Chapter 68: Casual Person

After the meal, Liu Mingyu still felt sleepy, so Yang Chen sent her back to her apartment, then returned to Yu Lei International.

When he returned to the Public Relations’ office, many pretty girls wore strange smiles as they looked at him. Yang Chen couldn’t make heads or tails of what was going on, so he asked the vivacious Zhang Cai, who he was more familiar with, “Zhang Cai, what’s up with everybody?”

Zhang Cai was snacking on something that looked like gummy bears. Her well-developed body wasn’t only natural, it also received a lot of “nourishment” which helped a lot. It had to be perfect, the parts that should have more fats could be a little fatter, and parts that should be slimmer cannot be fat. Obviously, the married lady Zhang excelled in this field.

“Where did you go?” Zhang Cai replied with a question.

“I went out to settle some matters.” Yang Chen wasn’t daring enough to talk about the matter of filming the movie.

Zhang Cai put down the candy and stood up. Her bulging mountain-like breasts and her round charming face faced him, and her clear eyes stared so hard that Yang Chen felt a little diffident inside.

“Went to settle some matters eh? Who did you settle some matters with? Comrade Little Yang.”

“Er……” Yang Chen could smell the COCO perfume on Zhang Cai’s body. Looking at that bubbly tender face, he felt like biting her, and slowly said, “I was alone, and it was just some trivial matters.”

Zhang Cai suddenly made a *puchi* laugh, pouted and rolled her eyes at Yang Chen, “Still pretending, Sis Mingyu just called to request for leave. She said you’re the one who sent her home.”

This Liu Mingyu is truly uncooperative. Yang Chen grumbled in his heart, and could only awkwardly smile and return to his seat.

The moment he sat down, Zhao Hongyan who sat the closest rolled her swivel chair to Yang Chen’s side, and ambiguously asked, “What did you do to Sis Mingyu? You can’t possibly have pushed Sis Mingyu down, right?”

These women were truly brazen, Yang Chen once again learned something new.

It had always been him teasing ladies, yet after he entered Yu Lei International it was often him being teased by ladies. Our dear friend Yang Chen was rather hurt by this, and finally understood how true “the feeling of oppression when being pointed at with a gun” was, and as he approached this crisis he realized, “Shameless people are invulnerable!”

Therefore, Yang Chen stretched one of his hands out to fondle Zhao Hongyan’s thigh, and slowly closed in on what was under Zhao Hongyan’s black suit skirt……

Today, Zhao Hongyan wore a bold black fishnet stockings, between the lines, patches of snow-white thigh flesh was revealed. Similarly, she wore a pair of open toe leather-esque heels, which revealed her bright red varnished toenails, this matched well with her young married woman’s image. This attire of a white-collar city woman, perfectly showed an office lady’s mature appeal, the intense visual stimulation wasn’t something the fake OLs(Office Lady) in a certain island country’s films could duplicate.

[TL: Japan, AV.]

Suddenly noticing Yang Chen’s hand on her thigh, Zhao Hongyan’s body first quivered, before immediately grabbing onto Yang Chen’s hand, “Yang Chen do you wanna die! What if this is seen by others!?”

“It’s your fault for asking so flagrantly. If I don’t act more pervertedly how can I live up to the way you portray me? Moreover, the way you’re dressed is so alluring, isn’t it for men to appreciate?” Yang Chen had a calm expression, as if nothing had happened, like he was saying something work related to Zhao Hongyan, “Furthermore, from the way you speak, it seems like if no one sees, I can touch however I want?”

How could Zhao Hongyan possibly have encountered such a thing in the office before? Her pretty face blushed, looking like a fruit so ripe that water could flow out. She rolled her eyes at Yang Chen, but it made her look all the more tantalizing, “You had better not act recklessly, I’m someone who has a husband. Even if our relationship is good, we’re just colleagues. I’m not the kind of person you think I am.”

“I’m also someone who has a wife, and not a casual person.”

“I’m afraid that when you’re casual it’s to the point of being inhumane.”

Yang Chen eyebrows were raised as he replied, “Unfortunately, you hit the mark.”

