Det.: Alright, just try stay calm and we'll be finished soon. May I call you Linda?

Ms Frammer: Call me anything you want, I don't care, I just need to get back home Sir. Please just let me go back home..

Det.: I understand. Can I get you a drink, some coffee maybe?

Ms Frammer: Look, I'll tell you. You won't believe me but I'll tell you. I promise I'll tell you everything. Then will you let me go home?

Det.: I'll see what I can do to make this go as fast as possible. Okay? Now the more you cooperate the quicker we can have you out of here. Okay? Can you tell me now, who is Andie?

Ms Frammer: Evil. She's a wicked evil little thing.

Det.: Is this Andie one of your daughter's friends?

(Laughter. Coughing) Det.: Linda? Hold on. Let's get you a drink.

(Sounds of movement. Quiet sobbing. Door shutting) Det.: Here, this will help. Take your time, and when you're ready, tell me what you know.


Ms Frammer: My parents don't live in town. My dad's retired and they have a little farm, I guess, outside the city, out in Cooper, so they don't get to visit very much.

Sadie, that's my daughter, she's their only grandchild so they like to spoil her whenever they get to see her.

Well, they were driving down through Ogden and stopped at a little mall to go, oh I don't know shop or eat or something. Anyway, my mom found this doll shop. You know the dolls with the perfect porcelain faces and real human hair?

Anyway she really liked this one specific doll and ended up buying it for Sadie. They always bring her something when they come for a visit.

Her first grown up toy, mom said. She was very beautiful, such a sweet little face and her eyes were amazingly real, little eyelashes and everything.

Of course Sadie immediately fell in love with her and named her Andie. She took her everywhere with her from then until …


Det.: Linda, I'm a bit confused, didn't you say that Andie was the person that took your daughter? But you just said that Andie was a doll, is there another Andie as well?

Ms Frammer: Uh uh. I know. I said that you wouldn't believe me.

(Sobbing) Det.: It's okay. Try to calm down. Let's just start over. Help me to understand. I really want to hear what you have to say. Have your parents visited since they gave her the doll?

Ms Frammer: Um, no. This is kind of a busy time of year for them. We weren't expecting to see them again until Thanksgiving. They always come down for Thanksgiving. Oh my God. Copyright 2016 - 2023