I called out to a child in a calming manner. As Det. Handley was about to enter the dining area we both saw and heard movements that went down the hallway, toward the back of the house. Det. Handley immediately stepped into pursuit.

I then gained entry into the main room area and called out to Det. Handley and the child but received no response. To my surprise I then heard a firearm discharge which sounded to me that it came from a room down at the end of the hallway. At which I then contacted dispatch requesting further assistance.

I then began to search the interior of the dwelling first toward and in the approximate area of firearm discharge, but was not about to locate the source of disturbance and noise or determine the location of Det. Handley or evidence of discharged weapon.

The assisting officers arrived and provided collaboration in the search of the property. Canine unit was dispatched attending Off. Cardwell, D. (2906), which were not able to determine the location of Det. Handley or a child and were dismissed from scene. Will follow up report with additional findings as they become available.

EVIDENCE OBTAINED: On couch seat in main living room area, 14120 South Cambridge St.W.. 12/05/05 05:15:00



Att detail: Porcelain head, jointed arms, jointed legs and body, intact and in good repair.

Dress of extreme ornate detail, pink and blue print with attached ribbons.

Blonde hair, elaborately styled, attachment to doll, embedded into porcelain.

Shoes and additional unattached clothing and assorted accessories removed and placed in evidence envelope, affixed with band to the doll body and placed in Case File evidence container, identification provided by Det. Vessales, M.


EVIDENCE IN QUESTION: MISSING ADDITION: Evidence, (ITEM#1) and attached accessories, was placed on desk surface of Det. Vessales M.

During reporting Det. Vessales left the objects on her desk and left the container unsupervised as she attended to personnel facilities. Upon returning to her desk, noticing the missing evidence made multiple inquires of nearby officers and personnel. None can state that they saw the missing item(s) in question. Conducted search throughout office and department.

Evidence remains at large.

FILED 12/05/05


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