Sit down and Talk

Chapter 5/8

Probably due to the burning passion in him built up by Cai Yan at the training base earlier in the day, when it was almost midnight after his family members had all gone to bed, Yang Chen went to his balcony and leaped to the one at Rose’s house.

Rose who had fallen asleep suddenly felt that someone pushed open the door at the balcony which caused her to instantly wake up in surprise. When she realized it was Yang Chen, she couldn’t help but find it strange.

“Is giving me a call that difficult for you?” Rose rolled her eyes at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen giggled and sat on Rose’s bed. In the dark, she was only dressed in a thin layer of silk pajamas while her unique orchid-like body scent filled the room, mesmerizing as ever.

“Isn’t this more convenient? It wouldn’t be good if you caught a cold downstairs,” Yang Chen replied.

“Stop the nonsense. Am I really that precious to you?” Rose didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

Yang Chen stretched his arm out to feel Rose’s hair gently. “I’ll be going to Paris in a few days’ time to participate in an event. I may not be able to see you guys for quite a while, so I suggest we make the most of whatever time we have left.”

“It’s not like you’re not coming back anymore,” Rose said in an indifferent manner, “And I don’t see you often even when you’re here anyway.”

Yang Chen smacked her firm backside. “Why are you throwing a tantrum? Am I not the one who looks for you every time? I sometimes wish that you can find me at my office.”

Rose smiled sweetly, but it evidently wasn’t something she would do.

Yang Chen looked at her with a naughty gaze. “We’ll do it withLittle Qianqian. It’s been a while since we last did it together.”

As soon as he finished speaking, no matter how Rose resisted, Yang Chen carried her up and rushed out of the room.

After taking a turn at the corridor, he broke into Mo Qianni’s room. Rose who was in his arms felt nervous yet shy while repeatedly hitting Yang Chen on his chest.

Yang Chen didn’t pay attention to it at all. Laughing, he threw Rose’s body on Mo Qianni’s bed, causing her body to press on Mo Qianni.

Mo Qianni who had almost fallen asleep suddenly felt a warm and fragrant body lying on her. It took her only a second to guess who it was.

Soon, after seeing Yang Chen’s evil smile, Mo Qianni blushed immediately. She instantly understood what was going on.

“Why aren’t you in bed this late at night? All you think about is naughty things,” Mo Qianni murmured.

Yang Chen removed the restraints on his body and pounced onto the women. Lying in the middle, he hugged one woman with each arm. He could feel two lumps of flesh pressing against both sides of his chest, immediately immersing himself in the great amount of pleasure he was feeling.

He took a deep breath in indulgence. Yang Chen kissed left and right before saying, “I won’t force you two to suffer tonight. Whoever’s ready can get on me voluntarily.”

After he spoke, he waited for quite a while before realizing that both Rose and Mo Qianni were completely silent, as if they were asleep.

Yang Chen felt defeated. He couldn’t help but say, “Since you’re so uncooperative, being the leader, I have to say I’m very disappointed. It looks like punishments are in order…”

“You said you wouldn’t force us just now!” Rose said in dissatisfaction.

Yang Chen wasn’t able to think about that much. Pressing onto the woman’s body, he said, “I said that before midnight. Now that it’s after twelve already, this is considered another ‘tonight’, so what I said yesterday doesn’t count!”

All their complaints and resistance at this moment appeared futile. The rest of the night was filled with what one could only call men at their most primal state.

The next morning, Yang Chen came to the office early, feeling energized. Since An Xin was preparing to be the hostess of Star of Yu Lei, she didn’t come to work, causing Yang Chen to feel a little bored.

After watching the miscellaneous news and listening to the reports by Wang Jie and Zhao Teng, it was lunchtime already.

Yang Chen was wondering whom he should eat with, or if he was going to eat at the canteen in Yu Lei. When he was in consideration, his phone rang and vibrated.

He took his phone out and realized it was a call from Jane. That woman definitely wouldn’t call him if she was working. Since she was calling over, she must’ve had a result for Master Tang’s illness.

“My dear Yang Chen, are you free now? There’s something that I think warrants a discussion with you.” Jane’s voice sounded gentle as ever.

Yang Chen smiled and said, “Is there anything you need help with?”

Jane answered, “It wouldn’t be an issue if I was abroad. But in China, I don’t have enough manpower to protect so many targets.”

“Protect?” Yang Chen frowned. He noticed it was certainly something abnormal.

“Yeah. I encountered an assassin yesterday. Hannya saved me. I’m worried that they’ll harm the others from the Tang clan, so—”

“Wait! There was an attempt to kill you?!” Yang Chen stood up forcefully and started walking back and forth. “Don’t talk about it now. I’ll go find you at the sanatorium. We’ll talk about it later.”

