It’s Great to Be Young

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“Are you going to tell me that you believe that Apollo is real?” Yang Chen asked after walking towards her. “Although I haven’t met him before, I don’t think there’s anyone among the gods who would waste their time on meaningless acts like this one.”

Christen chuckled. “In theory, I too feel that Apollo wouldn’t do something like that. But according to the old woman’s explanation earlier, falling meteor-like fireballs does sound a lot like his style.”

Yang Chen frowned and asked, “What do you mean?”

Christen winked in a naughty manner and said, “Apollo’s divine weapon is able to create things to a similar effect. Of course, the legitimate one will be much more destructive.”

Yang Chen was a little shocked. He didn’t expect such an answer.

“I’m naturally not unable to tell if it’s real without witnessing it for myself. But I’m not interested to make a trip to Europe; time will tell if he’s really Apollo or not. If I recall correctly, it’s almost time for the real Apollo to awaken. It’s possible for Apollo’s brain to go haywire. He used to be really unpredictable after all,” Christen said before running back to the house smilingly.

Yang Chen sighed, speechless about the woman’s carefree behavior. He wasn’t too concerned about the situation in Europe. To be honest, as long as his journey with Lin Ruoxi wasn’t affected, he wouldn’t mind if Paris was utterly destroyed after they left the city.

The remaining time before they went abroad had passed really fast. In the blink of an eye, it was April.

After the dinner that night, Hui Lin immediately rushed back to the company for the production of her new album in addition to attending various meetings and feet meetups. Naturally, she had to continue learning new singing and performing techniques.

Christen had always been unrestrained, going wherever she wanted to. She only stayed in China for so many days because Yang Chen asked for her help. She returned to America that night, allowing Yang Chen peace in his life once again.

After Lin Ruoxi tirelessly took care of the numerous matters in Zhonghai, the couple bade farewell to their family and boarded an Airbus flight to Paris, France. Yang Chen found all of these hard to describe. They merely had a marriage certificate after all, without even a wedding, let alone calling this a honeymoon. They were heading to Paris this time, the city of romance, which everyone thought might be a little strange.

Since Lin Ruoxi essentially had so much money that she had no idea what to spend on, in addition to her outstanding appearance which made it inappropriate for her to be together with ordinary people, she booked two first-class seats for the flight.

The first class for international flights was much more expensive than domestic ones, especially during peak season. Thus, the people who could afford those tickets were mostly wealthy old people with poor health conditions.

Among the ten plus first-class passengers, Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi were the youngest. The rest were all white-haired, kind-looking seniors.

Lin Ruoxi wore her black, laced off-shoulder dress instead of her working attire. The low-profile yet luxury craftsmanship in addition to her simple, matching clothing had intensified her cold and proud aura. Her fair-skinned and fragrant shoulders were exposed in the air, just like accumulated snow on top of a mountain being shone upon by sunlight, giving them a faint glow.

Her hair which was usually tied up in a bun was let loose. The silk-like, black hair spread on her shoulders. One didn’t have to stand close to her to detect her gardenia-like and alluring fragrance.

Seated beside Lin Ruoxi, Yang Chen felt the need to swallow his saliva once in a while. His wife was, without a doubt attractive, too attractive some might add. He stared at her at such a close distance, as if she was a temptation-raising drug, causing him to fall into a kind of swirl uncontrollably.

If it wasn’t for the constant coldness on Lin Ruoxi’s porcelain-carving-like, delicate face in addition to her displeased gaze, Yang Chen would’ve pounced on her and felt her up without thinking about the consequences and ignoring the people around!

Yang Chen initially thought that this long-distance flight would be boring. He had gotten married after all. With his wife present, he couldn’t flirt with the stewardesses, let alone play games with them in the toilet. However, early in the morning, Lin Ruoxi got herself dressed like the young lady of a wealthy clan, attracting his gaze since.

“Do you know that I get a strong urge to slap you hard when I look at your expression right now? Don’t you find it embarrassing?” Lin Ruoxi said calmly. She couldn’t bear with Yang Chen’s fiery gaze, not to mention his perverted look.

The air conditioner in the plane had been on all this time, causing the environment to be a little dry. Licking his dried lips, Yang Chen said smilingly, “Isn’t it only because Baben Ruoxi looks excellent? You’ve never allowed me to observe this closely. Now that the flight will take half a day, I’ll be able to watch as much as I want to.”

“Y—you’re too shameless!” Lin Ruoxi had no idea what else to say as nothing could be done to the shameless. Soon, her face flushed in anger. However, her heart was pumping incredibly fast for some reason. She was angry and pleased at the same time!

At this moment, an old Caucasian couple similarly seated in the first-class area were looking at Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi with bright smiles while speaking in French.

Although Lin Ruoxi could also speak English and a little Japanese and Spanish, she was completely clueless to French. She couldn’t help but get serious when the old couple seemed to be talking about her. Knowing that the man beside understood every language, she asked softly, “What did they say?”

