Golden Sun Totem

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When Yun Miao mentioned ‘International Special Organization Secret Meeting’, Yang Chen doubted that he heard it right the first time. He laughed and said, “Stop joking around. Abbess, I haven’t even heard of this meeting before, let alone be a participant. Also, judging from your tone earlier, it should be a discussion between secret organizations from different countries. I’m the target of a lot of the groups. Why would they want me there out of all people?”

Abbess Yun Miao finally believed Yang Chen. After hesitating for a bit, she said, “This meeting is an unprecedented one, with organizations of spies, special forces, and powerusers, official or not, so it doesn’t only consist of country-owned organizations. I had thought that someone had invited you over this time round. The core discussion this time is deeply related to you after all.”

Yang Chen’s interest was aroused after listening to her. He asked, “What do you mean by I’m deeply related? I’ve returned to China for almost one and a half years already. What is there to be related with me?”

“It’s about the gods,” Abbess Yun Miao replied straightforwardly.

Yang Chen’s smile vanished. He remained in silence for a short moment before asking, “Gods? What gods?”

Has the war maniac Ares gone to war in Europe after getting bored of the Middle East? Are these countries looking for a way to get rid of the stubborn cow? Wait, no, Ares wouldn’t be so bored that he had to fight ordinary people. He’s also focused on the finding the God’s Stone recently. I don’t think he’ll be causing damage instead, Yang Chen thought.

Abbess Yun Miao appeared to be rather helpless. “It sure looks like you are as clueless as you say. I originally wanted to understand the situation better through you to make preparations beforehand.”

“Although I know nothing at all, if Abbess is willing to tell me a thing or two, I may be able to analyze the situation for you,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Abbess Yun Miao contemplated for a short while. “Lots of people in Europe and America are actually very concerned about what’s happening right now. Although nothing much has spread in the news yet, everyone’s basically getting ready for war. The reason is a bizarre, it’s all because of a god named Apollo.”

… …

The morning sunlight shone upon the green field of Élysée Palace located at the center of Paris. Water droplets hung onto the tender green leaves of the highly aged sycamore tree outside the wide ceiling window of the presidential office.

A few soldiers patrolled around with an upright posture and strict expression. Their demeanor contrasted with the environment.

This place housed the core authority of France. The country had been incredibly powerful in Europe since the ancient times. Just because this land was quiet and peaceful didn’t mean that was the case in the underworld.

Crash! The sound of breaking porcelain echoed from the presidential office, destroyed the silence of the morning.

An elegantly crafted white porcelain was thrown on the thick pine flooring, shattering into small, pathetic pieces.

There stood a man in front of a huge redwood office table. The red necktie in front of his chest was slanted, but he couldn’t care less about it. His black-grey curly hair was combed to the back of his head and his moustache prominent, portraying a refined man. He wasn’t big and tall, but his wide shoulders allowed him to exude a majestic and vicious aura.

The man didn’t manage to vent his anger by smashing the expensive porcelain cup. He looked like he hadn’t had enough sleep last night as his eyes were bloodshot.

“General Depney, I want a proper explanation. Just what the hell is this about?!” The man picked up a black letter from the office table. On the surface, there was a golden printed totem of the sun with complex lines!

The man called Depney was currently standing by the door solemnly. Dressed in full military uniform, he had a relatively short figure. The stars on his shoulder displayed his rank as an admiral. He had brown, curly hair. His skin was pale as the result of an illness while his face was so lean that it appeared unhealthy, causing him to look like a pitiful pug.

“M—Mr President, w—we’re already closely investigating the matter. I believe the source of Apollo’s threatening letter can and will be tracked in no time. The result will be out soon,” Depney stammered in French.

“Result?!” The president tore the black letter apart violently. He yelled, “It is our ninth consecutive day receiving a black threatening letter with the sun totem! According to them, we have three weeks left at most before Apollo kills me! Being an admiral and the director of the Seventh Bureau in Directorate-General for External Security, you’re telling me I’ll have to wait even after having waited for a week?!”

Following the scolding, Depney staggered backwards and almost hit the office door. His forehead was filled with cold sweat while his legs were shivering in fear.

“Mr Presint, th—this Apollo is extraordinarily cunning and dangerous. He covers his tracks like no other,” Depney said in sorrow.

The corner of the president’s mouth twitched a little. With a deep voice, he said, “Depney, let me remind you of this. Since I was able to assign you as the director of the Seventh Bureau, the most powerful position in France, I’ll be able to replace you just as easily. I’m very disappointed in you!”

Depney paled so severely that it looked like his face lacked blood. Hurriedly, he knelt down and cried, “Your Excellency, I—I definitely won’t disappoint you! The group Realm of God led by Apollo has destroyed the military bases of NATO, EU, and Russia. He has basically challenged the entire world. He’ll pay for his actions! After the worldwide secret meeting we organized is held, by gathering the powers of different countries, we’ll locate the base of Realm of Gods and destroy them. Mr President will not be treated like this!”

