I was dreaming about sitting under a tree in this really beautiful meadow all covered in yellow flowers and then I saw my pretty little Sadie playing with another little girl. They were laughing and holding hands and so happy.

Sadie was positively glowing and the two girls came over to me and she kissed me and told me how happy she was and how much she loved me. I didn't want this dream to end, it was all so wonderful and serene and happy.

Then Sadie started to skip away on her own and she was getting so far away that it was hard to see her anymore. The other little girl, I realized now, looked just like Sadie's doll Andie with her long golden hair and pink dress.

She just smiled at me and told me that I shouldn't worry because she would stay with me until I didn't miss my Sadie anymore, like Christine had done for her mommy. I started to chase after Sadie, but I couldn't catch up to her.

Then she was gone. Just gone and there was nothing I could do.

I fell on the ground and the other little girl wrapped arms around me and I wanted very much to hurt that little child but all I could do was cry. I cried so hard that it woke me up and I was still crying.

The dream about my baby girl running away from me and just disappearing like that had put such a hole in my heart, and in my whole life I have never felt that much pain before detective.

When I woke, Nixy's keys were on his pillow next to me and I got up and ran down the hall to the kitchen. I ran all over the house but Nixy wasn't there. Then I went into Sadie's room.

(Heavy sobbing)

Ms Frammer: She wasn't there! She was gone and I knew that Andie had taken her away. I looked through her whole room. I thought she might just be hiding so I tried to find her.

She wasn't anywhere in the house, and then I realized that if I could find Andie, I could ask her to give her back. She told me she would be there.

I could beg for her to give my Sadie back, to just bring her back to me and I would let her stay. So I started to look for Andie.

Then the police officer came in and I know it must have looked insane but if I could just ask Andie, if you let me go back home so that I can find her and ask her, then I can prove to you what I'm saying is really the truth and I'll get my Sadie back.

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