Yang Chen had her gaze fixed on the vaguely covered abundance on Lin Ruoxi’s chest. After listening to her question, he replied absentmindedly, “The old woman said, ‘They’re certainly a blessed young couple.’ And the old man said, ‘I thought that the Chinese was conservative, but apparently they’re just as romantic as us French. It’s great to be young.’”


Lin Ruoxi almost lost her gentlewoman demeanor and rolled her eyes. I’m tolerant enough to not slap this pig-like fellow who is staring at my upper body. How is it that they could mistake this for romance?! she thought.

“Are you sure you’re translating it correctly? You’re exploiting the fact that I don’t understand French, aren’t you?” Lin Ruoxi asked angrily in a low voice.

Yang Chen giggled. “Am I that lame? If I really wanted to change the meaning, I would’ve said, ‘Oh the lady is so beautiful which matches the man so well. They’re a match made in heaven. The lady must be the one who has gone after the man first. Look at just how masculine the guy is. I knew that he must be the best man a woman can find.’”

“Enough!” Lin Ruoxi couldn’t take it anymore.

Yang Chen quickly shut his mouth. Raising one of his brows, he continued staring at Lin Ruoxi’s chest…

Lin Ruoxi painfully raised her left arm, revealing an out-of-production Patek Philippe women’s watch. The small, elegant watch with a seemingly simple design was as expensive as a supercar.

“It’s been less than an hour since departure…” Lin Ruoxi was distressed after looking at the time. She had a strong urge of fainting away immediately once she realized she had to stay in the plane with the man for more than ten hours…

… …

In the underground base of the Seventh Bureau located in Paris, the steel door of the main monitoring room was opened slowly. A loud clang could then be heard.

Dressed in a military uniform, Depney who had a short figure walked to the podium with an ashen look on his face. Beneath him laid a large number of monitors in addition to numerous pairs of hands swiftly typing on keyboards.

Depney swept across the area with his gaze before snapping his right hand finger.

An attendant took the elevator and arrived at the elevated podium. Respectfully nodding his head, he asked, “Chief, is there anything you need?”

“Where’s Fodessa?” Depney asked with a deep voice.

“Deputy Director went to convene with a few leaders of poweruser organizations and mercenary groups from South America and West Asia. I believe they’ll be back really soon,” the assistant answered in high regard.

Depney turned even more displeased. “Humph. He’s surprisingly free. Is welcoming foreign underworld leaders his job now?”

At this moment, the steel door of the monitoring room was opened once again. A burly man dressed in a dark blue military uniform walked toward the podium while holding an army cap in one hand. He had a rough face with moustache and blonde hair.

The man was first a little shocked when he saw Depney. He then instantly presented a standard military salute. His grey eyes were filled with resolution. “Chief, Fodessa reporting for duty.”

“Where were you?” Depney asked.

Solemnly, Fodessa answered, “I went to the hotel of the honored guests for the secret meeting this time to receive the representatives of Panther Mercenary Group and Death Ocea—”

Before Fodessa finished speaking, Depney suddenly turned around and launched a flying kick!


The average-looking Depney instantly exploded his strength. He raised his foot so fast that it brought wind, instantly striking the tall and well-built Fodessa down the ground!

Being struck on the chest, Fodessa dared not stand up to resist after falling. Kneeling on the ground, he had his head lowered in silence.

“Receiving representatives… Fodessa… your balls have grown, haven’t they?” Depney’s eyes widened to maximum while his face appeared a little twitched. “Do you know that when you were receiving representatives… I was scolded by President like a dog!!!”

Facing Depney’s scolding, Fodessa didn’t dare to move a single muscle. On the other hand, the assistant had backed off while everyone else kept quiet. They acted like they heard and saw nothing to keep their jobs.

“Fucking bastard. Do you think you’re of any significance here?! Let me tell you! Since the founding of the agency by Charles de Gaulle, which is now us the Seventh Bureau in Directorate-General for External Security, we’ve had many heroes and much glory! But you, Fodessa, will never be one of them!”

Depney rushed forward once again and kicked Fodessa on his left cheek!

Fodessa groaned and blood came out from the corners of his mouth, but continued to kneel on the ground with his head lowered.

“Fodessa, you shall remember that your ancestors have betrayed us French and joined the Nazis! Your body contains the filthy German blood! If it wasn’t for me forcefully bringing you up, you’d be no different from an ordinary special forces soldier, let alone becoming the deputy director of the Seventh Bureau!”

Fodessa shivered slightly. Blood flowed down his left cheek before falling on the cold and tough floor. With a trembling voice, he said, “I, Fodessa, will never forget Director’s kindness in my entire life.”

“Humph!” Depney squinted his eyes. His gaze which was as sharp as a knife cut through Fodessa’s body. “Good. I will not allow any problems to hinder the investigation of the source of the golden sun totem and Apollo’s real identity, and the secret organization meeting we’re holding this time. Otherwise… if and when I lose my job, how long do you think you will last?…” Copyright 2016 - 2024