White Coat and Vase

Chapter 4/8

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Park Jonghyun didn’t bother wasting his time on Yoo Yeonhee. Yoo Yeonhee was a popular superstar well known in Asia with millions of fans. With her outstanding appearance, she could easily attract any number of men she wished for anytime. However, in the eyes of Park Jonghyun, there wasn’t any nostalgia but rather a sense of disgust.

“Never do that again! I’ve told you back then that I no longer have any feelings for you,” Park Jonghyun said before trying to board on his car upon finishing his words.

Yoo Yeonhee suddenly shouted, “You’re lying to me! You’re lying! You’re just afraid that people will gossip about us! It’s impossible that you don’t love me!!!”

Park Jonghyun who was about to get into the car sneered. “Gossip? If I’m afraid, the relationship wouldn't have started in the first place. All I have to say about you is that you are an arrogant woman. You are gorgeous indeed, but I don’t need a peerless beauty. Yoo Yeonhee, my patience is limited. Don’t try to challenge my bottom line.”

“Yo—how dare you… It’s impossible! Didn’t you travel thousand of miles to China to see me?” Yoo Yeonhee squawked.

Yoo Yeonhee suddenly realised something upon finishing her words. She turned around and realized that Yang Chen was smiling at the door while enjoying the show.

She quickly realized something upon seeing him. Violently turning her head back to Park Jonghyun.

“So… this is what happened…” Yoo Yeonhee murmured before she started to laugh like a maniac. “Hahahaha! So this is what happened… Park Jonghyun…” Yoo Yeonhee laughed so hard that her body moved back and forth. At last, the smile on her face vanished when she brutally gazed upon Yang Chen before looking back at Park Jonghyun. “Your nose is surprisingly sensitive, isn’t it? But you shouldn’t feel too happy. I’m not dumb, and the others aren’t as well. Park Jonghyun, you will kneel before me one day… And when that day comes, I’ll want you to lick my feet…”

Coldness filled Park Jonghyun’s eyes. “Crazy Woman, I have no clue what you’re talking about.”

After he finished speaking, he signalled his bodyguards to get on the cars, while he sat into the Mercedes parked at the center.

Park Jonghyun then rolled down the car window and let out a courteous smile at Yang Chen. “Mr Yang, please disregard that crazy woman. I sincerely hope to gain your assistance, which I’ll surely reward greatly.”

Yang Chen snickered. “You’re welcome,” he said while waving his hand.

After Park Jonghyun and the others left, Yoo Yeonhee stared at Yang Chen disdainfully. She then smiled coldly and returned to her Maserati before driving away.

Yang Chen yawned and turned around. When he raised his head, he realized that Lin Ruoxi was silently looking at him at the entrance.

As Yang Chen approached her, he said smilingly, “Babe Ruoxi, you’ve just missed a good show. Don’t you usually love to watch Korean drama series? That was as close to real life Korean drama that you will ever get.”

“What did they say?” Lin Ruoxi asked while ignoring his joke.

Yang Chen shrugged his shoulders. “Some boring heartbreak story. Their love seemed to have turned to hatred. Stuff like this is most unpredictable.”

Lin Ruoxi nodded her head. Worry surfaced on her cold face, looking much more expressive than usual.

“I have a feeling that Park Jonghyun’s objective isn’t as simple as he makes it up to be . Also, Yoo Yeonhee has an unusual background as well. Although I haven’t made any investigations, I believe their relations go far deeper than we know. Zhenxiu’s emotions are really unstable right now. I can’t just say everything I want to her, but I’m just having a premonition,” Lin Ruoxi said gently.

Yang Chen stopped smiling. He snorted slightly and said, “It’s only weird if the matter is that simple.”

Lin Ruoxi raised her head and asked, “You noticed something unusual, didn’t you?” She only mentioned it to him so that she could get verification from Yang Chen. She knew that Yang Chen definitely knew more than he showed.

Yang Chen didn’t want to hide it from Lin Ruoxi. Honestly, he said, “I originally wanted to let them be, since they’re not anyone impressive anyway. But since Babe Ruoxi wants me to tell, I’ll just be honest with you…

“No matter how hard someone tries to convince me, I will never believe that a multinational corporate worth at least a hundred billion will be passed down to a long lost girl who has spent most of her life abroad, with little to no knowledge. Park Jonghyun may have a silver tongue, but his words are simply ridiculous.

“However, it’s also due to his perfect performance that we have no reason to stop Zhenxiu from returning to Korea. Just because Zhenxiu isn’t willing to go back now doesn’t mean she won’t in the future. Blood always runs deeper than water. I don’t doubt that Starmoon Group is indeed Zhenxiu’s home.”

Coldness flashed in Lin Ruoxi’s eyes. “Why would they do this? Are they looking for something on Zhenxiu? Hasn’t she suffered enough all these years?”

