Det.: I need you to try to stay calm so you can talk with me, okay?

Ms Frammer: Yes. I just want to go home.

Det.: Okay, let's try this again. Start at the beginning for me, can you?

(Deep sigh)

Ms Frammer: They gave her the doll on their last visit, sometime in early June I think. Sadie loved her and would talk to her and played with her almost constantly since the first minute she picked her up. It was really nice to see Sadie happy and acting like normal again.

She became so closed off when we moved in the house on Cambridge, she doesn't make friends very easily you see. That's my fault, we've moved allot while she was growing up and it's hard to keep friends so she just stopped making new ones.

This doll is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. Not like the porcelain dolls that you usually see with the, well in the big stores or the malls you know?

No, she was made with every possible detail. Her clothes were all hand sewn and the detail was amazing too.

It's like you could see that she was really like a work of art. She even had little tiny veins painted on her face and arms and her hair wasn't a wig like most dolls, you know glued on, it had been put in her scalp one by one, like real hair.

I thought she must have cost a fortune and I was so afraid that Sadie would break her playing with her like that but every time I tried to put her up, you know to keep her nice, well Sadie would just freak out.

I felt guilty trying to always take it away from her though. Since her father stopped coming around, no more calls from him or anything, and we've had to move again so she hadn't really made any friends at the school or in the neighborhood yet. I couldn't just take her away.

I know I'm a little too permissive with her, Nixy is always after me for it, but she's only eight years old. She needed something to sort of attach herself to, you know, something that isn't going to leave or change or get left behind.

It's just a doll after all, and really I didn't see the harm in it. Well, not at first.

But then Sadie seemed to just fall into a world of pretend with this doll, all the time. She named her Andie. She told us that the doll had 'told' that her name was actually Andrea but she called the doll Andie. She talked about her like she was a real person and told us all about their conversations.

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