I have a favor to ask of you, but first I think you should know why I need your help.

I woke up this morning feeling great about today, I was going to get to see 'her' and my heart was racing so madly in my chest that it was almost all I could do to concentrate on the simple act of eating.

Without a sound, I ate my breakfast and drank a second cup of coffee not looking at the clock to check the time even though I wanted to, and then while I rinsed my dishes in the sink glancing at the clock on the microwave my heart jumped up into my throat. Time was moving forward at an alarming rate and there was so much yet to do.

I showered and shaved, singing happily the entire time, I hadn't done that in a long time and it felt reviving to do such a mediocre thing as just sing in the shower. I chose my clothes with great difficulty and dressed for inspection with enormous care noticing that my hands were shaking as I knotted the tie around my neck, then I forced myself to breathe and calm down. I looked at the clock on the night table and knew that calming down was something I couldn't do right now and I danced with excitement in front of the dresser.

I straightened my belt and smoothed the crisp white shirt upon my chest, and with shoulders back and standing tall, was very impressed with my reflection when I had finished. Then my overconfident smile dropped from my face as I realized that a dress shirt and tie was probably over dressing for the occasion, this wasn't a job interview I reasoned, even though it felt like I was preparing for one.

Besides, I didn't think she would be impressed by a tie anyway and what idiot would wear this to a park in the first place. I turned away and changed my clothes for the third time today.

I finally settled for jeans and a t-shirt because we were meeting where there would undoubtedly be a playground and I could play the hero by suggesting we go play together. I could push her on the swing like just she had loved me to do so long ago.

I went back downstairs and sat at my computer, the first natural action I had taken on such an unnatural feeling day. I picked up and looked deeply into the smiling face on a small picture of her that had followed me throughout the years and I traveled back in time to when she was my dear 'Little Peanut' and I was her adored Daddy.

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