Chapter 88: Knight who draws his sword and charges into battle

Before entering the bar, Yang Chen took note of the gaudy green neon-lit signboard on the bar’s entrance. He didn’t pay attention of this before.

This bar, Brambles, had a strange name. The limestone wall and dark brown wooden decorations on the entrance exuded a medieval european castle-like ambience. Perhaps this was a good method of attracting a particular group of people. At that time, at the very least, Lin Ruoxi chose this little bar to drink her worries away.

The moment Yang Chen stepped into the bar, a soothing piano sound hit him. If his memory served him right, Yang Chen believed that this was Hungarian Rhapsody composed by Franz Liszt.

The name of this piece always gives people the misconception of it being rough and fierce, but the fact was that this piece was elegant and grand. Like a gorgeous cruise that was going with the flow of a meandering river, drifting in the waters.

For music like that to appear in this small bar added more charm onto this bar’s medieval style.

Some of the tables and chairs which were at the middle of the bar had been moved to the side. A number of young men and women gathered together at the center as they displayed happy smiles and flirtatious glances.

In a town like this where stress was widespread, the disco music used for dancing could not satisfy this bunch of white collars’ psychological needs. They chose a small bar that had piano music and a refined ambience to gather and convey the dissatisfaction they had towards society in their hearts, while satisfying a little bit of their aloofness.

After hearing this piece, the fire that was in Yang Chen’s heart gradually calmed down. He did not lecherously search the bar for female organisms that wore various clothes. He instead walked up to the bar counter, and asked the bartender for a cup of ordinary whisky.

The smell of perfume and alcohol permeated the bar. Yang Chen quietly sat a corner of the bar, drinking the amber-colored liquid on his own. All he could hear was people nearby chatting to each other, Yang Chen enjoyed an environment like this which was full of happiness very much.

But the time he spent peacefully didn’t last long, from another dark corner of the bar, a woman leisurely but elegantly walked over. She wore a blue dress, had fair skin, long legs, and an elegant figure. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that she was exquisite yet fine. She only had light makeup, yet it seemed as if her face was elaborately drawn by an artist, it was exquisite and had an air of classical gracefulness. Her hair that draped over her shoulders were slightly curled at the ends, and she wore a pair of silver earrings. She had an aura similar to that of a western top model who casually came out after work, the only difference was that her figure was slightly petite in comparison.

This was a woman that was easy to like when meeting for the first time. Her beauty wasn’t breathtaking to the point where it would cause one’s heartbeat to accelerate, but it was still difficult to resist.

“Mister, will I be fortunate enough to be invited to drink with you?” The woman raised the glass in her hand, then raised her head in an elegant manner, and drunk the remaining Crème de menthe in said glass. She then placed the glass onto the bar counter, and looked at Yang Chen with a smile.

It wasn’t just men that would look for a prey, women too would look for prey.

As someone who had been looked upon as prey before, Yang Chen didn’t feel uncomfortable about this. He relaxedly smiled, and snapped his fingers.

“What would you like, Miss?” The bartender quick-wittedly asked the woman directly.

A fluent London accent came out from the woman’s mouth as if it was natural. It didn’t give an impression of bragging, it was as if this was how she usually spoke.

“Wh…… What?” It was apparent that this young bartender’s english wasn’t good.

“Brandy Alexander, or Alexandra.” Yang Chen kindly helped the bartender who was in a bind.

The bartender had been through similar situations, so he thanked Yang Chen, gave the lady an apologetic smile, and began to mix fluently.

When the woman received the cocoa colored cocktail in her hands, she looked at Yang Chen with appreciation, “Sorry about that, I’ve been overseas for the last few years, so I don’t know how to call for drinks in this country. However, not many people know the name Alexandra, looks like Mister is well-educated when it comes to drinks.”

Yang Chen gently toasted to the lady, “To commemorate the King of Britain Edward the 7th and Queen Alexandra’s marriage, this cocktail was made as a present for the queen. Many women like the taste of this drink. If a man has the heart to understand women, then for a man to know all this is nothing special.”

“But amongst the men who entered this place, you’re the only man who didn’t go looking for a woman.”

“Even if I didn’t look, didn’t you come over?” Yang Chen said with a gentle smile.

The woman looked at Yang Chen for a moment, and suddenly stretched out her fair and delicate hand, “An Xin, the An from Bu An(the word peace from unpeaceful) and Xin from Xinfan(the word heart from annoying).”

[TL: For those that still don’t get it, Her name ‘An Xin’ sort of means peaceful heart, it’s a common phrase in chinese, yet she introduced her name with a strange interpretation of unpeaceful and annoying.]

“What a unique introduction.” Yang Chen felt that things were becoming interesting. This woman didn’t just have looks that met his demands, even her personality and way of speech greatly suited her to be his partner for a one night stand. He stretched out his hand to shake An Xin’s hand, “Yang Chen, when you need to write down my name, I will tell you which two words they are.”

“Your introduction is even more special, but at least it’s much more interesting than other men.” An Xin wittily blinked, “Congratulations, you’ve aroused my interest.”

“What interest?” Yang Chen said, “You want to know my body is made of? If you’re willing to trade at an equal price, perhaps we can reach a mutual understanding.”

