Chapter 70: Don’t worship me too much

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Because the Vietnamese words were only understood by the Vietnamese people present, Yang Chen did not mince his words as he said, “Let’s go to a more quiet area and I’ll tell you about it.”

A light flickered in the man’s eyes, but in the end he still nodded, and gestured for Yang Chen to lead the way.

Not understanding a word, Lin Kun hastily inquired, “Mr Long! What is the meaning of this?! I am your employer, what just happened!? Why aren’t you catching him!? I’ve paid you money!!!”

“Don’t bother me!” The man with the surname Long raised the Desert Eagle in his hand, the dark muzzle instantaneously pointed at Lin Kun’s forehead, and he frostily said, “We were only hired by you, as for how we work, you’re in no position to command us!”

Lin Kun was frightened to the point he fell to the floor on his butt, trembling in cold sweat, without the guts to utter another word.

Yang Chen was too lazy to pay Lin Kun another glance as he led the man to another corner. After confirming that nobody could see what was going on, he turned around, and used Vietnamese as he asked, “Why did ‘Flood Shark’ come to Huaxia, are you guys unafraid of the ‘Yellow Flame Iron Brigade’?

Hearing “Flood Shark”, and “Yellow Flame Iron Brigade”, the man’s pupils shrunk, the Desert Eagle in his hands also abruptly pointed at Yang Chen’s head. He hoarsely asked, “Just who are you!? Why would you recognize us, what’s your relationship with the ‘Yellow Flame Iron Brigade’!?”

Yang Chen shook his head with a bitter smile, “If I’m from the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, do you think you guys can still leave here alive?”

“Then who are you?” The man didn’t dare to relax at all. This person in front of him gave him a strange oppressive feeling, the more he looked at him, the more his feelings deviated from their first meeting.

Yang Chen thought for a moment, and with a little hesitation he took out something from his breast pocket.

A small breast pocket naturally can’t hold a weapon, so the man did not treat it as a dangerous action and pull his trigger. He just quietly waited to see what Yang Chen was taking out.

“Do you recognize this?”

What Yang Chen took out from his pocket was a small ring, about the size of an ordinary wedding ring. The ring’s material looked like platinum, but due to years of wear, its luster appeared to be greatly diminished. There were no precious stones decorating it, it was just a metal ring. But what was rather peculiar was, on the ring there were patterns that had an ink-like gloss, the patterns were complex to the point that it could make one’s eyes spin……

If the ring felt a little familiar to the man at first glance, then when he abruptly glimpsed at the band of it, those meticulously engraved Latin words, he immediately felt his blood freeze, and his lungs choke!

He had seen this ring before on a document, amongst his gang, the existence of this ring was just a legend.

However, even though they most likely wouldn’t get to see this ring for their entire lifetime, they must remember it, especially the Latin words engraved on the inside. These Latin words were passed down by the ancient Romans. It’s a language that had faded away long ago, but in this mysterious language, there was a word, it could also be called a name, which was something they wouldn’t dare forget for their entire life.

Because, the person who owns this ring possesses supreme power in a certain territory, and is also the person they worship the most from the depths of their souls!

Yang Chen saw the expression on this man’s face, and knew that he had already understood. So he casually placed the ring back into his shirt pocket. Nobody would believe that this token that could turn the world upside down was quietly lying in one of this man’s pockets everyday.

“Alright, don’t reveal such an expression. I don’t believe my ‘Flood Shark’ is formed by fools.” Yang Chen amicably patted the man’s broad shoulders.

The man’s body shuddered, and he returned to his senses, seeing Yang Chen’s warm smile, he could only feel the frigidity of winter, the coldness of the polar ice, thinking of this man’s past achievements…… He couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat, his legs weakened and he knelt on the ground, he even wanted to bury his head into the cement floor……

“Your…… Your subordinate Long Zanyi greets you my king!” Long Zanyi sincerely yelled while stuttering.

Yang Chen raised his eyebrows, “You’re called Long Zanyi, if that’s the case, Long Zanhuang is your brother?”

“Precisely, revered King!” As before, Long Zanyi four limbs were still on the ground and he did not dare to raise his head while he respectfully replied.

Yang Chen helplessly sighed, “You can stand, this is Huaxia, and not a part of my kingdom, you need not follow etiquette.”

Long Zanyi saw that Yang Chen didn’t seem to intend to scold him, and carefully crawled up, retreated three steps, then stood upright. The way he looked at Yang Chen totally changed. His tiger-like eyes were brimming with crazed reverence and worship!

He actually got to meet him!? The man who was spoken of as a god-like existence from the mouth of his brother, actually appeared before his eyes!?

“Right.” Yang Chen suddenly thought of something, and said, “I don’t like being addressed as ‘king’, if you don’t mind, please change your form of address, you may call me by my other name.”

“Yes! Your Excellency Pluto!” Long Zanyi proudly shouted, as if shouting out this name was an incomparably glorious matter.