“I don’t know about this. For now, Zhenxiu seems to be extremely important to Park Jonghyun. You mentioned that he is the director of Starmoon Group, which means he has been dealing with everything that happens around the company. Being such a skillful actor, would he really tell us the true reason he’s looking for Zhenxiu?” Yang Chen shook his head with a smile. “What I am more interested in is the relationship between Park Jonghyun and Yoo Yeonhee. I don’t think Park Jonghyun would like a lady like her. Even if they have broken up, I don’t believe they have a reason to get together to begin with.”

Lin Ruoxi, however, found that matter meaningless. She rolled her eyes at Yang Chen and said, “I just felt that Zhenxiu shouldn’t leave with Park Jonghyun earlier, so I guarded her and let you send him off. When I think about it now, although I was rather discourteous, it was definitely necessary. I hope he doesn’t return to disturb Zhenxiu… But it’s unbelievable that Zhenxiu has such a high-level background.”

Yang Chen thought, Your husband’s background is much more interesting than that. However, he didn’t express what he had in mind. Yawning, he walked back to the house and said, “Dear, don’t think about it anymore. Let’s have dinner now.”

Lin Ruoxi turned around and said, “There are so many things that don’t make sense now. Are you not going to try and resolve all these issues? Zhenxiu is probably still wiping her tears upstairs. Why aren’t you going to console her? All you know is eat…”

Yang Chen scratched his ears and acted like he had heard nothing, causing Lin Ruoxi who was standing behind to clench her teeth in anger.

At the same time, the sunset shone light upon a luxury ward in a military hospital in Beijing through the huge and wide windows, causing the scene look like one from a fairy tale. However, the person inside the ward didn’t seem to be in a good mood.

The man sitting on the spacious white bed had his head wrapped in bandage while his eyes were filled with malice.

The old housekeeper standing beside him who bowed down slightly with respect was solemnly guarding the place.

The television in the room was playing political news, but its volume was set to the lowest. Evidently, no one was actually listening to it.

Suddenly, without any warning, the injured man sat on the bed took the remote control beside and threw it forcefully at the television screen!


The screen shattered following the loud collision and displayed a blurred image before completely turning off.

At this moment, the two bodyguards dressed in black standing by the entrance bowed down in respect.

Dressed in a white lab coat, a tall man who looked like a doctor appeared at the entrance.

The man wore a pair of black-framed glasses made for someone with short-sightedness. His hair extended to his shoulders while there was stubble on his untidy face. However, he didn’t lack the unrestrained aura of a man. He wore a pair of old black leather boots while his expression was stiff, as if he was a wax figure due to the absence of vitality.

When the man wearing a white coat walked inside, he witnessed the broken television but the expression on his face remained unchanged. He merely glanced at it before walking to the bed.

The man on the bed swallowed his saliva audibly while anxiety and fear filled his eyes. At last, facing the expressionless poker face, he said softly, “Elder Brother… y—you’re here.”

The man in a coat didn’t respond. Instead, he said, “You’re not dead yet.”

The man on the bed decided to stay silent and clenched his fists in anger. His body shivered, as if he was in rage, but he dared not express his anger.

The housekeeper answered, “Young Master Buwen, Second Master was beaten by the unreasonable bastard. You have to stand up for Second Master.”

The man in a coat was the young master of the Yan clan, known as a genius scientist to outsiders, named Yan Buwen.

Yan Buwen completely ignored the housekeeper. He continued gazing upon Yan Buxue like a machine. “Regardless if he’s a bastard or not, you’re not qualified to mess with someone from the Yang clan. Remember what I said.”

“Why?!” Yan Buxue yelled in anger after raising his head violently. “The old fellow Yang Gongming has long lost his power. All they have is Yang Pojun. Now that he’s involved in a scandal and his wife has left him, he’s basically powerless! Why should we, the Yan clan, fall behind the Yang clan?! Why are they qualified to be among the four major clans?! Yan Buwen, you’re seen as a god by outsiders, but are you this cowardly?!”

Yan Buwen didn’t answer him. Instead, he looked around and raised a decorative vase on the coffee table.

Crack! The vase was smashed directly on Yan Buxue’s head!

The housekeeper exclaimed in shock, but he was unable to stop him in time.

Yan Buxue was dumbstruck, as if his soul had been sucked away. All he felt was a hot stream flowing down from his head…

The bandage wrapped around his head absorbed the fresh blood and turned dark red…

“Firstly, as long as Yang Gongming is alive, the Yang clan will be one of the four major clans. Also, you should address me ‘Elder Brother’, instead of calling my name. Lastly, whether or not I’m cowardly isn’t for you to determine.” When Yan Buwen finished speaking, he let go of the remaining part of the vase in his hand, allowing it to fall on the ground.

He then realized that he had gotten a small cut from a vase fragment, causing blood to appear from the seam.

Frowning, Yan Buwen put his right hand in front of his mouth and licked the blood away before swallowing and keeping his hand back into the shirt pocket.

When he turned around to leave the room, Yan Buwen murmured, “It’s a shame really, you living that is. It might even have been a good thing for us if you had died…”

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