Chapter 84: Hannya

Along the way to the cinema, TangTang grabbed hold of Yang Chen’s arm like a cute and helpless bird the moment she got off the car. She stuck to him tightly, imitating the look of a happy young lady.

“What are you doing?”

“Pretending to be your girlfriend, entering as a couple like this is normal, otherwise it’d be so awkward.” TangTang honestly replied.

Yang Chen rubbed her head, “Isn’t it the same if you acted as my little sister? As a little girl what are you acting as a woman for?”

“How am I little?” TangTang swung her fists in rage, “Look at my boobs……”

As she said that, TangTang unexpectedly stretched her hand to her collar and wanted to pull open a gap with her hand.

“What are you doing?” Yang Chen quickly grabbed ahold of TangTang’s hand and said, “There are so many people on the street, what are you pulling open your shirt’s collar for?”

“To let you see this lady’s ‘cleavage’……” TangTang proudly said, “I may not have reached C yet, but it’ll grow in the next two years to a minimum of a D. It’s not fair that you compare me with those old ladies that have already given birth! If you want to compare, you should choose a highschool girl to compare me with. We’ll see whose is bigger!”

Yang Chen’s forehead was filled with black lines, the delinquent girl suddenly turned into a proud and dainty girl. This was a little difficult to bear, so he coughed a few times and said, “Don’t look down on women who have given birth, they are making great contributions in creating the future generation of our human civilization.”

“What are you acting holy for, isn’t it because you men impregnate them?” TangTang pouted.

“Stop there!” Yang Chen felt that the situation was turning awry, “Let’s go watch the movie……”

Without a way to turn this girl into his little sister, he dragged the stepchild-like TangTang into the cinema. When he entered, he cheered up a little when he saw some young ladies in the surroundings here to watch a movie with some fat middle-aged men. In comparison, TangTang and him looked rather normal.

TangTang still had a childish attitude as she bought a bucket of popcorn and a cup of cola and orange juice for her and Yang Chen before entering the theatre.

The scenes in the movie were a little long. The people’s army on the screen constantly rushed to bravely kill the enemy without any regards for their own life.

Yang Chen couldn’t help but ask, “Why is this movie only showing how they kill people without any history in the background?”

“What were you expecting? Patriotism movies are all like this, to let us know how difficult it was to form this country, and how many people died. If you want to know anything else, you have to read the history books.”

“But this is too fake isn’t it? The bullets sprayed it till it was like a bee’s nest, how can a person still stand and talk so much?” Yang Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

TangTang looked at him as if she was looking at a moron, “Uncle, it can’t possibly be that you’ve never seen a movie like this before, right?”

“I just returned from overseas a little more than half a year ago, and truly haven’t seen anything like this.” Yang Chen honestly answered.

As if TangTang discovered a new world she said, “Really? Uncle, you’re educated overseas? I couldn’t tell at all, I thought you were a parvenu from a small mountain village!”

Yang Chen didn’t mind at all, “It’s all the same to me, I may not be a parvenu, but people who call others parvenu are usually those who are jealous of parvenu. How can someone be a parvenu without money, isn’t that right?”

“Hmph, what a flowery mouth, but you do make sense.”

When the movie ended, TangTang was asleep on Yang Chen’s shoulder. Yang Chen helplessly pushed her. This made her wake up in a daze, and wipe away the saliva at the corner of her mouth as she innocently smiled.

This girl can actually be pretty cute sometimes. Yang Chen thought.

When they left the theatre, TangTang who drank too much of the beverage hastily went into the toilet, and dawdled for over ten minutes before running out with an embarrassed smile, while Yang Chen could only force a smile.

When the two walked out of the cinema complex, the bright neon lights on the streets were lit up, under the dazzling lights, pedestrians walked hurriedly, the curtains to a city’s night life were about to open.

The air outside was a little cold, and the winds made TangTang shiver. She grabbed hold of Yang Chen’s shirt, “Uncle, let’s go, we’ll have hot-pot, today’s weather is pretty cold.”

Yang Chen felt that autumn was approaching, and nodded in agreement.

Right at this time, two men in suits suddenly ran over from one side of the cinema complex, and bowed to TangTang in sync.

“Miss, we’ve finally found you, please return with us.” One man respectfully said.

TangTang creased her brows, “Did my father send you guys?”

“That’s right, Master is already waiting for you, please don’t make things difficult for us.”

TangTang looked at Yang Chen with an awkward expression, “Uncle……”

“It’s alright, I’ll send you back and have dinner at home.” Said Yang Chen, he then turned to the two men and said, “Lead the way.”

The two men looked at each other in the eye, and made a ‘this way’ hand gesture.

TangTang curiously looked at Yang Chen, then happily nodded.

One man stood at the front and the other at the back, TangTang hugged onto Yang Chen’s arm, and followed into an alley behind the cinema complex. The gloomy and cold alley was very dark, and cold wind constantly blew into it. TangTang was unable to stay calm as she said angrily, “How are you guys leading the way!? What are we going through an alley for?”

The man in front suddenly stopped walking, and turned around expressionlessly. His face seemed extremely pale in the dark alley. A pair of dull and dark eyes stared straight at the two.

The man behind them also stopped, and stared straight at the two of them.

At this moment, within the dark alley, there wasn’t anybody else nearby. The emptiness made it feel very remote.