“Idiot! If Apollo was able to easily destroy three secret military bases, what makes you think that he will be incapable of finding out about your secret meeting?! To someone who’s able to flatten a military base with ease, how is obliterating the Élysée Palace different from stepping on an ant?! Isn’t your answer more suited to be heard by a three-year-old?!” the president yelled in dissatisfaction.

Depney quickly explained, “Please rest assured, Mr President. Although Apollo’s Realm of Gods is powerful, they must be afraid of us, of something to have only sent a warning letter to each country of the EU instead of showing themselves out in the open. Apollo only managed to destroy the military bases when the defending troops were unprepared. After we gather elites from each country and non-official poweruser organizations, we’ll be able to defeat them for sure!”

“Humph.” The president finally accepted his explanation. “I hope your execution is better than your speech.”

“Don’t worry, Mr President. I won’t disappoint.” Depney finally felt relieved and got up from the ground.

The president squinted his eyes and said, “This time of the year is coincidentally the peak period for tourism in Paris. You better not cause any trouble, or prepare yourself for the consequences that lie ahead.”

Depney repeatedly agreed and backed off the hell-like office while nodding his head and bowing.

… …

In the courtyard, the explanation by Abbess Yun Miao had come to its end. “The self-proclaimed Apollo didn’t attract much of the security organizations’ attention when he first appeared. Many groups use the names of gods to recruit after all. Everyone thought Apollo was just one of those people, while their organization Realm of Gods was listed as a low-level terrorist. No one really took them seriously.

“However, the fellow called Apollo managed to locate three military bases, each from NATO, EU, and Russia last month. He took all but three days to destroy the bases, killing more than half of the soldiers. After that, they’re instantly seen as international-level terrorists.

“Even more strangely, according to some of the soldiers who had survived the tragedy, meteor-like fire balls landed within the military camps and caused huge explosions. The entire military base was then quickly destroyed. This phenomenon doesn’t seem like conventional weapons. Lots of people are starting to believe that Apollo really is the sun god, causing many underworld associations and cults to join them.”

Doubt filled Yang Chen’s eyes after he listened to the description. He asked, “They aren’t just trying to cause damage by doing so, are they?”

“Of course not,” Abbess Yun Miao answered solemnly. “Since last week, Apollo has started requesting the EU to legalize Realm of Gods and each country’s constitution to accept all of their conditions in addition to granting Apollo authority in the Council of the European Union.”

“What?!” This time, even Yang Chen found it unbelievable. Laughing, he said, “Doesn’t that mean not only does Apollo want to become a god, he wants to dominate the EU? If it is so, America and China are next, are they not?!”

“That’s right. Although he’s laughably ambitious, he has already begun.” Abbess Yun Miao sighed. “Apollo has sent the French president a threatening letter. He wants a satisfactory answer from the EU within a month’s time or he’ll grant the French president, the head of the Council of the European Union, a ‘divine punishment’.”

“A divine punishment?” Yang Chen burst into laughter and held against his waist as he was no longer able to refrain himself. After laughing for quite a while, he wiped the tears beside his eyes and said, “Although I haven’t met that Apollo before, I believe the fellow is a fake. But I’m not sure how exactly he managed to wipe out the military bases. It’ll be great if I can witness it for myself. I find the highly ambitious fellow very interesting.”

Displeased, Abbess Yun Miao said, “How are you still laughing?? If he really is Apollo… then…”

Yun Miao couldn’t stop frowning. She had witnessed the post-unseal battle between Yang Chen and Ares after all. Her heart would shiver in fear every time she thought of the mountain-flipping and ocean-turning power.

Although Abbess Yun Miao wasn’t too afraid of Yang Chen, she actually dared not go against Yang Chen head-on.

Yang Chen more or less knew why she was worried. After all, there was nothing Yellow Flame Iron Brigade could do if the legitimate Apollo from the Twelve Olympians wanted to take over the world, unless the people from Hongmeng were willing to show themselves, or some of the gods were willing to unseal to fight him.

“Although I’m not worried about the country getting destroyed at the moment, Yellow Flame Iron Brigade can’t afford to suffer any more losses than it already has,” Yun Miao said before sighing.

Yang Chen asked, “Why do you have to think about it so much? Just don’t participate in the worst case. They’re not going to abduct for just for the stupid meeting, are they?”

Yun Miao frowned and said, “This is an official meeting. General Cai isn’t able to attend the meeting himself as he has too many tasks to deal with after inheriting the position recently. It’s bad enough that I’m going there instead with a few members of Dragon Group. If no one were to attend the meeting, it means we’re prepared to fight the organizations in the world.”

Yang Chen shrugged his shoulders. He had utterly no interest in official matters like that. Since Abbess Yun Miao was so concerned about that, there was nothing he could say.

“Take care of Hui Lin properly,” said Abbess Yun Miao before she left, since there was no reason for her to stay for any longer.

Yang Chen wanted to get back to the house but Christen walked out from there. Judging by her delighted look, Yang Chen knew that she must’ve been eavesdropping just now inside the house. Copyright 2016 - 2023