Chapter 87: Will you support me

“Hello, Wang Ma? What’s the matter?”

On the other side of the line, Wang Ma seemed to have difficulty trying to speak her mind, she hesitated for a moment before saying, “Young Master, I accidentally slipped and fell, spraining my ankle in the process and now I can’t drive.”

Wang Ma may not be 50 years old yet, but the passing of time spares nobody. Yang Chen anxiously asked, “Is it serious? How about I go home now to drive you to the hospital?”

“Don’t, don’t, going to the hospital isn’t needed for a small matter like this, I just need to rest for a day or two. However, I was just about to send Miss some things, and have no way of sending it now, so……”

Yang Chen relaxed, he was afraid that something bad had happened, “I shall return now, a small matter like this should be done by me in the first place.”

Wang Ma happily replied, “Actually something like this shouldn’t be sent by you, Young Master. But Miss has few friends, and those that could spare some time to do something like this are even fewer. I’m also too embarrassed to trouble Miss Mo and Secretary Wu Yue again, they’re extremely busy with work, which is why I have no choice but to trouble you to do this, Young Master.”

“It’s alright, I’ll come back now.”

Yang Chen hung up the phone, and saw Rose deeply staring at him, while also looking a little resentful.

“Erm…… I got to go.” Yang Chen rubbed his chin and said while averting his gaze.

“As expected, the mistress isn’t as important as the wife.” Rose sighed with an aggrieved tone and said, “Go on, I won’t be angry.”

“Darling Rose is truly obedient.” Yang Chen laughed, and moved up to kiss that white and tender face, “Do you want me to come over later tonight?”

Rose shook her head, “You don’t need to, I will be very busy for the next few days, after all I’m not familiar enough with the situation regarding Dongxing, and have to make a lot of preparations.”

Yang Chen understandingly nodded, and was about to open the door, when he heard Rose behind him abruptly utter one line—— “Is that CEO of yours really prettier than me?”

Yang Chen’s knees turned weak, he nearly stumbled head-first into the door, he turned back with a forced smile, “So you know everything now……”

With a bad taste in his mouth, Yang Chen left ROSE bar. He worried over whether an internal battle among his harem would occur in the future, like those shown on TV, the ladies stab at each other, and after all the stabbing even their husband couldn’t recognize them anymore……

He shook his head to get rid of all those irrelevant notions in his mind, it was just a joke that could never happen. With Lin Ruoxi’s cold countenance, she probably didn’t even care whether he had a relationship with other women.

He speedily drove back to the villa at Dragon Garden, and Wang Ma was already waiting at the door carrying a large Estee Lauder paper bag in her hands. The opening of the paper bag was tightly sealed, in order to conceal the things inside.

Yang Chen didn’t mind that, and after he received the paper bag, he looked at Wang Ma’s leg with concern, “Are you able to walk? Why were you so careless?”

Wang Ma was very gratified as she shook her head, “Thank you for your care Young Master, I just fell due to carelessness, it’s not the first time. It’s better that you quickly send this to Miss, I’m afraid Miss will feel unwell if you’re too late……”

“Unwell?” Although Yang Chen was curious as to why she would feel unwell if she received something late, he didn’t ask, and turned to leave the villa.

20 minutes later, Yang Chen was right outside Lin Ruoxi’s room. After he confirmed that there was no one else inside, he entered.

Lin Ruoxi leaned against her bed, and her hair was casually draped over her shoulders. The lights illuminated her rosy cheeks, and she appeared attractive and lovely.

At that moment, she held a book and was absorbed in reading. When she noticed Yang Chen enter, she unexpectedly gave a slight nod.

Is this considered a greeting?

Yang Chen felt a little weird, because Lin Ruoxi always treated him coldly and indifferently in the past, this was the first time she greeted him while they were alone.

“I’m here to send you something, Wang Ma sprained her ankle, so it isn’t convenient for her to come.” Yang Chen placed the paper bag onto the cabinet, and sat on a stool at the side and asked, “How is your recovery going? Recuperating via Chinese medicine should be effective, right?”

Lin Ruoxi put down her book, and took out her hand from under the blanket to rub her eyes, “It’s alright, it actually doesn’t need to be so long, so much work is being held up.”

“Working all year round, signing documents and reading finance books even when in the hospital, aren’t you tired? A woman shouldn’t treat herself so badly.” Yang Chen felt that he should give this female workaholic a lesson, “You’re still young, don’t always lock yourself up in the office and the study. When you have time you should go have a massage, spa, soak in a hot spring, or have a milk bath. Find a sunny day to chat with your girl friends, and drink black tea in the afternoon. When the weather is hot go to the ice cream shop to have a strawberry shortcake ice cream, and when the weather is cold go to a tropical area to bask in the sun and have a holiday. When there’s nothing better to do after work you can go to the shopping street to have a stroll, walking by without buying a thing, and only trying out items; isn’t that what you women love to do the most? Also, the cars in your garage are enough to open a car show, you should race with them too, and if nobody accompanies you in racing, I will! But you’d have to reimburse the fuel expenses……”

Lin Ruoxi remained indifferent, after hearing these words, she instead pointed at the bag to ask, “What did you bring?”

“Can you not be like this, I provided you with so many great suggestions, did you hear a thing?!” Yang Chen felt that little sister Lin had a very bad attitude.

Lin Ruoxi slowly sighed, and asked with a clear voice, “If I don’t work hard, what would happen to the thousands of workers in the company? What would happen to the employees’ innumerable family members? What would happen to the Lin family’s properties left behind by my grandma and mother? What would I do? Will you support me?”


