Upon arrival of assisting officers I began my initial investigation of the premises. In every room the furniture had been piled or had been placed in a manner of inconsistency. Upon further investigation I found evidence of a child at the residence but I was not able to locate the child in question.

Paramedic attended suspect and provided that she was ambulatory and stable for questioning, as all her injuries were minor and self inflicted.

Suspect was taken into custody without incident and transported to Salt Lake County Detention Facility and remanded to Det. F. Handley for subsequent questioning.

It was determined that she has legal custody of a female child, age 8, juvenile name withheld, and living with boyfriend, age 38, James Warren Nixon at above mentioned address, but daughter and Mr. Nixon remain at large at the time of this report, exact location cannot be determined at this time as Ms Frammer states that 'Andie', (unknown party to be identified during evaluation), has taken the child and that Mr. Nixon has been 'missing' for several days. Drug/Alcohol results: Negative.

Upon additional questioning, suspect provided her deposition and at the end of her testimonial became increasingly agitated, insisting that she be released to conduct her own investigation as to the location of the alleged missing child.

Full recording and transcript documentation of statement provided by Ms Linda Kaye Frammer, attached and included with report.

After brief consultation and statement given with Det. Frank Handley and upon recommendation for psych. eval., she was transported to Salt Lake Valley Mental Health, East 25th Street, in police cruiser (Car 210E, Off's Grey and Liam) where she was processed and admitted as ward without further incident by Off. Liam into custody of PhD. Travis J. Green.

Missing child report filed by Off. Lowell Diamond (1944),

08/15/2005 16:42:13 Salt Lake County Police Department

Missing Persons, Case Report # 1169-04M filed with Salt Lake City Utah Juvenile Abduction Department for further investigation


DLH 07-00281 OFFICIAL USE ONLY 11/15/2005


: Linda Kaye Olsen Frammer


Det. Frank Handley: Is your full name, Linda Kaye Olsen Frammer?

Ms Frammer: Yes.

Det.: Are you aware that you have not been arrested, that we just need to talk with you about what was going on at your house early this morning? Why you were so upset, about your daughter?

Ms Frammer: Yes.

Det.: Okay then, can you tell me in your own words what happened?

Ms Frammer: She took her.

Det.: I see, and can you tell me who is 'she'?

Ms Frammer: Andie. Officer the longer you keep me here the worse my chances are that I'll ever find her again.

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