An Xin didn’t mind his thinly veiled suggestion, “I suspect that such words may not be from the true you, and that’s what sparked my interest. To simply put, I wanted to see if the man in front of me could meet the requirements to be my intimate male companion.”

“Miss An, the truth in this world doesn’t exist, if you’re willing to, I feel that you should make a judgement based on the sharp intuition you ladies have.” Yang Chen brazenly measured An Xin up and down, it seemed to him that this woman needed to get some things done, so many things could be straightforwardly said.

An Xin tilted his head, and her smooth hair slightly covered her cheeks that were flushed due to the alcohol. Her breath smelled like orchids, and her eyes were misty as she asked, “Could you explain? I don’t really understand what you mean, Mr. Yang.”

While being kept in suspense, Yang Chen felt helpless towards this quick-witted lady. I’ve already made it clear to you that I want to sleep with you. What are you asking so much for? But he had to maintain the mood, so he returned with a question, “Miss An, do you know who invented the radio?”

“Anyone who studied would know that, it’s Marconi.” An Xin slightly frowned, this sudden change of topic was a little abrupt, but she was witty, and asked, “Do you mean that that isn’t the truth?”

“According to a majority of the countries in the west, it was indeed Marconi who invented the radio. However, in the textbooks of Soviet Russia, it was always Popov; in Germany, it’s Hertz; in America, it’s Dreyfus. To make it simpler, Russia’s Popov had successfully researched radio technology decades before Marconi, but because he required funding amounting to 1000 rubles, the Russian army directly rejected his great invention as absurd. Hence, decades later, Marconi received the Nobel Prize.”

An Xin fixed her gaze on Yang Chen, after a short while, she chuckled, “Mr. Yang, although I don’t know whether what you said was true or not, but there has never been a man who spoke such words to me in a bar with a romantic ambience.”

Yang Chen drank a mouthful of his whisky, and gently swirled the drink in his hand, “It’s nothing, does Miss An like it?”

An Xin suddenly bent her body forward, closed in to Yang Chen’s face, and her moist lips pecked on his cheek. She then charmingly smiled and said, “Congratulations, tonight I’m yours.”

“Happy to serve you.” Yang Chen smugly put down the glass, he finally succeeded in acting cool. He grabbed An Xin’s wrist with his hand, and prepared to leave the bar.

But right at this time, 5 robust men in suits suddenly charged into the bar, they all had impatient expressions, but when they saw Yang Chen intimately holding onto An Xin’s hand, they all expressed anger.

“Miss An, please return with us.” The leading man in black spoke with a commanding tone.

The guests in the bar noticed the tense situation all quieted down to watch what was about to happen.

An Xin indifferently looked at the few men in black, then calmly turned to look at Yang Chen. Seeing how relaxed Yang Chen looked without even a tinge of fear, she was a little impressed, “Apparently passing my test isn’t enough, Mr. Yang, will you choose to abandon the pitiful little sheep, or become a knight who draws his sword and charges into battle?”

Yang Chen inwardly sighed, sure enough, good women weren’t so easy to get, but since he was already in the mood, trouble didn’t matter. He looked at An Xin with a playful smile, “If Miss An can bless me with a kiss, I believe tonight we would have such a great time that it would be remembered for a lifetime.”

Without the slightest hesitation, like a teenage girl from an aristocratic family in love, An Xin gracefully hugged Yang Chen’s neck, raised her pretty face, and left a hot and moist kiss on Yang Chen lips. Before leaving it, she even used the tip of her wet tongue to trace a mark on Yang Chen’s face.

“Please bravely battle, my dear knight.” An Xin released Yang Chen’s neck, and stood behind him.

The robust men in black were once again angered, and their leader fiercely glared at Yang Chen, “Youngster, you will regret this night for your whole life.”

Yang Chen sneered, leisurely picked up his glass on the bar counter, and directly splashed the remainder of the drink at that man without warning.

The leader simply didn’t expect Yang Chen to insult him like this, and wasn’t able to dodge it. Half of his suit was stained by the drink.

“You’re courting death!”

The leader cursed, charged forward and swung a fist at Yang Chen’s face.

Yang Chen easily blocked this fist which looked really strong to others, and he dexterously grasped the man’s wrist with his palm. Without waiting for the man to make use of his other hand, Yang Chen forcibly twisted the man’s arm to a horrifying angle!

The man who was about to resist released a blood-curdling screech, and his whole body involuntarily followed along the twisted arm like he was playing the role of a spinning top in front of Yang Chen.

Behind Yang Chen, An Xin’s eyes shone, she looked at Yang Chen’s relaxed back, incredibly but pleasantly surprised.

The other men in black finally realized how abnormal the situation was. They loudly cried out and was about to surround and attack Yang Chen.

“Here, take this back.” Yang Chen looked at the few men coming forward, so he abruptly grabbed onto the man’s other arm, and while standing sideways he fiercely threw the man over as if he was just playing with a rag doll!

The man who was about two meters tall was thrown as if he was a baguette, and loudly smashed into the other men!

Seeing the tall and strong men in black all fall with their backs against the ground, everybody present were shocked. How can this man be strong to this degree!?

“Let’s go get a room.” Yang Chen dragged An Xin by the end, stepped on the men in black who were whining in pain, then left the bar in a cool and collected manner. Copyright 2016 - 2024