With that said, Yang Chen’s hand forcibly broke through Zhao Hongyan’s weak single-handed defense. He once again advanced, and even stretched to the spot between her thighs.

“You…… Don’t be like this……” Zhao Hongyan was a little agitated, she could only feel a scorching hot palm slide along her thigh to the point below her abdomen, but she didn’t immediately dodge, and instead hastily held her skirt down with both hands, doing her best to make sure the other people around her won’t notice anything strange.

At the warm spot between her thighs, the tender skin gave Yang Chen unprecedented pleasure. Due to nervousness, Zhao Hongyan’s thighs wedged tightly together, and also briefly shuddered.

Several of Yang Chen’s fingers had already touched the silky panties beneath Zhao Hongyan’s skirt, he caressed it a little, and even felt a few strands of hair. Yang Chen knew what it was, and revealed a nefarious smile.

Zhao Hongyan’s head drooped while blushing with shame, with a soft and tender moan she said, “Don’t….. Don’t do this, quickly take it out.”

“You ask me to take it out, but didn’t move away earlier, and didn’t pull my hand away from your thigh. Now that I’ve touched that, you even pushed down your skirt so that others can’t see.” Yang Chen calmly shifted closer to Zhao Hongyan’s ear, and blew a hot breath onto her earlobe which had a earring on it.

Zhao Hongyan’s body quivered, the blush on her face reached her ears. Fortunately, their backs faced the others in the office, which was why this anomaly wasn’t spotted.

“Women do need to be reserved, but an occasional indulgence is no big deal, right?

It was as if Yang Chen’s voice had a bewitching power as Zhao Hongyan slightly lifted her eyes, like the waves of spring she swept a glance at Yang Chen, “Somebody let you take a little advantage of her yet you still humiliate her, be careful for I might really shout out about how you harassed and molested me.”

Yang Chen did not reply, and only slightly moved his finger under the skirt, the finger bumped into a certain sensitive spot, and quietly began to draw circles on it.

“Ning……” Zhao Hongyan lightly moaned, and hastily covered her cherry lips, she could only feel the intense stimulation from Yang Chen’s finger, and nearly couldn’t hold back a loud moan.

In an office like this where all of their colleagues are present, a young man was using his hand to rub her most private part, and even used his finger to gently caress it. Yet not only did she not stop him, she even did something to conceal what happened…… Zhao Hongyan had never thought she had such a side to herself, but the peculiar stimulation she was receiving made her helplessly accept this situation.

Very soon, Zhao Hongyan felt that the area between her thighs was a little wet, slowly soaking her underwear. If it continues this way, Zhao Hongyan felt that she wouldn’t be unable to endure the pleasure and would end up pushing herself against his fingers!

*Ding ling ling! Ding ling ling!*

Suddenly, the phone on Zhao Hongyan’s desk rang, this was like an alarm, causing the slightly dizzy Zhao Hongyan to panic and turn her chair around to her own desk and pick the phone up.

Yang Chen’s hand also pulled out from that land of peach blossoms, but there was some thick liquid leftover on his fingers.

Only after Zhao Hongyan panted her way through the phone call, did she angrily turn around and glare at Yang Chen, “It’s all your fault! There’s still a whole afternoon left, yet I’m all wet inside, it feels terrible!”

“I didn’t expect you to get so wet.” Yang Chen smiled, and rubbed his fingers a few times.

Zhao Hongyan immediately lost her anger, and turned away ignoring Yang Chen. All she wanted was to find a hole and hide inside it, this day was too embarrassing, but only she knew, that at that moment, other than the shame and regrets in her heart, there was an unprecedented sweet feeling……

Done with assailing his difficult colleague, Yang Chen felt much more contented in his heart, and prepared to turn on the computer to play the game that was of high IQ to him when his phone suddenly vibrated.

The calls he received recently were mostly bad news, but only when Yang Chen picked up the phone this time did he realize that all of the previous phone calls weren’t considered a big deal.

The phone call was from Wang Ma, with a trembling, frightened and weeping voice, “Young…… Young Master…… Miss she…… She was kidnapped!” Copyright 2016 - 2024