Chapter 69: Just who are you

Lin Ruoxi was kidnapped!? Wasn’t she resting in the hospital!?

“Wang Ma, speak clearly. What happened?” After Yang Chen received this shocking news, he became calmer.

“I just received a phone call from Master, telling me to get Young Master to Zhong Hai harbor’s 84th warehouse at the easternmost area. Miss and Miss Mo were both taken there…… Also…… We’re not allowed to call the police, otherwise……” At the end of the words, Wang Ma was sobbing so hard that she couldn’t form words.

“Wang Ma, have you confirmed this?”

“I’ve confirmed it……” Wang Ma said, “The doctors and nurses are all panicking as well. Miss Mo accompanied Miss to the flower garden for a walk, and didn’t return. I asked the hospital’s management to keep this a secret for now, but the truth will be out sooner or later, what should we do……”

For something like that to happen between a father and his daughter, Yang Chen could only say that he regrets not beating Lin Kun to the point he became retarded. This person truly has one “strength”, which is strong willpower, not shedding a tear until he sees the coffin!

“Wang Ma, do not panic, I will handle this matter. Wait at home, I will contact you.” Yang Chen consoled Wang Ma for a bit, then hung up the phone.

Yang Chen felt that this matter was weird. According to logic, with just Lin Kun’s means, he couldn’t possibly have kidnapped two women from the hospital’s garden just like that, and even transport them to Zhong Hai’s harbor. There was definitely someone specialized in doing these things helping him. But what Xu Zhihong did the last time had already touched upon Lin Ruoxi’s bottom line, so he most likely wouldn’t help Lin Kun, so who could it be?

Although he knew that Lin Kun was scheming something to take revenge against him, and shouldn’t hurt the two women for the time being. He was still afraid that on the off chance Lin Kun might have done something to the two of them. Therefore Yang Chen still decided to get there as soon as possible.

To the amazement of the ladies in the office, only a short time had passed since Yang Chen came back, yet he once again dashed out of the office. This made all of the women look at each other in dismay.

The Zhong Hai Harbor is one of Huaxia’s largest harbors, and occupies a vast area. If one didn’t experience it themselves, they simply couldn’t comprehend the impression of vastness it gave off.

The blue sea stretched as far as the eye could see, while the sounds from the waves made the harbor seem exceptionally cold and lonely.

After entering the harbor, the car revealed its prowess on the flat ground. If one gazed from afar, one would see a white sports car dashing across the harbor’s coast like a missile.

Yang Chen fully concentrated on his surroundings as he stepped on the accelerator while looking at the warehouse numbers on the side of the road. He drove east for close to 10 minutes before finding the large warehouse marked with the big red numbers “84” on it.

The whole warehouse looked worn down, the rusted metal doors were slightly open, and by its side were discarded rocky materials and lime powder, looking like a terrible mess.

The closer he got to the destination, the calmer Yang Chen’s heart became, to be honest, a term like “kidnap” was always used by him against others in the past. Never would he have thought that there would be the day where someone abducts his woman. Even though that ice-cold girl doesn’t think of herself the same way, it was still enough to make Yang Chen wonder whether to laugh or to cry.

Unhurriedly closing the car’s door, Yang Chen quickly swept a glance around the warehouse, and couldn’t help but frown. Although it was very difficult to perceive, his sharp senses allowed him to notice that in several of the blind spots in the warehouse, there were professionals stationed around looking out for intruders. They were stationed at perfect angles to monitor every movement in the warehouse. Yang Chen guessed that they also possessed medium-sized long-range rifles.

This was a gang whose standards scaled on the international level. Yang Chen felt that these were all interesting, and even felt a little peculiar excitement.

After stepping into the warehouse through the large entrance, there was the smell of prolonged decay. The floor was empty, while several streaks of sunlight shined through the holes on the windows, causing the turbid air in the warehouse to seem like it was swirling.

At a corner of the warehouse, Yang Chen saw two delicate figures that were tied together.

He could only see Lin Ruoxi and Mo Qianni tied together on chairs, with ropes tightly tying their limbs to the chair, they sat back to back and couldn’t see each other’s faces.

Ahead of them were a pack of robust men wearing short-sleeved shirts. There were tall and sturdy ones and also short and skinny ones, but majority of them had dark tanned skin. It was obvious that they were exposed to intense sunlight very often. But what made Yang Chen pay more attention to them was the fact that when they saw him enter, they remained indifferent, as if they didn’t take him seriously, and continued discussing something with each other. What made Yang Chen feel even more excited to see were the weapons in their hands and on their backs, which were basically all AK-47s, M16s and other assault rifles.

These guns themselves weren’t anything special, but the place they were appearing in was Huaxia. If this was some other country, like the USA for example, Yang Chen wouldn’t give a damn even if someone carried a M16 and walked on the streets. But it was too out of the ordinary for a pack of people like that to appear in a country where even pistols were a rare sight.

