Chapter 86: This is more like you

At the end, Yang Chen was the only one that returned back to the main street, the meal that TangTang wanted to treat had ended in a dramatic fashion. However, that girl was pitiful too, getting impersonated and swapped away just from going to the toilet, and even losing her clothes. Yang Chen hoped that she wouldn’t remember to treat him to a meal anytime soon either.

There wasn’t anywhere good to have a meal nearby, as it was no longer early, and with some thought, he rode his car to ROSE bar; as if nothing happened earlier.

When he arrived at ROSE bar, there were already quite a number of people drinking and chatting inside. The bar recently changed its mood. In the lounge, Mozart’s violin sonata was being played. There weren’t many guests, but the ambience was much better than the other messy bars.

What made Yang Chen a little surprised was that Chen Rong was already donning a server’s attire and working.

After the lily-like pure teenage girl took a bath and put on this contrasting black-white attire, her eyes appeared rather youthful and bright with the dirt and weariness washed off. Especially her innocent pretty face, it was white and clean like snow, yet moist and tender like a flower.

Seeing Yang Chen enter, Chen Rong somewhat bashfully called out to her “Big brother Yang.”

Yang Chen knew that Chen Rong wasn’t accustomed yet, and joked, “If Little Zhao and the others bully you, let me know and I’ll beat them up for you.”

When Little Zhao and the others heard this, they voiced out their grievance, “Big bro Yang how could we dare? She was recommended by you, and is even taken care of by the boss herself. We can’t wait to curry favor with Little Rong, how would we dare to bully her?”

Touched, Chen Rong sweetly smiled, said “thank you,” then ran to the back to help.

Looking at Chen Rong from behind, Yang Chen revealed a smile of relief. He then walked along the aisle at the back of the bar. He didn’t know what Rose wanted to talk to him about, but he needed to have a meal first.

Entering Rose’s bedroom that had her enchanting body fragrance all over, the beautiful woman’s figure was nowhere to be found.

With his sharp hearing, Yang Chen quickly noticed that there was the sound of water splashing from the room’s attached toilet.

She’s showering?

Yang Chen felt that he should carefully inquire whether she needed help. For example he could help clean a certain place on her lower body, or perhaps massage in water, even spectating and studying how she showered would be good.

In any case, Yang Chen felt that he had many reasons to enter and watch Rose shower.

Sneakily pushing the glass door open, it was steamy inside, there was condensate all over the mirror that refracted the gentle light, causing the bathroom to seem rather sexy yet bright and clean.

Just as Yang Chen wanted to close in on the shower stall to initiate intimate contact with Rose in such a way that she wouldn’t be able to resist, Yang Chen felt that something was amiss.

Although the frosted glass of the shower stall had water splashing against it, Rose’s alluring figure didn’t seem to be inside……

I’ve been toyed with!?

Yang Chen suddenly turned his head back, and as expected, Rose was standing at the door of the ceiling-to-floor window with a mischievous smile. Her pleased smile resembled a jester that just toyed with a monkey.

This woman is turning more and more uncute. Yang Chen angrily thought, but maintained a calm and composed look on his face. He opened the door to the shower stall and turned off the tap, and said, “Darling Rose, I think it’s better to turn off the tap if you’re not showering, saving water is a good habit.”

Rose finally couldn’t hold in her laughter and laughed out loud, she rocked back and forth before finally stifling it back down again and said, “I finally beat you, looks like the best way to deal with you is to use methods meant for dealing with perverts.”

“Like I said, this concerns the problem of conserving water.” Yang Chen held on to this reasoning and refused to let go. He then sat on the bed and lied down, and quickly changed the topic, “I haven’t had dinner yet.”

Rose didn’t expose what he just did, she instead tapped her chin to think and said, “Do you want to try my cooking skills?”

“You know how to cook?” Yang Chen was a little unconvinced, food cooked by an underworld boss?

Rose rolled her eyes at him and walked to a white wall in the room, pushed against it, and it was revealed that that part of the wall was actually a well concealed wooden door.

After that wooden door was opened, an 8 square metre kitchen appeared, like a refined kitchen of an ordinary family.

Yang Chen’s mouth was wide open, “Why do I have no idea about such a place?”

Rose grudgingly looked at him, “Whenever you come, all you do is bad things to me, how would you know about what happens in my life?”

Being criticized, Yang Chen began to sweat and awkwardly smiled. He was the one who picked out this delicate fresh flower, but he truly didn’t put in effort to tend to her daily

Rose let the topic end there, and cleverly asked, “Dear, what do you want to eat?”

“Anything is fine, as long as it can fill the stomach.” Yang Chen didn’t have any special requests.

Rose’s cooking skills were beyond expectations, when Yang Chen picked up the plate of beef fried rice with cilantro sprinkled on top, he immediately began wolfing it down.

The considerate Rose also served a bowl of Sichuan vegetable egg drop soup. This meal may be simple, but it was very well suited to Yang Chen who had a life full of bitter, toiling work.

After he ate, Rose took out a wet tissue and thoroughly cleaned his mouth, like a cute young wife serving her husband, her devoted look nearly made Yang Chen’s bones turn into jelly.

Subsequently, Rose cleaned up the table and washed them in the kitchen, while Yang Chen switched on the TV to watch the news. They looked just like a couple in an ordinary family who had gotten off work; the two of them understood each other tacitly without the need for words.

Once all the chores were done, Rose closed the door to the kitchen, as if that meal didn’t happen at all.