Seeing that Long Zanyi understood his identity, Yang Chen did not speak any superfluous words, and bluntly asked, “Why did Flood Shark appear here, although I didn’t make an order prohibiting entering Huaxia, your brother Long Zanhuang is famous for being careful, and shouldn’t casually make such a rudimentary mistake.”

Long Zanyi respectfully replied, “Reporting to Your Excellency, our Flood Shark’s movements only include several of Huaxia’s coastal zones, and conducting transport jobs within those zones, so we did not receive too much attention from the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade. This time we received employment from Lin Kun only because the job he offered us was executable in a small area with low risks involved. Therefore, after thinking it over, we accepted this mission.”

“He had enough money to hire you guys?” Yang Chen curiously asked.

“Reportedly, his money was obtained by selling all of his shares.” Long Zanyi replied, “Just enough to hire us for a simple mission like this.”

When he said the words “simple mission” just now, Long Zanyi suddenly felt that something was off. How was this mission simple!? The person they had to deal with was the one in front of his eyes!

He wanted to change his wording, but Long Zanyi didn’t know what to say, and remained speechless with an awkward expression.

Yang Chen didn’t seem to mind, in his mind he concluded that Lin Kun must have sold all of the Yu Lei International’s shares he held, and received enough money to employ the mercenaries. He couldn’t help but find this funny. The mercenaries Lin Kun staked everything on to employ ended up being his subordinates, this could be considered incredibly unlucky for Lin Kun.

“Long Zanyi, you can bring your brothers and leave, I will settle everything else.” Said Yang Chen.

“Your Excellency, do you require us to kill Lin Kun? I’m afraid that it will stain Your Excellency’s hands if Your Excellency personally does it.” An ominous glint glowed in Long Zanyi’s eyes, in his heart he wanted to shoot Lin Kun into a hornet’s nest! This idiotic old man, nearly turned him into the laughing stock of the mercenary world!

You want to send the Death God into hell? Isn’t this a joke? Hell is His Excellency’s land of fun!

Yang Chen shook his head, “Go tie Lin Kun up, throw him into a corner, and you may leave. I will settle what comes afterwards. The longer you guys stay here, the more you raise discontent from the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade.”

“We will obey, Your Excellency!”

Long Zanyi didn’t say more, to obey was their mission as soldiers, moreover, it was an order from the highest level.

Lin Kun, who was hard pressed, was exceptionally angered. These stupid soldiers, after spending the money they point their guns at their employer’s head. If it wasn’t because he needed them for something, and couldn’t beat them, he wished that he could stab them a few times!

At this time, he saw Long Zanyi expressionlessly walking over, and immediately switched to an eager smile, “Mr Long! Have you caught that damned brat yet!?”

Long Zanyi did not reply. He used Vietnamese to talk to his two closest subordinates, and his two subordinates immediately nodded gravely. In a few moments, they had used a rope to tie Lin Kun up!

Lin Kun’s strength was of no challenge in these men’s eyes, after tying him up like a dumpling, they tossed him directly to the ground.

“Your stupidity should’ve sent you to the fires of purgatory long ago.” Long Zanyi walked over, fiercely growled this line in English, then threw a kick at Lin Kun, knocking him unconscious.

When everything was dealt with, Long Zanyi whistled, and in a flash, from all sides appeared mercenaries, orderly saluting.

After Long Zanyi issued an order, everybody shouted a slogan, but only they themselves knew what it meant.

Immediately following, to the confusion of Lin Ruoxi and Mo Qianni, these men who kidnapped them left the warehouse like the wind, they ran out of sight in a flash.

Right as the two ladies couldn’t make heads or tails of this situation, Yang Chen with that expression as relaxed as before walked over, there was even a pleased smile on his face.

“Yang Chen, what is the meaning of this?!” Mo Qianni couldn’t help but ask, they were in such dire straits earlier, how did it suddenly change so drastically!?

“I say, Miss Mo, can you wait for me to untie the ropes before we slowly talk? You aren’t afraid of pain, but I’m afraid my good sweet wife Ruoxi is hurting.” Yang Chen dotingly looked at Lin Ruoxi, and proficiently untied the complicated rope bindings.

Lin Ruoxi shot a profound glance at him, and dully said, “You do this even faster than the people who were tying us up.”

Yang Chen was stunned, then he smiled awkwardly. In his mind, he thought. This is natural, this is what I do for a living……

After the two women were released from the bindings, they slowly stood up, rubbing their arms, and again looked at Yang Chen oddly. After all, everything that happened was too mysterious, how did this man manage to handle this situation?

“I know you two have many doubts, but please get into the car outside first. I will first send the two of you to the hospital, then slowly inform you about it.” Said Yang Chen.

“Then he……” Lin Ruoxi bit her lip, and looked towards the unconscious Lin Kun on the floor.

Yang Chen sternly said, “Are you sure you still want to maintain that sympathetic stance?”

Lin Ruoxi blankly stared, then bitterly shut her eyes. When she once again opened them, her eyes exuded a trace of indifference and resolution. Shaking her head, she uttered, “Let’s go.” Copyright 2016 - 2024