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Yoo Yeonhee’s expression changed after listening to Yang Chen. At last, she snorted coldly and turned away before saying, “Although I cannot explain your situation, Director Yang should leave while he’s still alive. It is not safe here anymore”

Yang Chen wasn’t surprised by Yoo Yeonhee’s response. He didn’t expect her to easily reveal the truth, so all he did was ask a simple to test her.

Standing up, he swept his pants and said smilingly, “Since Miss Yoo is so concerned about our safety, we’ll take our leave now. Please take care of yourself, and you mustn’t be distracted because of this since your concert still has to be held. You don’t want your first concert in this country to be a disaster. Oh yeah, don’t forget to bring enough bodyguards along.”

“I don’t need your reminder,” Yoo Yeonhee said with a deep voice as she suppressed her anger.

Yang Chen stopped talking and walked out of the dressing room first.

Lin Ruoxi bade her farewell courteously before following Yang Chen to the direction they came from.

When the two proceeded in the walkway, Lin Ruoxi didn’t appear to be in a good mood. She seemed to have given some thought to the events that happened earlier.

In a way, her life together with Yoo Yeonhee’s were saved by Yang Chen. Yang Chen put on a show after realizing that there was poison in the champagne. He then acted like an actual poisoned man which looked so real that the unfortunate assistant admitted her crime, while that one man was the director of the story from start to finish.

Lin Ruoxi then recalled the night where Yang Chen stopped a huge truck approaching at high speed with his bare hands. She had clearly witnessed the astonishing occurence back then, while she yet again observed a kind of supernatural powers.

“Why didn’t you tell me beforehand?” Lin Ruoxi asked softly.

Yang Chen was thinking about the inside story earlier. He was a little shocked to hear Lin Ruoxi’s question. “Isn’t everything fine now?”

“Fine? Other than yourself, no one knew that you were fine,” Lin Ruoxi said coldly, “Is frightening me that fun? Or do you take delight in my tears?”

Yang Chen was speechless in shock. He wanted to explain but had no clue where to start from.

Lin Ruoxi took it as Yang Chen had admitted to her claim. Sourness flashed in her watery eyes. Biting her lip, she said, “I know that you’re not the average person. I also don’t expect you to tell me everything about you. But if you find satisfaction in lying to me and frightening me, I really have nothing to say. In your eyes, I’m nothing more than a replacement, am I not?”

A replacement? he thought.

Yang Chen was all the more confused. He was completely clueless about what Lin Ruoxi was referring to. Hurriedly, he asked, “Ruoxi, what happened to you? I’m sorry for my spontaneous performance earlier but due to the rushed timing of things, I had no time to explain. What is this talk about being a replacement? Where are you coming from?”

Lin Ruoxi turned her head away and was unwilling to speak. She recovered her usual calmness on her face, and even looked colder than usual.

All Yang Chen felt was the oppression in his heart. Frowning, he hoped to explain to Lin Ruoxi after her anger vanished.

On the way home, just like the past, Lin Ruoxi treated Yang Chen as air, saying nothing at all in the car. Fortunately, Yang Chen was used to the silence between them. He was feeling rather gloomy as he failed to understand the series of occurence.

Although they arrived at home slightly later than usual, since they had informed Wang Ma beforehand, they managed to be on time for dinner.

There was a guest in the house which surprised the two a little. A black Audi and a white Porsche Cayenne were parked outside the house.

Yang Chen sensed the surroundings and found it weird. A person they were familiar with came to their house for unknown reasons.

The living hall was currently filled with the rich fragrance exuded by the dishes. However, no one was seated by the dining table. Instead, they sat on the sofas and seemed to be in a discussion.

Guo Xuehua, Wang Ma, Zhenxiu, and even Christen had come to the house. In addition, Hui Lin who had just finished the finals yesterday was there as well, which made Lin Ruoxi really happy.

Due to her work schedule, although Lin Ruoxi knew that Hui Lin’s finals took place yesterday, she was unable to watch the event live. She only managed to tune into the live TV broadcast, and had wanted to congratulate Hui Lin, but have yet to do so.

However, the situation was rather serious. The mature woman seated beside Hui Lin, Abbess Yun Miao, caused Lin Ruoxi to instantly hold back from smiling.

Upon knowing of Lin Zhiguo’s ‘passing’, Lin Ruoxi thought she wouldn’t interact with any member of the Lin clan ever again except Hui Lin. Moreover, after finding out a thing or two from Ning Guangyao, she had tried not to bring up the past anymore.

However, Abbess Yun Miao’s emergence had made the various scars in Lin Ruoxi’s heart surface again. Currently, she was standing by the entrance in an absent-minded manner.

Having noticed the strange atmosphere, Guo Xuehua stood up smilingly and said intimately, “Ruoxi, you’re back! Look, Madam Lin has come to visit Hui Lin. I believe you guys have met. It was Miss Christen who had brought Hui Lin home. If it wasn’t for her, the overall champion in the Star of Yu Lei could still be surrounded by paparazzi now.”