Yang Chen was very clear, the organization that called themselves “Huaxia’s Protectors” wasn’t an empty boast. For these people to sneak in without getting caught by them and entering Zhong Hai to execute a kidnapping showed that they were truly capable.

Just as Yang Chen thought of this, Lin Kun who was chatting with several robust men finally noticed Yang Chen, and his face immediately revealed hatred and a malicious smile.

“Mr Lin, is this the young man you wanted to capture?” Using English to ask this question was a man who wore a sleeveless shirt, military camouflage trousers and had short hair. This man seemed to be their boss, as his hand held a Desert Eagle, a pistol that only formidable soldiers can carry. It was also the only pistol amongst this group of people.

Yang Chen was already close by at this time, when he heard this man’s accent, he was startled. This was a Vietnamese accent, so it turns out that these people were from Vietnam.

“Yes, Mr Long, I hope you can capture him. I want to personally send him to hell!” Lin Kun viciously replied.

At the same time, Lin Ruoxi and Mo Qianni who sat on the two chairs noticed the arrival of Yang Chen. Lin Ruoxi gazed at Yang Chen with a complicated expression, on her pale and beautiful face was a little despair, while Mo Qianni instead looked stubborn and a little astonished, as if she couldn’t believe Yang Chen would come here alone for the two of them.

The tall man with the surname Long sized Yang Chen up, and expressionlessly said, “Mr Lin, I have to say that it’s truly not worth your money to hire us. If it’s just to handle this man, just one of my subordinates will suffice.”

The other robust men revealed prideful smiles, clearly approving of their boss’ evaluation.

Lin Kun gritted his teeth and said, “No, Mr Long, after I’m done with this brat and attain the shares that should belong to me from that slut, the money I’m giving to you isn’t anything at all!” That said, his face revealed some crazed greed as he looked at Lin Ruoxi.

Fact was, these years of extravagance had already led Lin Kun’s original 30% of shares to decrease to less than 1%. Constantly selling his shares to other shareholders gradually led him to death’s door. This time he sold all of the shares he had left, just to go all in on this.

Lin Ruoxi fearlessly stared back at Lin Kun, as if she didn’t feel any emotion. She indifferently said, “Lin Kun, you truly disappoint me.”

The woman realized that this man had already gone past the point of no return, and directly addressed him by his name, Lin Kun instead of addressing him as father.

But she didn’t expect that in this terrible situation, the man who had nothing to do with this had actually calmly came to face the consequence that he doesn’t deserve.

Lin Ruoxi guiltily looked towards Yang Chen, although she had a bad impression of this man, for him to come here alone for her, she would be lying if she said she wasn’t touched.

“Lin Kun, you’re not a man! How can you treat your own daughter like this!”

Mo Qianni had a staunch character, and at this time she finally couldn’t hold back from hurling abuses.

Lin Kun complacently laughed, then nefariously gazed at Mo Qianni, “You, wild girl, I’ve long been irritated by the sight of you, once this matter is settled, I will properly teach you a lesson! If it wasn’t for that old hag protecting you in the past, I would have thrown you to the bed and done you several hundred times! Who do you think you are? You’re merely a bitch raised by our Lin family!”

“You’re shameless! Heinous! Despicable!” Mo Qianni ash covered face was flushed, she struggled attempting to break free, but the professionally tied rope made all her efforts futile.

Yang Chen saw Lin Ruoxi’s guilt-ridden gaze towards him, and also saw his bad tempered superior Mo Qianni bravely resisting. In his heart he couldn’t help but have a more favorable opinion of the two women, one knew right from wrong and understood kindness, while the other did not submit to force, staying upright and brave.

It was a pity that in the history of mankind, women always played the role of the weak. The reason feminism was born in this world was because women couldn’t receive equal treatment, and the most straightforward reason for that was because women really couldn’t defeat men.

The situation in front of his eyes was the same, because no matter how radiant these two women were in the business world, no matter how many men they defeated, when they were matched against the most primitive, most vulgar method of attacks, other than exercising their powerful tongues, there wasn’t much else they could do.

Perhaps this was one of the conditions for mankind to procreate, if women were as strong as men, how could men have the chance to be the knight saving the princess?

The robust man with the surname Long didn’t seem to understand Chinese, and couldn’t be bothered to understand the bickering between Lin Kun and the two ladies. He looked at Yang Chen, seeing that Yang Chen didn’t have the slightest bit of cowardice, he walked forward in admiration. With English he said, “Although you will soon be sent to hell, you are still a brave man, I will let you die with a whole body.

Yang Chen made a weird smile, and sized the man up with interest. He then opened his mouth to speak a line that Lin Kun and the two women couldn’t understand.

“Your surname is Long, what’s your name?”

The tall man was slightly startled, with his eyebrows knit, he used the same language to reply, “You can speak Vietnamese?”

“Who is Long Zanhuang to you?” Yang Chen continued smiling as he asked.

If being able to speak Vietnamese made this man marvelled, then when Yang Chen continued to use Vietnamese and ask about the name “Long Zanhuang”, there was only “mindblown” left on the man’s face!

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