Jurisdiction cJ- 68391, Possible missing child/unknown





Report Entered: 12/05/05 07:31:00

Case Title Location


Incident report # 428012- 13

Reporting Officer Approving Officer



On December 5, 2005, Det Frank Handley entered the department in an extreme agitated state. Spoke briefly with Lt. Bard C. and then approached me while I was reporting at my desk.

Det. Handley then asked me if I would accompany him to a residence, 14120 South Cambridge St.W., to assist him with further investigation on closed case file # 428012- 13, or case file 13 as it is unofficially referred to the department internally.

I informed Handley that the case had been closed but he persisted to press the inquiry if I would accompany him to the residence in a state of distress which escalated into irrational behavior when I again reminded him that we are not to pursue closed file cases without prior authorization as per departmental policy which he stated that he did not possess the proper documentation or verbal approval.

Upon his insistence that he could provide further proof of evidence that could be submitted to the case file through gaining entry to said property, I relented to accompany him to the place of residence.

While in transport to the location, Det. Handley reported to me that he had been surveying the residence at 14120 South Cambridge St.W. and had been doing so for several nights, without authorization or instruction, and that he had witnessed a young female person moving about the interior of the dwelling and beckoning for him to go into the structure, (possible missing female child, age and description unknown), and that he had witnessed her on multiple occasions.

He insisted that the detainee, Ms Linda Frammer, was not fabricating the details of the incident in her testimony. He repeated several times, "She was right".

He then informed me that he had approached the structure on prior occasions but did not cross barricaded doorway, as the child would disappear further inside if he approached. He stated that he called out to the child several times but received no response.

He stated that he then decided to gain the assistance of a female officer, as he thought being male that he might be frightening the child into hiding within the building.

Det. Handley parked on the street and we approached the structure upon arrival. I witnessed some movement inside but was unable to determine the exact cause of movement. Det. Handley assumed lead and entered the structure while I remained on the outside of main entry.

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