Christen who looked elegant as ever chuckled. “Since Yang Chen and Miss Lin were both absent from the finals yesterday, I decided to help take care of Hui Lin for a bit. In the meantime, I came to Miss Lin’s house to have dinner. I hope you don’t mind.”

Yang Chen had stepped into the house as well. He helplessly glanced at Christen before smilingly approaching Hui Lin and Abbess Yun Miao, saying, “It’s rare that Hui Lin’s grandmother is here. Did you come to congratulate Hui Lin after seeing it on the television?”

Since Abbess Yun Miao was merely the clan master of the Lin clan from Beijing, Yang Chen found a way to address her differently.

Yun Miao looked at Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi with a complicated gaze before saying, “I’ll be leaving soon for some business abroad. Before that, I came to visit my only granddaughter. I actually don’t pay much attention to her competition. I believe you’re aware of my displeasure of her pursuing this line of work.”

Disappointed, Hui Lin lowered her head and dared not speak a word.

Yang Chen pouted his mouth helplessly. When can this old nun learn how to speak? he thought before patting Hui Lin’s head. “Why’s your head lowered? Isn’t your grandma the only one who doesn't support you? All of us here do. Don’t you already have countless fans now?”

Hui Lin’s face heated up a little as she was touched by Yang Chen in front of so many people. She raised her head, revealing the gratitude in her eyes. Feeling rather warm at heart, she was even a little nervous.

“Ahem, ahem.” Yun Miao gave Yang Chen a furious stare. “Has anyone allowed you to touch my granddaughter’s head?!”

Yang Chen giggled. “Calm down, this child simply requires encouragement.”

“Hui Lin isn’t a child anymore!” Yun Miao said solemnly.

Yang Chen, however, ignored her and sat beside Hui Lin. “Brother Yang was a little occupied yesterday, so I merely checked went to the TV station in the afternoon. But I didn’t get to see you since you had gone out with two other participants for promotional activities. At night, I delivered dinner for your elder sister who loves to work overtime, so I missed the live broadcast of the event, and failed to cheer for you on the spot. However, I never doubted, not for a single second, that you were going to be the champion.”

Hui Lin hurriedly shook her head. Softly, she said, “It’s fine. I know that Brother Yang and Sister Lin are both really busy.”

Lin Ruoxi who had remained silent walked forward and nodded at Christen before proceeding to Hui Lin. She held her hand and patted it lightly before saying with a smile, “Elder Sister wants to congratulate you as well. I’ll be waiting for our Hui Lin to release your album and hold concerts.”

“Alright.” Hui Lin smiled cheerfully, allowing her to dismiss her sadness caused by Abbess Yun Miao.

Abbess Yun Miao held a complex gaze when she witnessed Hui Lin and Lin Ruoxi look at each other like they were legitimate sisters before sighing slightly.

“Alright, alright. The dishes will get cold if we were to continue congratulating each other non-stop. Let’s eat while we wish the future superstar the best.” Wang Ma’s face was filled with joy. After all, it was rare for the house to be this merry, not to mention something worth getting happy about had happened.

Christen was the first one to agree to the suggestion. Without hesitation, she sat beside the dining table, causing Yang Chen to feel speechless. This woman has to quickly return to America, he thought.

However, Abbess Yun Miao wasn’t planning on sitting there. “I won’t be staying here for the meal. Other than meeting Hui Lin, I came here to discuss something with Yang Chen,” she said in a cold and dull manner.

Yang Chen who was walking to the dining table suddenly stopped moving. Smiling bitterly, he said, “Hui Lin’s grandmother, do you have to pick a mealtime for the meeting?”

Abbess Yun Miao didn’t plan on letting him negotiate. She directly walked outside and said, “I’ll wait for you in the courtyard.”

Yang Chen clenched his teeth before sighing while shaking his head. He signalled the ladies to start eating before following Abbess Yun Miao outside.

The sky was completely dark at the moment. There were no stars in the grey sky on top of the city. A few white light sources shone upon some of the districts. Except the sound of the wind, the courtyard was really silent.

Abbess Yun Miao waited for Yang Chen to arrive behind. Before he opened his mouth, she said, “You’re heading to Paris in a few days, aren’t you?”

Yang Chen frowned. He didn’t expect that Yun Miao wanted to talk about that. However, he wasn’t surprised that she knew about it. After all, Yellow Flame Iron Brigade paid much attention to even the place he stayed at.

Without trying to hide anything, he nodded and said, “I have to attend the Paris Fashion Week in early April. Sigh, Ruoxi had to let me go no matter what, so I’ll act like I know fashion and go there.”

“Stop beating around the bush. Paris Fashion Week? Humph. Why would you be doing something like that? You’re attending the general assembly which I will be going too as well. Don’t think about hiding it from me,” Yun Miao said in dissatisfaction after turning around.

“General assembly?” Yang Chen was yet again confused. “What general assembly?”

Abbess Yun Miao then found out that Yang Chen was indeed clueless. Finding it hard to believe, she asked, “Are you really not going there to attend the International Special Organization Secret Meeting?” Copyright 2016 - 2024