All I wanted was to kill that damn thing, to rip open her little body or smash her into a million pieces, so that Sadie couldn't find her again and I could have my baby girl back.

Can you imagine trying to eat a meal with that perfect little face, with that sarcastic little smirk and those creepy eyes watching your every move?

I couldn't get that doll shop out of my head, all those little faces, just smiling at me. I would have bad dreams about Andie doing bad things to Sadie and would wake up in the middle of the night and find that Andie was back in my daughter's bed, and she would lay in my daughter's arms smiling at me with those same never-blinking eyes.

I had visions of that movie 'chucky' going through my head. You know, of her running through the house with a steak knife and murdering us all in our sleep. I was terrified of that damn thing.

Then I noticed that Sadie started acting different too, like she was running out of energy or something. We don't have any medical insurance right now or I would have taken her back to the doctor because I was so worried about her.

She would lay with that doll out on the grass, just staring up at the sky for hours on end, and whisper. Or if I would make her come inside, she would just sit on the couch holding that doll. Just sit there.

God, listen to me. I know how this must sound, being frightened of a stupid toy, but you don't know what it's been like. I'm not crazy. I am just scared out of my mind and I want my baby back, officer. What did you say your name is?

Det.: I'm Detective Frank Handley.

Ms Frammer: Frank, do you have children? I need my baby back, she's my whole life. God! This is crazy! Nixy's missing and you won't let me find my daughter and that god damned doll! You want me to just sit here and calmly talk about it and ….


Ms Frammer: Nixy decided that the doll had to go away when I told him about what happened when me and Candice went to the doll shop, he got really freaked about it. It was destroying our family and making my Sadie so different, like she was, I don't know, like her little personality was dissolving or something.

So a couple of days ago, he just grabs the doll. He gave me a look and I knew what he was doing, and even though Sadie was having a fit from hell, I didn't stop him this time. Copyright 2016 - 2024