Cliché Outside the House

Chapter 3/8

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“You’re saying that you’re Zhenxiu’s cousin? The same Zhenxiu that lives under our roof?” Yang Chen asked doubtfully.

Park Jonghyun smiled bitterly. “Yeah, I’m very certain. Although I have to admit that I had no way of confirming until two days ago when I received a report. This definitely isn’t a mistake, especially after we tried so hard to search for years. Xu Zhenxiu is indeed my pitiful lost cousin.”

Yang Chen raised his head and had a look at Zhenxiu’s room.

Although the curtains were closed, Yang Chen knew that Zhenxiu was peeping outside as an incredibly small gap was revealed. She was looking at him talking to Park Jonghyun.

Yang Chen sighed and said, “I feel that this needs to be discussed in its entirety. Let’s get inside.”

Park Jonghyun quickly agreed and looked extremely grateful when he followed Yang Chen inside the house.

The huge bunch of bodyguards didn’t move the slightest at their positions which shocked Yang Chen a little. It sure seemed like Zhenxiu’s mother had an unusual family background. Employing bodyguards wasn’t exactly as cheap as hiring maids.

Both Wang Ma and Guo Xuehua were inside the house. They seemed to have felt relieved upon seeing Yang Chen. They served some tea before going into the kitchen. Evidently, they were letting Yang Chen take care of Zhenxiu’s matter.

Park Jonghyun only brought the assistant-like bodyguard inside. He sat on the sofa in the living hall before he started explaining the general situation from the beginning to end.

According to Park Jonghyun, Zhenxiu’s mother, named Park Jiyi, was the eldest daughter of Park Jonghyun’s grandfather. Back then, she got married with a Chinese man, and had lost contact with her family after running away from home.

Although he was aware that Park Jiyi had a daughter all this time, the old man had never been bothered about her due to anger until two years ago when his body conditions started worsening. He had hoped to meet this granddaughter of his given birth by his favorite daughter.

As a result, being the only grandson, Park Jonghyun started the search for his cousin sister. Using the enormous resources of the clan, he had spent more than two years before finally locating Zhenxiu.

“China is such a huge country but your family still managed to track Zhenxiu. It sure looks like you have quite the influence in society,” Yang Chen said.

Park Jonghyun seemed to have gotten a little proud. Smiling, he said, “Yeah. I wonder if Mr Yang has heard of Starmoon Group before. It’s a business empire built by our Park clan.”

“Starmoon Group? After you its director Park Jonghyun?”

The voice of a lady suddenly appeared at the entrance. Yang Chen and Park Jonghyun both turned to look there, only to find Lin Ruoxi who had just arrived at home.

After Lin Ruoxi finished speaking, she carried her handbag and sat beside Yang Chen on the sofa, ignoring Park Jonghyun’s gaze. She continued, “Then Zhenxiu’s grandfather must be the founder of Starmoon Group—President Park Juan.”

Yang Chen wasn’t surprised that Lin Ruoxi came home. Since Wang Ma informed him, it was only natural if she did so to Lin Ruoxi as well.

However, Park Jonghyun appeared to be shocked by Lin Ruoxi’s appearance. He only recovered awareness after a while. Smiling awkwardly, he said, “Yeah, my grandfather is indeed Park Juan. You must be Boss Lin from Yu Lei International. Your reputation precedes you. It’s my honor to meet you.”

Yang Chen, on the other hand, was completely unaware of Starmoon Group. He turned to Lin Ruoxi and asked out of curiosity, “Wife, is the ‘Starmoon’ something or somebody very famous?”

Lin Ruoxi frowned slightly. She wasn’t used to being called ‘Wife’ in front of outsiders, but she fortunately didn’t know how to feel shy. Helplessly, she explained, “Starmoon Group is one of the largest chaebols in Korea. President Park is a legendary businessman from Korea. Starmoon has significant market shares in both the automotive and electronics industries. At the same time, they do real estate, tourism, and various retail chains. Mr Park Juan has been shortlisted as one of the top ten wealthiest people in Asia for over a decade. It’s estimated that Starmoon Group is worth more than 100 billion US Dollars. It’s seriously an impressive family business.”

Yang Chen whistled when he realized that Zhenxiu’s grandfather was a really rich man. Although he didn’t care about money very much, he more or less had a grasp on just how much 100 billion worth of assets was.

At least, although Lin Ruoxi had so much money that it was difficult for anyone to finish spending in a few lifetimes, she was still far away from 100 billion.

“Boss Lin is indeed a business star. Although Starmoon has yielded good results, since my grandfather has always maintained a low profile, it’s not very famous internationally. I didn’t think Boss Lin would be this familiar with the company. I’m really impressed,” Park Jonghyun answered humbbly.

“You’re really amazing as well. You managed to become Starmoon Group’s director in your early twenties. It proves that you’re a qualified inheritor,” Lin Ruoxi said.

“No, no, no,” Park Jonghyun said while shaking his hands hurriedly. “I’m just helping Grandpa temporarily. I don’t plan to inherit Starmoon Group. The reason I’m so anxious about looking for Sister Zhenxiu is because it is our family’s wish that she returns to Korea and inherit the group from Grandpa.”

“What? Zhenxiu?”

This time, Lin Ruoxi who had a calm personality was a little surprised. Frowning, she said, “Zhenxiu is barely eighteen this year. Do you guys think she can successfully take over hundreds of billions of assets from Starmoon in Korea?”