“You don’t need to do this. I’m fine, really,” Jane advised hurriedly.

Yang Chen, however, heard nothing and directly hung up the call.

Although he had expected that Jane might be affected by hostility, he didn’t think that it would happen so soon and so direct. They wanted to murder Jane with no hesitation. It should be mentioned that Jane had an extraordinary status. If something were to happen to her, the country would be majorly pressured internationally. The person who dared to make such a decision was either incredibly powerful or utterly fearless.

Yang Chen found it surprising enough that the enemy managed to make a woman like Jane make a request to him. Jane had high self-esteem. She wasn’t one to ask for help in a situation she believed she could handle on her own. Judging by the situation, Yang Chen couldn’t be at ease if he didn’t visit the scene himself.

After half an hour, Yang Chen arrived at Ivy Sanatorium. Although Tang Wan wasn’t there, most of the employees managed to recognize Yang Chen, so he wasn’t stopped by anyone.

He quickly came to Master Tang’s courtyard. Jane and Hannya were both standing by the walkway. When Yang Chen approached them, they walked forward to welcome him.

“Are you harmed?” Yang Chen asked out of concern. Having known Jane for so many years, it was only natural that he was worried about her.

Jane let out a faint smile. Shaking her head, she said, “I believe you’re able to tell if I’m injured or not. Do you still have to ask? Fortunately Hannya was beside me. Although the enemy was well-trained and had technologically advanced weapons, they didn’t manage to use them.”

Yang Chen looked at Hannya who was standing behind Jane and nodded. “You did a good job. Tell me about the situation last night.”

Hannya bowed her head a little. “Yes, Master. At one o’clock before dawn, when Miss Jane was working in the laboratory, I detected the presence of 5 to 8 enemies sneaking into this building. They were most likely veterans from the special forces based on their skills. They even had the advanced equipment from the American special forces. They cooperated in an orderly manner with caution, so I don’t think they were from any international mercenary groups. I believe it’s more likely that we’re faced with a government official. Unfortunately, each of them had a self-incineration device. After they were defeated, they used that device to destroy all traces.”

“A self-incineration device?” Yang Chen frowned. “People like them are either from a religion or have a government background.”

“I don’t think these matter too much. No matter how strong they are, we need not be too worried. However, the laboratory was destroyed by a grenade after the battle. I need another lab to craft the medication.” Jane pouted as she felt displeased.

Yang Chen was a little stunned. “Craft the medicine? You have already found out of a way to cure the old man?”

Jane smiled cheerfully. “Although it’s not complete yet, I’ve thought of a recipe which could slowly deal with his illness. I’m sure, however, that it can stop the chronic poison from doing harm. I can’t tell if he’s poisoned by someone or just infected by virus yet. But I will be able to solve the problem as long as it’s a toxin.”

Yang Chen didn’t doubt her confidence. As Jane was the world’s best researcher for poison, she was undoubtedly the best in coming up with a cure as well. After all, she was the one who had contained Yang Chen’s insanity.

“Oh yeah, have you told anyone else about curing the old man?” Yang Chen asked.

Jane pondered for a short while and answer, “Miss Tang and the few of them came over yesterday. I only mentioned he could be poisoned. There were quite a number of people at the scene. I don’t remember all of them anymore.”

Yang Chen nodded. Since the enemy could plant listening devices with ease, getting an information like this one definitely wasn’t difficult. They were probably worried that Jane might be able to treat the old man, so they wanted her dead quickly.

“So when you asked for my help, you actually hoped that I could protect him?” Yang Chen asked.

“Yeah. I feel that ordinary bodyguards won’t do the job,” Jane said with a smile. “The best mercenary group in the world is under our dear Pluto, isn’t it?”

Yang Chen poked Jane’s forehead. Smiling, he said, “Maybe you should receive awards in smart talking instead. Alright, I understand it now. I’ll ask Molin to send over the remaining Sea Eagles members. There definitely won’t be any problems.”

After that, they chatted for a while before Tang Wan’s sister Tang Xin brought a few nurses to bathe the old man. Yang Chen and Jane wouldn’t look after him so closely. Thus, they headed to the dining area in the sanatorium to have lunch.

Although there was a disturbance yesterday night, Tang Wan dealt with the issues efficiently being a businesswoman. The self-destructed corpses were all brought away, so the news didn’t spread anywhere.

After lunch, Jane brought Hannya to another laboratory to continue mixing her medication, while Yang Chen planned to visit the television station to check out the audition finals of Star of Yu Lei. When he was there, he could pay Hui Lin a visit as well.

However, as soon as he exit the sanatorium, a familiar voice called out his name… “Yang Chen, are you free to sit down and talk?”

Yang Chen stopped moving. Turning around, he realized it was that person. He felt shocked for a while before blurrily nodding his head.

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