Chapter 85: Flower Rain

“What God’s Stone?” Yang Chen frowned and displayed a confused expression that was both innocent and pitiful.

Hannya crossed her arms, squeezing her voluptuous curves into a seductive shape. Her soft-looking body stooped over, and she partially opened her mouth to blow out a breath that smelled like sweet incense.

“There’s no need to put on an act in front of me.” Hannya expressionlessly said. “Several years ago you single-handedly obliterated ZERO. Though you do not appear to be as strong as the legends say, so perhaps you borrowed support from others. However, the God’s Stone that was in ZERO’s possession disappeared without a trace during their destruction. All the powers have gone to the ruins of ZERO to search for it afterwards, yet they returned without any harvest. As long as someone has a brain, they would be able to guess that the God’s Stone is in your hands, and also the fact that you are the person who understands the value of the God’s Stone the most……”

Hannya noticed that Yang Chen didn’t have any reaction, so she snorted and said, “If you had just stayed within your kingdom, perhaps we would’ve still restrained ourselves. But since you chose to return to Huaxia for no good reason, and even shook off your own subordinates, then don’t blame us for adopting such measures. Even if we didn’t take action, sooner or later somebody would. Everybody is just somewhat fearful of you, including the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, that bunch of loyal and selfless Huaxia people. Those people just don’t have as much foresight as our chief. Pluto, don’t think that we wouldn’t burn you in the sacred fire, for in our eyes, there is only the great Emperor of Imperial Japan!”

“Yep……” Yang Chen pouted and said, “Perhaps you don’t know this, but Huaxia is no longer under feudal rule. If you mention about things like kings and emperors, somebody will come to slaughter you.”

“Who?” Hannya’s brows raised as she smiled and said, “Do you think that there’s somebody capable of saving you?”

Right as those words were spoken, one of the two Jounin’s who stood by a side suddenly stumbled backwards and crashed into the ground!

“Who!?” Hannya immediately entered battle state, and observed her surroundings in a composed manner.

The remaining Jounin did not allow the fall of his comrade to mess up his priorities as a pair of sai appeared in his hands, and he vigilantly observed his surroundings.

Right at that moment, from a space above the alley, a dark figure jumped across several weatherboards like a graceful swallow; it was like the elegant figure was performing a delightful acrobatics show.


Hannya who noticed that something was amiss moved her feet, however it was already too late when she spoke out!


After a thin and nearly inaudible tearing sound, the other Jounin did not manage to dodge, and a hole was suddenly cut open in his skull, blood spurted out!

After the Jounin fell to the ground in disbelief, the only one left standing in the alley was Hannya.

Hannya looked at the object that was shot down onto the floor. It was a tiny concealed weapon that looked like a thumbtack. She raised her head with a grave expression, looking at the person who had reached the ground, and said, “Yellow Flame Iron Brigade’s Flower Rain?”

The one who jumped down from the roof was a tall woman. She wore a pair of considerably tight black t-shirt and jeans, showing the outline of her well-developed yet dainty, her hair that grew over her shoulders lightly brushed across her cold face from the night wind, like a blossoming black rose in the night.

“This is not a place you people should be in.” Flower Rain’s voice wasn’t very impactful, but the meaning behind it was clearly apparent. She was extremely disgusted by the woman in front of her.

Hannya cleared up her thoughts, chuckled and said, “To think that Pluto and the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade have already formed a collaboration that they would go so far to actually send Flower Rain, a member of the Group of Eight as a bodyguard. If this information leaks out, who knows what those old fellas from the other countries that have been maintaining peace on the surface would think. Oh, by the way, does this mean that the God’s Stone has already been handed over to Huaxia?”

“No wonder you are stuck at the Jinnin level, it’s apparent that your talent is limited……”

Yang Chen then suddenly stood up in a casual manner, wearing a playful smile as he patted away the dust on his trousers. “If I required protection from her, I would’ve died ten years ago.”

“How did you……” Hannya finally lost her composure with disbelief written all over her face, “How can you stand up!?”

“I was able to stand all along. I was just playing along with you earlier.” Yang Chen then glanced at Flower Rain who maintained her silence, saying, “Moreover, if I didn’t act like that, who knows when this woman would finally show herself? I don’t want to be followed forever.”

Hannya was so angry that her face was flushed, “You knew from the very start that I was an impostor!?”

