I called my mom and told her about what was happening but everyone thinks I always over react, so she didn't really believe me. Nixy saw what was going on, he saw Sadie change, the look on her face the things she would say, the darkness behind her eyes. He believes me because he saw it too.

I even asked Nixy to take her to work with him, he's a bar tender at Chili's downtown, and just leave her there. I was thinking that she's very pretty, someone else would take her home and Sadie would be upset for awhile but I could console back to normal again.

His boss Heidi found her and insisted he take her out of the restaurant. So he put her in the trunk of his car. We don't know how she did it, but the next day she was back and Sadie was very angry with us. It was almost impossible to separate them after that and then it just got worse.

My friend Candice suggested that I find the store and maybe return the damn thing. So I called my mom and got the directions. She probably thinks I've gone insane. And then while Sadie was in school Candice and I drove up to Ogden together and found the shop.

It's called The Dolly Hospital. The lady that owns it hand makes or repairs all the dolls right there in her shop and she was creepy as hell and as crackers as a soup kitchen.

She told us that she doesn't ever accept returns because the dolls pick the family, not the other way around, or some such bull. She told me that she never 'sell's the dolls, she adopts them into nice families.

I didn't think much about it then but now I can't stop thinking about the way she reacted when I showed her Sadie's doll. The lady called her Andie but we hadn't told her what Sadie had named her. She sat down and started talking to the doll and asking it questions as if they were having a real conversation just like Sadie does with her.

A grown woman just sat down in front of us and played with Sadie's doll.

Then Candice got really creeped out when she saw the doll that was, I guess, being made or getting fixed. She grabbed me and said she was feeling sick. All those broken faced and decapitated or limbless dolls started to make me feel, I don't know kind of sick to my stomach as well.

It's like I could actually feel them watching us, accusing us of something. I know how that sounds but I can't describe it any other way.

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