Unhurriedly, Rose sat down by Yang Chen’s side, her alluring body that wore a silky translucent nightgown naturally leaned into Yang Chen’s bosom, and she shifted her body to find a comfortable position, accompanying Yang Chen in watching the news quietly just like this.

“Thank you.” When some time passed, Rose softly muttered.

“Thank me for what?” Yang Chen asked.

“I really like that kind of feeling from earlier. When I brought out the food for you, I enjoyed watching you finish the dishes I cooked, and I also liked how you sat nearby to watch the TV while I washed the dishes; I can feel that you’re by my side, and that I’m not alone in this room……”

Yang Chen affectionately stroked Rose’s face, “I like it too, though it would be even better if you cooked a larger serving.”

“I wish that everyday could be like this…… though that just isn’t possible.”

“I will strive to make that possible.” Yang Chen replied, “I rarely make promises to women, so you have to believe me.”

“Why is it that after you accepted me, the way you speak has totally changed?” Rose looked at Yang Chen with confused eyes, “In the past you would never ask of me to trust you, because you never allowed me to trust you…… Is it because you’re now afraid of me? Afraid to lose me?”

Yang Chen faintly shook his head, he held Rose’s silky white body in his arms, “In this world there isn’t a man that is afraid of a woman, there are only men who respect women.”

“But all those men who are my subordinates are afraid of me.” Rose stared straight at Yang Chen.

“That’s because they aren’t your men, you are my woman.” Yang Chen replied.

Rose sweetly smiled, “This is more like you.”

Yang Chen dotingly pinched the woman’s nose, “Alright, you’ve heard the words you wanted to hear, next up you should say what you want to say for me to hear. I don’t believe that you would specially call me over just to hear my sweet speech and honeyed words.”

“You’re not giving me any time to bask in happiness, a real mood killer.” Although Rose spoke discontentedly, but she still sat up in the end, and resolutely spoke, “My father sent me an invitation letter, and wants me to participate in a party.”

“Your father? Situ Mingze?” Yang Chen puzzlingly said, “Haven’t the two of you gone separate ways? He still has the cheek to send you an invitation letter?”

Rose tartly smiled and said, “It’s different this time, there’s a special guest.”


“Zhou Guangnian and his son.”

Yang Chen wracked his mind over trying to recall the information regarding Zhong Hai’s underworld that Rose previously provided him with before remembering who Zhou Guangnian was.

If one was to say that the West Union Society and Red Thorns Society were adversaries that were evenly matched in the west region, then the east region would seem much more peaceful in comparison. This is because over ten years ago, with the nickname ‘Old Catfish’, Zhou Guangnian had already conquered the entire east region of Zhong Hai through means of arms trafficking and drugs. These years of development and expansion led Zhou Guangnian who was purely an underworld boss grow into a half underworld, half real world overlord in the east region. Even their gang’s name ‘Dongxing Gang’ was turned into ‘Dongxing Group’.

Zhou Guangnian’s son had already deeply rooted himself in this fertile land called Zhong Hai. It didn’t matter whether it was the West Union Society or the Red Thorns Society, in Zhou Guangnian’s eyes, they all seemed puny.

A few years ago, before Rose deserted Situ Mingze and parted ways to set up the Red Thorns Society, the West Union Society had enough strength to compete on the same level as the Dongxing Group, but now that the west region has been split into two, they seemed extremely frail in front of the Dongxing Group.

For Zhou Guangnian and his son to take part in Situ Mingze’s small scale party at this time, possessed a message that was worth pondering over.

Yang Chen had a little headache as he asked, “What do you intend to do?”

“What other choice do I have?” Rose forced a smile, “Although I can choose not to give them face, the Dongxing Group’s strength is not something that we could contend against at this moment. If I don’t go, that would be facilitating Dongxing and West Union Society to join hands in dealing with us.” When she reached this point, Rose paused to look at Yang Chen, then continued, “Perhaps because you’re here, we could do what we did with Chen Dehai, capture the boss first followed by his followers. However, the Dongxing Group has already formed into a tightly knitted group a long time ago. Even if Zhou Guangnian and his son are killed, there would still be a large number of Dongxing’s members against us. Nothing would happen to the two of us, but I can’t ignore the well-being of my fellow brothers and sisters.”

“Which means, you’re perfectly aware that there’s a tiger on that mountain, yet you still choose to hike on that mountain to meet that tiger?” Yang Chen more or less understood her intentions.

Rose suddenly showed a queer smile, leaned close to Yang Chen’s ears and whispered something.

Yang Chen immediately wiped his forehead and put on his guard as he looked at Rose, “I say that you’re a vixen yet you still don’t admit it? Looks like you’ve already made the decision to treat me as Wu Song.”

[TL: Wu Song is a fictional character from the classic novel Water Margin who is well-known to have killed a tiger with his bare hands.]

Rose hugged Yang Chen’s elbow, and flirtatiously said, “In any case, in a couple of days when the time comes you must follow me there, you can’t leave me all alone.”

Feeling Rose’s exquisite soft chest coming into contact with his elbow, Yang Chen who had been thinking of doing a certain thing ever since he ate his fill felt that it was time to do it. Right as he was about to extend his evil claws to that mysterious hemisphere shaped area, the phone in his pocket suddenly rang.

He gloomily took out the phone to take a look, the caller was Wang Ma. The last few times Wang Ma called, something bad had happened, therefore Yang Chen didn’t hesitate and quickly answered. Copyright 2016 - 2024