The sudden chain of problematic issues made Yang Chen feel a little numb in the head, the words “will you support me,” were those words that Lin Ruoxi knew how to say?

“Is this an ‘interrogative sentence’ or a ‘declarative sentence’?” With an embarrassed smile, Yang Chen returned to his senses, and carefully asked with much consideration.

Lin Ruoxi looked at the man who had a ‘timid expression’ with some disappointment, she felt that the words she said was quite funny, how could he substitute for her? How could she let a man who used to sell mutton skewers, who plays games all day in the office, without any goals in life to share her responsibility? Lin Ruoxi began to think that she was having a fever.

Could it be because of that box of glutinous rice balls he sent me, which made me become hopeful for him?

What is fake is in the end fake, and will probably never ever become real.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t plan on lingering on this subject, and didn’t reply Yang Chen. She moved her hand to lift the paper bag on top the cabinet, but because the bag was pretty big, it was strenuous for Lin Ruoxi to pick it up from the bed, and so she thought she might as well flip it over, and pour whatever that was inside onto the bed……

A bunch of things rolled out from the inside, without even mentioning the colors of it, if these things appeared in any room, the temperature of said room would raise by a few degrees in a flash……

So that’s why Wang Ma kept hesitating over whether to let Yang Chen bring these over or not, inside the paper bag was actually all kinds of undergarments. There were panties, bras, and stockings. There weren’t only various colors of lace designs, there were even brazen open-hole designs, and thong designs.

If it was said that these sexy underwear made Yang Chen’s nose turn hot, then Lin Ruoxi’s other undergarments which had a totally different style seemed extremely ‘frightening’ to him.

The Hello Kitty, Snoopy, Winnie the Pooh, and various other cartoon-printed white and pink panties were enough to make Yang Chen’s eyes fall to the ground!

What was worse was, within these undergarments, there were even 4 boxes of well-packaged imported tampons…… It seemed like they were all top grade feminine hygiene products that Lin Ruoxi was accustomed to, which was why it had to be specially brought from home.

Yang Chen finally understood what Wang Ma meant by ‘unwell’, as it turns out, his lord wife’s “few days out of every month” had come.

In his mind their encounter on that night at the nightclub surfaced, along with the series of twists and turns after that. Once he thought about Lin Ruoxi’s seductive figure with these garments on, Yang Chen found it difficult to suppress his evil thoughts, he looked at Lin Ruoxi who lost her head out of fear with a heated gaze.

“You’re not allowed to look!” Lin Ruoxi finally lost her calm, and forcefully flipped her blanket to cover her personal belongings under it. That soft pretty face turned from one belonging to an ice-cold goddess to a bright red apple in a split second.

I was careless! Once she thought about how Yang Chen had seen her hoard of sexy underwear that she had secretly bought, along with the underwear with cartoon character prints she liked, Lin Ruoxi felt like dying!

Wang Ma is too much, she didn’t even inform me before having these things sent. Furthermore, why didn’t she just bring some ordinary undergarments, if she did that I wouldn’t be so humiliated!

If Wang Ma knew about the thoughts in Lin Ruoxi’s heart at this moment, she definitely wouldn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to bring ordinary ones, the problem was that she truly couldn’t find a pair of ordinary ones in Lin Ruoxi’s room!

*Cough* *Cough……* Yang Chen feigned an indifferent face, “Erm, the stuff has been delivered, I think I should go now, rest early.”

“Yep……” Lin Ruoxi replied with a thin mosquito-like voice, she wished that she could just throw Yang Chen out of the window.

Yang Chen moved to the door with great difficulty, and couldn’t resist turning back to say, “That pink pair of Mickey Mouse panties is pretty good, I like it.”


Out of the hospital and in the car, Yang Chen still found it difficult to forget Lin Ruoxi’s expression at the end, that fuming, moist and wide open eyes, lovely scarlet dimples, and that ‘I want to kill you’ look, were so much prettier than her default cold appearance.

After knowing her for some time, he felt that this woman was truly cute sometimes. She was previously cold and noble like an empress, yet he gradually realized some things. She liked to watch those romantic tear-jerking Japanese and Korean dramas, liked to eat glutinous rice balls which is usually well-liked by children, and even eats it by holding it with two hands and slowly nibbling at it. Today, he realized that she didn’t just wear erotic undergarments, which was contrary to her usual conservative style, she also wore cartoon-styled undergarments for little girls……

Unknowingly, Yang Chen recalled the little details of their days together. The car had already moved quite a long distance, and when he returned to his senses, Yang Chen was astonished when he realized that he had subconsciously driven the car to a place worth reminiscing—— The small bar where he had first met Lin Ruoxi.

He thought about how he carried Lin Ruoxi back to his dilapidated flat after drinking, followed by that night of madness. The fire that started in Yang Chen’s heart earlier due to the undergarments once again blazed up high.

Within a short period of time, a flame was induced by two women on this night, yet it still wasn’t extinguished, this made Yang Chen feel terrible.

Men are often animals that think with their lower halves. Despite the fact that he had hunted a top grade beauty in this place, it was unlikely a second one would appear. Perhaps there wasn’t even a second one in the whole of Zhong Hai. But Yang Chen still stopped the car, and chose to go in knowingly.

It wasn’t for any other reason but to find someone suitable to extinguish the fire in him. Copyright 2016 - 2024