Nixy said that she probably had invented an imaginary friend like he did when he was a kid and that she would just grow out of it like kids do.

But then we eventually had to set down rules about Andie, three rules specifically that I wouldn't budge about. Dolls don't go to school, no shared bath time and not at bedtime.

I would still find that damn doll in bed with her and I would take her out of bed and put her on the dresser or in the closet. Sadie was obsessed with her.

Once I put her in my suitcase in my closet and somehow Sadie found her. She told me that she had heard Andie crying out for her and that she was scared of me and that's about the same time that Sadie stopped talking to us anymore.

By us, I mean me and my fiancée Nixy. James Nixon, we call him Nixy. She would talk to Andie for hours but not to us and not to the other children in school.

She just kind of pulled herself into a shell of pretend with that damn doll and wouldn't let anyone else in.

Everyone told me, even her doctor told me, "Oh relax, it's just a insecurity phase. She'll get over it". Then weeks later when she did talk to me again she started telling me that Andie said this and Andie said that. It was really creepy.

She told me stuff like Andie's daddy used to touch her on her peepee! Sadie is only eight years old, she wouldn't know anything about that kind of stuff!

Okay, so the first thing I thought is, 'Oh my God, Nixy's touching my baby girl', so I confront him on it, right? After our week long fight about it and talking with Sadie over and over about it, I honestly don't think he or anyone else has ever touched her like that.

She insisted that Andie told her about it but I guess she must have heard about it at school or something.

Then there's the other stuff she would say that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up like, "Andie said that it doesn't actually hurt to die", or "Andie says it can to be my turn to play dolly soon", and things like that.

It started to freak me out, so I kept trying to hide Andie to keep my daughter away from her. I even threw her in the garbage once. But Sadie managed to find her every damn time and then I was the bad guy for 'trying to hurt her best friend'. Copyright 2016 - 2024