“I totally understand Boss Lin’s concern, but all of us in the clan will be of her assistance. Letting Aunt’s daughter inherit Starmoon Group is Grandpa’s long-cherished wish which we intend to see through,” Park Jonghyun said before standing up and sincerely bowing down. “I hope you two could help persuade Zhenxiu to return to Korea with me. We’ll definitely make up for the suffering she has been through.”

Yang Chen opened his mouth a little in shock when he saw Park Jonghyun’s eyes turn slightly red. He didn’t know what to say.

Lin Ruoxi got quiet as well. Although she felt that everything was overly abrupt, it appeared to be true at the same time.

When the three were in silence, a sound could be heard from the stairs.

The three turned their heads to have a look, only to find Zhenxiu with swollen eyes as a result of crying.

“Cousin, I’m really your relative. Please come back to Korea with me,” Park Jonghyun said after walking forward to her, holding high expectations.

Zhenxiu’s hair was a little messy. Years of hardship had exhausted the naivety on her face. Her elegant face revealed some mature resolution. The tears on her face have washed off whatever immaturity that had been there before

“I won’t go with you. Don’t waste your time. If it wasn’t for you evil people, my mother wouldn’t have been forced to escape to China. If it wasn’t for your lack of compassion, my father’s business wouldn’t have gone bankrupt, and he wouldn’t have to abandon us… while my mother wouldn’t have died because she had lacked the funding for treatment… and I… I wouldn’t have had to go through life the way I have…” Zhenxiu spoke as she whimpered. “If your conscience still exists, please go back and never return to disturb my life again. I’m living a great life here. Brother Yang and Sister Ruoxi are my relatives, you guys… are unrelated to me.”

Park Jonghyun wanted to speak again, but was stopped by Lin Ruoxi.

“You don’t need to say anything,” Lin Ruoxi said after walking forward. Hugging Zhenxiu, she said coldly, “You guys will never know what kind of a life Zhenxiu has lived in the orphanage. I’ll be sure to treat her with care. Please leave, she’s not willing to see you guys.”

“Boss Lin, but…” Park Jonghyun wanted to speak while anxiety filled his face.

Lin Ruoxi ignored him and said to Yang Chen, “Yang Chen, are you a piece of wood?”

Yang Chen scratched his head. Her order was obvious. She wanted him to send Park Jonghyun off.

“Erm… Brother Park, there’s nothing else I can do. It’s better if you can leave now. This matter isn’t as simple as you think. She can’t just leave with you just because you want her to, can she? I believe you can tell that my wife treats Zhenxiu a lot better than she does to me. If I were you, I’d heed her suggestion,” Yang Chen murmured as he sent Park Jonghyun outside.

Park Jonghyun was nervous, but he failed to speak a word, especially when he was faced with Lin Ruoxi’s freezing-cold gaze.

After Yang Chen came outside with him and closed the door, Park Jonghyun let out a long and painful sigh. “Mr Yang, Grandpa is still waiting for me to send Cousin back to Korea. How am I supposed to report back this situation…”

“Report it like it is. President can’t just blame you for it, can he? He doesn’t expect you to tie the kid Zhenxiu up and send her back after all,” Yang Chen said and giggled.

Park Jonghyun shook his head. The furrowed brows on his face had displayed his worry.

“I too knew that this wouldn’t go so well. Zhenxiu has gone through too much after all. But… we certainly hope to bring her back,” Park Jonghyun said before raising his head. Solemnly, he continued, “Mr Yang, although I’ve failed to convince her today, I will return one day. I hope that Mr and Mrs Yang can help me persuade her. Starmoon is her real home after all.”

Yang Chen promised, “Alright, alright. No problem. I’ll definitely help you.” Damn, I can’t even deal with my own wife. Where do I find time to persuade your cousin? he thought.

Park Jonghyun looked extremely thankful. He then left the courtyard with his assistant after bidding farewell.

Yang Chen almost felt relieved, but he suddenly noticed a purple Maserati speeding towards his house. Screech! It braked violently and stopped outside, right beside the three cars parked there.

Yang Chen was wondering who the heck that was. Unexpectedly, it was one of his ‘close friends’—the Korean celebrity Yoo Yeonhee.

Yoo Yeonhee wore a pair of huge sunglasses which covered most of her fair-skinned face while her hair was let loose. She had no makeup on, probably because she was in a rush.

“Jonghyun! It’s really you!”

Yoo Yeonhee seemed to have failed to notice Yang Chen’s existence. When Park Jonghyun almost entered the car, she cried out joyfully before removing her sunglasses and running over, just like an overjoyed little bird.

On the other hand, Park Jonghyun wasn’t very pleased to have heard Yoo Yeonhee’s voice. The distress on his face soon turned to annoyance. He said, “How many times have I told you to not look for me?”

Park Jonghyun’s cold tone was the complete opposite of how he had spoken to Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi earlier.

Yoo Yeonhee appeared to have been stunned as if struck by lightning. As soon as she arrived in front of Park Jonghyun, she stood still stiffly while her beautiful large eyes soon turned watery, displaying a pitiful look… The show in front made Yang Chen who was going to return to the house stop moving. His interest was aroused. It was obvious that Park Jonghyun had something to do with Yoo Yeonhee. When Yang Chen thought about it, it actually made sense for a man from a wealthy clan to get together with a superstar. In ancient times, the guy would be the prince while the lady would be the showgirl. The show they were putting up was no different from the movie cliché in upper-class families! Copyright 2016 - 2023