“Come for me, Pau. I love watching you come.”

I keep my eyes locked on his as I cry out, the orgasm sweeping through me. I cry a little too loudly, I realize, but his lips crash into mine halfway through it, muffling the sound as my pussy spasms around him, my body rocking from the high. He keeps thrusting into me, not relenting, and slides a hand between us as he does. His thumb finds my clit, circles around it, not quite touching, just putting on enough pressure to send me quickly rocketing toward a second climax.

A knock sounds at the door. We both freeze, eyes wide. Josh keeps thumbing my clit, though, slowly, no mercy in his eyes.


Shit. It’s my dad. I panic, tighten around Josh, and his mouth parts in a silent gasp as I do.

“In the shower, Dad,” I shout. I barely manage to keep my voice from trembling.

“Oh, okay. Sorry. Breakfast is ready, have you seen Josh?”

Sure, he has his cock inside me and he’s currently fingering me so hard I’m about to explode. I shut my eyes and grit my teeth. Josh must take that as encouragement, because he keeps his thumb circling down, harder.

“Nope,” I manage, and my voice only shakes slightly.

“Okay. See you soon.”

Before Dad can even walk away, the orgasm hits. I dig my hands into Josh’s shoulders, bury my face in his chest to stifle the faint, desperate moan that escapes.

“Paulina,” he hisses, and I look up to find him staring at me. “I’m going to come.”

I press my lips to his to swallow the sound, and he groans against my lips as he finishes, hands digging into my ass. We wrap our arms around one another, hold on tight, and for a long moment, neither of us moves, even to lower me to the ground. I love the moments like these, when we’re both vulnerable, both just finished, and we know how mad we drive one another.

He sets me down on my feet gently, and reaches for the soap in the shower caddy. Without a word, he kisses my lips again, then starts to slowly lather up my skin.

“That was…”

“Amazing,” he finishes.

I narrow my eyes at him. “Close.”

“That too.” He’s grinning like we just got away with something. And we did, I know. But it still sets off an unpleasant sensation in my belly.

I let him wash my whole body, from my neck all the way down to my toes, and then we trade places so I can do the same for him, running my hands over every inch of his perfectly sculpted body.

Then we have to slip out of shower one after the other, slowly, sneakily, and it makes the high I just felt sink down into a low again.

This is all we’ll ever have. Stolen moments like this, clandestine secrets. We can never just be together, openly and easily together. It makes my chest ache, and a knot grow in the pit of my stomach.

When I cross outside to meet him at breakfast, sit next to him as always and brush our feet together under the table, it only makes me feel worse.

I want him, and I’ll never be able to have him. Not in any way that counts.


It’s our last week. Time always flies when you least want it to, when you most want the clock to keep ticking on forever. I try to ignore the pressure in my lungs, the sense of the summer dwindling before us.

Instead, we go for a swim in the lake. Our parents sit on the dock drinking margaritas and playing cards, joking and laughing. We swim out to the middle of the lake, where it’s deep enough that it reaches my shoulders, but we can still both stand. Our parents seem involved in their conversation, pretty distracted, and for once, Josh seems it too. So I take advantage.

I take a deep breath of air and dive under the water. Catch his boxers and tug them down. His hands grab at me, panicked, until he realizes what I’m doing. Then he lets me take over, hands wrapped through my hair as I gently stroke his cock.

I pop back up for another deep breath, and this time, when I descend, I keep going until I’m face-to-face with his cock. I keep my breath held tight and lick along his length, twirling my tongue around his tip. It takes me a few moments, and one more break for another breath, but I figure out how to part my lips and take him into my mouth. I clamp my lips around him, rock in the water, and his body goes tense against me, hands clamped in my hair with pleasure as he slowly rocks in time with me.

But of course, I can’t hold my breath forever. Just when he’s starting to rock faster, get into the motion, I run out of breath, and I kick away from him, swim to the surface and break through it with a gasp, grinning at him.

Our parents are still oblivious, chatting away on the docks a dozen yards away.

Josh swims up to me and wraps his arms around me under the water, inconspicuous enough that it will just look like we’re wrestling, if someone sees. We’re both laughing, though I am keenly aware of his hard cock, still bare, now pressed against my ass under the water.

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