“At the start it was only just a hunch because when you came out of the toilet, the yellow color that was left on her tongue from drinking orange juice had disappeared. Well, you could think of it as my powers of observation being too abnormal, but I really noticed it only by chance.” Yang Chen then continued to say, “Afterwards, you actually decided to directly follow the two men you weren’t familiar with. In addition, what I saw from the two men’s eyes when they looked at you was pure reverence, without the slightest bit of tenderness or concern. This could be considered as you guys having subpar acting skills.”

“So you’ve been using me all along!” Hannya felt incomparably humiliated, the disguising technique that she was most adept with was seen through by this lecherous man!

“Wrong, it’s your Yamata Sect that came looking for trouble. I didn’t invite you guys, isn’t that right, Miss Flower Rain?” Yang Chen winked towards Flower Rain, this young and pretty lady was actually a member of the Group of Eight in the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, which was even more mysterious than the Dragon Team, while finding this hard to believe, Yang Chen felt that her looks seemed rather familiar.

Flower Rain didn’t reply his question, and instead asked, “You aren’t poisoned?”

Yang Chen shook his head, “I am, but a poison like this is too weak, and not enough to affect me.”

Hannya looked at Yang Chen as if she was looking at a freak, she found it hard to believe and said, “That’s impossible! This poison can even paralyze an elephant, you…… you monster……”

Yang Chen grinned, “Bingo! You guessed correctly, but unfortunately I can’t give you any points.”

“It would be best if you worry about yourself first.” Flower Rain raised her arm. In her hands was a silver pocket-sized pistol.

Hannya understood that this type of pistol couldn’t shoot bullets, but it could shoot nail shaped concealed weapons that was no way inferior to bullets while being completely silent. This was a commonly used method in the world of killers, but there had been gossips for a long time that the Group of Eight’s Flower Rain herself came from Huaxia’s ancient Tang Sect. Because she inherited the extremely mysterious technique “Sky-filling Flower Rain,” “Flower Rain” became her code name.

Other than from her gun, her concealed weapons could be shot from anywhere on her body!

Originally there was only Flower Rain, as one of the Yamata Sect’s three great Jinnins, Hannya wouldn’t be that fearful of her, for she could be a match. But behind her stood an unfathomable “sinister man” who had an indescribable bearing. Hannya knew that she couldn’t force a fight.

“If you want to flee, then quickly flee.” Yang Chen saw through what Hannya had in mind, and urged her on.

Hannya hatefully glared at him, and all of a sudden her body turned blurry. In the end, like a ball of smoke, she vanished from where she stood.

Flower Rain pursed her beautiful eyebrows, a light shined in her eyes. The pocket-sized pistol in her right hand swapped over to her left at lightning speed, she turned to the left and shot two nail shaped concealed weapons!

*Sou!* *Sou!*

The two concealed weapons streaked through its path and embedded itself into the cement wall!

A portion of torn purple-red ribbon fell from mid-air, while Hannya’s figure completely faded away from the alley.

“Escape techniques……” Flower Rain unwillingly kept her pistol, and questioned Yang Chen, “You have the capability of keeping her here, why didn’t you take action!?”

Yang Chen shrugged, “If I took action, wouldn’t that truly mean that I’m in cahoots with you guys?”

“You’re originally a person of Huaxia.” Flower Rain pretty face frosted over, “She’s our country’s enemy.”

“If you catch her, it’ll attract more enemies.” Yang Chen pointed, “I will naturally take action if she appears in the future, but now is definitely not the time.”

“Spineless man.” Flower Rain looked at Yang Chen with disdain, and turned away to leave.

Yang Chen didn’t get angry as he thought of another matter, and quickly called, “Don’t leave first. You look extremely similar to a policewoman I know, are you perhaps her sister?” To be honest, he didn’t really give a damn about Hannya, but Flower Rain here was honestly looked very alike to Cai Yan.

Flower Rain halted and didn’t turn back. With a slightly warm tone she said, “She is my younger sister.”

So that was the case. Yang Chen happily nodded, they were actually a pair of beautiful sisters. He then asked, “What about that girl TangTang? Have you saved her yet?”

“She’s already safe. However, her clothes had been stolen, so I called her family’s bodyguards, and gave her some clothes to wear. She should already have returned home.”

Satisfied, Yang Chen nodded, “You’re quite good at handling these matters. It looks like there isn’t anything bad about being followed by you.”

“My mission is a failure, so I won’t be following you in the future. These corpses will immediately be handled by specialists, you should leave quickly.” As she finished speaking, Flower Rain left the alley. Copyright 2016 - 2024