TangTang was stunned, she wore a blank face, unable to understand what was going on.

“TangTang.” Yang Chen gently asked, “Do you recognize the two of them?”

“I don’t……” TangTang replied, “My dad has many people like this by his side, so it’s normal that I don’t recognize them, perhaps they are new.”

Yang Chen smiled and said, “Yet you followed them out like this, being this silly isn’t like you.”

“What can I do about that……” TangTang pouted, then reprimanded the two men, “Why did you stop, go on!”

The moment those words were spoken, the two men who hadn’t made a move suddenly charged forward. Their bodies darted forth towards Yang Chen like arrows!

Yang Chen calmly sidestepped, his toes tapped the ground, and his body soared into the sky. By utilizing the wall in the alley, he dodged the two’s pincer attack by somersaulting over their heads!

But the attacks hadn’t ended, two flat black objects shined with a cold light as they spun towards Yang Chen’s body!

Yang Chen slightly twisted his body in mid-air, and the two concealed weapons narrowly missed him!

But before he could land, the two men once again attacked, a pair of cold daggers suddenly appeared in their hands, and they abruptly stabbed it towards Yang Chen’s ribs!

Yang Chen’s legs swung out in a way that defied gravity, and kicked away the two daggers.

The two men once again turned around and shot out another four dart-like weapons at lightning speed!

Yang Chen didn’t let down his guard, he was prepared for this. He leaped into the air, and twisted his body to lower its surface area, dodging the two’s attacks.

“Shuriken……” Yang Chen wore a weird smile when he landed and said, “The skill you guys throw them with is already at Jounin level, which organization are you guys from?”

It was unknown at what time did the two men get rid of their shells, looking at them now, their bodies were wrapped in black clothing, and they each had a short sword hung on their waists. The only thing exposed were their sharp eyes glaring straight at Yang Chen.

TangTang’s paled from the situation that abruptly changed, she quickly ran to Yang Chen’s back and hugged onto Yang Chen’s back, then trembled and asked, “Who…… Who are these people?”

Yang Chen didn’t turn his head as he said, “Don’t be afraid, they won’t harm you.”

“Of course I’m not afraid……”

From behind, TangTang’s voice suddenly lost all warmth!

An eerie yet bewitching voice was heard……

“Pluto, you should worry about yourself first……”

Yang Chen hastily moved three steps away to look at TangTang with his eyes squinted.

He saw that the originally frightened TangTang had suddenly turned devilish with a bewitching charisma, while her shining eyes were as chilly as a viper about to spit its venom.

“Geez…… It’s impossible to defend against that……” Yang Chen couldn’t help but recite a line he heard from a movie. With a forced smile he said, “What did you do to me?”

‘TangTang’ sexily laughed and said, “I didn’t do much, it’s just a specially concocted poison; once it is applied on a person’s skin, it will quickly spread to that person’s whole body, and within five minutes it will cause all muscles to lose its ability to function. Which means…… temporarily having a vegetative state……”

Right as ‘TangTang’ spoke, Yang Chen felt his whole body turning limp and painful. Gradually, he couldn’t remain standing anymore, and had to sit on the ground……

“Hahahaha……” The woman couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “Seems like the chief’s suggestions were simply unnecessary, Pluto doesn’t live up to his name, and isn’t difficult to manage.”

Yang Chen raised his head, and with a weak smile he said, “Your disguising techniques and poisoning techniques are indeed brilliant, it should have surpassed the Jounin level. You reached the level of being a special ninja, a Jinnin right……?”

“So what if that’s the case?” The person impersonating TangTang walked to Yang Chen’s front and squatted. She tapped on Yang Chen’s chin, and enchantingly questioned, “Your majesty Pluto, isn’t it too late for you to see through my identity?”

Yang Chen shook his head, “It’s not too late, among the ninjas in Japan now, someone who has reached the level of Jinnin, and is an expert in poisons, there is only the number one beauty in the ninja world, Hannya, right……”

“I’m very honored, for your majesty Pluto to know this little lady’s name.”

Despite having been identified, Hannya wasn’t worried at all, she chuckled and tore off her clothes in a relaxed manner, revealing her tight dark purple ninja uniform made of leather-esque materials.

Hannya’s figure was extremely sexy. She had breasts so well-developed that it seemed as if the ninja uniform couldn’t hold it in. They stretched the clothes as if they would break free at any moment. She also had a slim waist and an outstanding butt, her snow-white thighs were exposed to the air, and her face looked young and beautiful. Saying that she was beautiful enough to attract spirits and absorb souls wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

“One of the three great ninjas of the Yamata Sect, truly powerful.” Yang Chen rapaciously looked all over the mature female ninja, “I wonder if ‘Tengu’ and ‘Tanuki’ have come to Huaxia as well, I’ve been fascinated by the two of them for a long time.”

Hannya looked upon him with disdain. To her, he was just another man who turned muddle-headed after seeing a beauty, she sneered and said, “You seem to be in a leisurely good mood, Pluto. To even have the free time to care about how many members of our Yamata Sect came. We didn’t come here today to chat with you. Your majesty Pluto, please don’t beat about the bush.”

Yang Chen then said with a vacant expression, “Then what did you come here for?”

The smile on Hannya’s face instantly vanished, her voice turned as cold as an icecap——

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