts into me again, I rock with the motion, back against him, driving my hips into his.

He keeps that one hand buried in my hair, and wraps his other around my hip, hard, pinning me in place as he starts to build up momentum, to fuck me in earnest.

“God you are so fucking tight,” he hisses through gritted teeth, and in response, I arc my hips to angle toward him, so he can thrust deeper, his cock dragging along my walls with each thrust.

“Fuck, Josh…” My eyes fall shut. But he stops thrusting, and a tense, frustrated sound emerges from my throat.

“Turn around,” he says, as he pulls out of me.

I spin toward him, impatient. He must be too, because before I’m even fully facing him, he’s lifting me off the ground, hands gripping my ass as he pins me against the shower wall. He maneuvers my hips, positions me right above his cock, and I reach down between us to guide him back into my pussy. At this angle, he can’t help but hit my G-spot, with my legs wrapped around his waist and his hands still spreading my ass and my back arched against the glass wall.

I let my head fall back against the wall too, buck against him as he fucks me harder, faster. With every thrust, I’m pushed closer to the brink, until all I can perceive is him—he’s all I see, all I feel, all I can hear or smell or taste. He catches me in a kiss, tongue hot and invasive, twining around mine as he fucks me until we’re both gasping, gripping each other with strong fingers, desperate.

“Josh… I’m going to come,” I gasp against his mouth, and he lifts my hips up, angles me against him so he can thrust even faster now, in response. His eyes catch mine, a smile on his mouth. Copyright 2016 - 2023