He took Andie and got in his car and just left. When he called, he said he was going to drive into the canyons and take care of business and that he would call me as soon as he was on his way back home.

I was terrified and relieved and I knew we were doing the right thing but I also knew that I didn't have the strength to do what I wanted him to do. What he was doing.

Now he's been gone since Wednesday. He hasn't called, hasn't been to work. I don't know what to do.

Det.: Missing since Wednesday, did you report him missing to the police Linda?

Ms Frammer: No. What am I going to say in the report detective? That my boyfriend was kidnapped or possibly murdered by a doll?

No, I just thought he would be back home when he was done doing what he was doing. I didn't know how far away he was planning to drive or even which direction he went, I was just happy to finally be rid of her.

The next day Sadie cried all day because Andie was gone.

It was so hard to watch my baby in that much pain but I knew it would be okay. I spent the whole day just loving her and trying to do things with her like we used to do when she was a little younger and after awhile she started coming back. She smiled at me for the first time in months detective, the first time in months.

Last night, I gave Sadie a bath and then she let me read her a bedtime story. She actually asked me to read her a bedtime story. I read to her from Charlotte's Web, do you remember that book? She loves that story, and we laughed.

We actually laughed together. She was sweet and loving and happy, just like she used to be before that doll came into the house.

She even kissed me good night and told me that she loves me. It was so wonderful to have my baby back. I knew Nixy and I had done the right thing then. I knew that we were going to get back to being a normal happy family again.

I didn't think for a single second that she wasn't going to be there in the morning. I really didn't know.

I went to bed, just like any other night, knowing that I was getting my Sadie back and that the doll was finally gone for good. I relaxed and fell asleep so easily.

I don't know how much you believe in these kinds of things but I had a very real dream, the kind that you hear other people talk about, but unlike anything I'd ever had.

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