Then she notices that Candice is staring at the gutted doll on the work table and proceeds to tell us that she never knows how long it's going to take to create one of them. She said sometimes it can take a year, other times it's not very long at all.

She looks at me then, with a really weird look in her eyes, and tells me that she can tell that this next doll won't take long to finish.

I tell her, in no uncertain terms, that I am not interested in another damn doll and then she walks back to the table and kind of shows us the head of the doll she's working on and says something like, "not long now". Officer, it looked like my Sadie!

It had her red hair and even the little birth mark by her ear that she's had since she was born, exactly like my Sadie! I told her to give me the doll and asked her why she was making a doll that looks like my daughter, she looks at me and says,

"I was inspired", with this, I don't know, smile on her face.

Then she just sits down and starts sewing, ignoring us like we weren't even there. Then we, Candice and I began, to feel sick. I was afraid that I was going to throw up right there, we practically ran out to the car.

I know we left the doll on the counter where the lady laid her down after their little talk. I swear, not Candice or I picked her back up or touched her but when we got all the way back to my place I turned to give Candice a hug and thank her for taking me and saw that Andie was in the back seat.

Both of us have no idea how she got in the car, and then Sadie ran out to the car excited and picked her up and took back in the house.

I still get chills just thinking about going in that doll shop. Look, goose bumps, she, the whole thing was so disturbing.

Something very wrong is happening there with all of those dolls, all of those perfect little faces. Listen to me, I'm telling you the truth.


Det.: Do you remember where this shop is located?

Ms Frammer: You better believe I do, I can't stop thinking about that woman. It's in a little strip mall with only about six or seven stores, right off the exit at Hamden Road behind Denny's in Ogden. It's called The Dolly Hospital.

After that the Andie wasn't just a toy to me anymore. I kept imagining things about that doll like her expression changing, just a little bit like she had been caught off guard. You know what I mean? That doll started to haunt me and I could feel her looking at me, accusing me. Copyright 2016 - 2024