You definitely can’t fuck him. Repeatedly. Desperately. Insatiably.

After a few days, though, we can’t resist any longer. After dinner, a few mornings after his mom walked in on us, I wake up to the sound of the shower in our cabin running. I tiptoe across the cabin, check Josh’s room first. He’s up already, obviously. I peek out the window, across the porch that adjoins our cabin to the bigger one. I don’t see any signs of life, not yet.

So I gently turn the knob on the bathroom door. Push it open lightly, and peek past it.

Josh has his eyes closed, his head buried in the rushing, hot stream of the shower.

I slip inside and close the door behind me, taking care to do it slowly, quietly, so he won’t hear. Then I pull off my nightgown and let it fall in a puddle at my feet. I step out of my panties, and cross the rest of the cramped bathroom completely naked.

Josh opens his eyes when I pull open the glass door of the shower. For a second, he just stares at me, in that way I can’t get enough of, because he looks like he can’t get enough of me. His gaze drops all along my curves, traces every inch of me, before he grins and grabs my waist and pulls me against him.

I run my hands down his sides, memorizing the lines of his muscles, tracing them even as I lean up to let him claim my mouth in a long, firm kiss. His hands trail down my back, along the edges of my shoulders, counting the vertebrae of my spine.

“Turn around,” he whispers in my ear, and I shiver, grinning up at him. He raises an eyebrow. “Are you going to make me tell you twice?”

I keep my eyes on his. “Depends,” I say. “Will you promise to punish me if so?” I wiggle my hips to emphasize that point, and he takes advantage of the moment to slap my ass, quick and sudden, not enough to hurt, though the faint sting sends a whole set of new chills throughout my body.

“Only if you’re very bad,” he replies, grinning too, leaning toward me, eyes on my mouth.

Now I do listen, and rotate slowly before him, smirking over my shoulder before I whip my head around to face the glass wall of the shower. In the steam, the glass has gone slightly reflective—enough that I can see Josh’s eyes as he runs his hands over my shoulders, my back, the curve of my ass. He grips my ass tight in one hand and my mouth parts, a faint moan escaping.

“Are you a bad girl, Pau?” he murmurs, those hot eyes still on my body.

I shake my hips again, just a little, wriggling my butt in his direction. “Very, Josh.”

“What have you done that’s so naughty?” He massages my ass now, both hands on my cheeks, spreading them, gripping them tight enough that I know he’ll leave marks in the morning. I don’t care. I love it.

I lean back against him, and catch his eye in the glass. “For one thing, I’m fucking my step-brother.”

He laughs, low and dark against the nape of my neck. His teeth nip at my skin there, not hard enough to hurt, but enough to make the hairs stand up. “That does sound very naughty of you. That step-brother of yours is going to have to give you a spanking.”

“Oh no,” I gasp, though my pretend-fearful voice isn’t very convincing.

Josh chuckles again, and then gently bends me forward, until my chest is pressed against the glass, my head turned sideways to watch him. He pulls my hips back, positions me so I’m bent almost in half in the shower, and then runs just one hand over my ass, light, caressing.

Without warning, he whips that hand back and brings it across my ass in a hard slap, just on one cheek. I gasp and jump against the shower wall, the sting racing through my body like a jolt. But I love it, the contrast of the hot water and his smooth skin as he caresses the spot he just slapped.

“Does my naughty little step-sister want more?” he asks, eyes dark with desire.

I meet his gaze, breathe in sharply, the thick, heavy mist of the shower tight in my throat. “Yes, please,” I whisper.

He slaps me again, on the other cheek this time, and my gasp is louder this time. Almost too loud. We both pause, check the door by habit. But all’s quiet outside the shower. It’s just the rush of the water and us alone in here.

Josh slaps me again, and I moan with pleasure and pain, mingled together into the best possible blend.

Just when it’s starting to sting too much, to cross the threshold from pleasure to pain, Josh backs off to stand behind me, letting the hot water rush over the red skin now, his hands gently massaging my aching ass. My eyes flutter closed at the sensation, and I breathe out a faint sigh of pleasure.

“Don’t you go getting too relaxed,” he admonishes, and I straighten a little. But he catches me halfway up, keeps me bent over, and positions himself behind me. His hard cock brushes along the backs of my thighs. Before things progress any further, he opens the shower door and gets me to reach into the medicine cabinet. I pass him a condom, and then he pulls me straight back under the warm water, bent over under the stream as he unrolls it along himself. Copyright 2016 - 2024