I Don’t Allow You to Insult Her This Way

Chapter 9/9

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Ning Guodong returned to his high-class residential area in Zhonghai.

He sat on his lounge chair and faced a television which hung on the wall. Usually, he would watch the noon news or the replay of the morning news around this time every day.

As Ning Guodong switched through the channels, he quickly got annoyed at all that was showing. Almost all of the TV stations were playing the financial war which had taken place yesterday, with Yu Lei International and Lin Ruoxi under the spotlight.

“Damn it!”

Ning Guodong couldn’t hold in his anger anymore. He then threw the remote control toward the television!

Bam! A hole appeared in the television while the screen instantly shattered.

Ning Guodong was too lazy to clean up the mess. He stood up and walked toward the mini bar in the house in an impetuous manner. He poured a glass of vodka which he had imported from Russia before raising his head and gulping the alcohol in one go!

“Ah…” he exhaled while his eyes became watery.

The strong alcohol flowed through his throat not unlike a knife sliding across a surface, causing Ning Guodong to feel a little bit more comfortable.

At this moment, his doorbell rang.

Ning Guodong frowned. This place was a private property, which meant that only people privy to its location, like his family and staff, would be able to come. However, if either of them were to come, why wasn’t he notified beforehand?

Ning Guodong had no reason to perceive it as a dangerous situation. Ignoring the fact that no one would dare to touch him, there were bodyguards standing around the house. He then slowly walked toward the door before opening it.

Unexpectedly, the person standing outside the door was Ning Guodong’s father, Ning Guangyao!

“Father?” Ning Guodong called as he felt confused. As far as he knew, Ning Guangyao should have been on his way to Beijing to take part in the most critical moment of his election.

Why did he suddenly look for him here without saying anything beforehand?

Ning Guangyao looked at his son expressionlessly. “Won’t you invite me in?”

“Oh… of course, of course.” Ning Guodong felt that something was wrong, but still immediately invited his father in.

Ning Guangyao wasn’t just his father. He was the master of the Ning clan and the premier of China, not to mention he was the only one whom Ning Guodong was afraid of since young…

Ning Guangyao had his people wait outside and walked into the room alone. Ning Guodong then shut the door after his father had entered.

The house had incredibly good security. So much so that it was even made soundproof.

Ning Guangyao walked to the living hall and frowned when he saw the broken television, but chose to remain silent, and instead looked at the decorations around.

Ning Guodong felt cold and anxious. He thought his that father would question on the broken television. It wasn’t logical for his father to keep quiet. However, he had never been able to understand his father’s intentions from the beginning anyway.

“How much did you spend on this house?” Ning Guangyao suddenly asked.

Ning Guodong was stunned. His expression turned terrible. At last, he clenched his teeth and said, “I didn’t spend any. It’s given by a real estate agency.”

Ning Guangyao nodded his head as he didn’t look surprised. “You’ve received quite a lot of gifts like this, haven’t you?”

Ning Guodong found it strange that his father didn’t get mad. He said, “Not particularly.... Father, I’m not brainless. I am not one to meddle in things I have no business in.”

“Really…” Ning Guangyao turned his head over while his eyes looked weird. “Enlighten me then. What are things that you are and are not allowed to meddle in?”

Ning Guodong was astonished. He didn’t dare to look into his father’s eyes at all. A shapeless pressure had unstoppably expanded inside his heart.

“I certainly won’t harm the country, nor will I do anything that can damage the Ning clan’s reputation,” Ning Guodong said before clenching his teeth.

Ning Guangyao asked yet again, “Have your actions reflected on your words?”

“I…” Ning Guodong thought for a while. “Making mistakes is inevitable. But Father, I believe I haven’t done anything major. You should be aware that I haven’t received any complaints in my department before.”

“Whether or not you’ve done great doesn’t depend on someone else’s words. Good or evil highly depends on the heart,” Ning Guangyao said gloomily. “Initially, I had always prided myself in being a successful father. Although you’re not particularly talented or bright, you were always my rational and obedient son. In this world, if one wants to lead, it is most important that they be led first.

“In the past, you used to be humbly under my lead. That was nothing to be embarrassed about. I actually favoured that quality. Other clans would get jealous that they lacked a grandson like you. But… Guodong, why...why choose now to refuse to listen to my command?”

Ning Guodong felt a chill up his spine. He forced a smile and said, “Father I don’t know… what you’re referring to. Is there a misunderstanding between us?”


Ning Guangyao suddenly found the whole situation comical. He snorted coldly before asking, “How long are you planning on hiding it from me? How senseless have you become?!”

Ning Guodong was dumbstruck while he was deeply confused.

Ning Guangyao turned around, facing his back at his son. He sighed, “Has anyone given you permission to send something like that to all media channels in the country…”

Ning Guodong felt his legs shiver. He swallowed his saliva audibly as he failed to come up with an explanation.

“Silence is not the answer to your problems, let me assure you of that. Do you think doing so will uncover everything?” Ning Guangyao turned back and stared right into his son’s eyes. “Guodong, in your heart, as the grandson of the Ning clan, is this shameless act how one is supposed to go after their other half?! To do harm! To destroy! To go after a married woman for the sake of revenge?!”

Ning Guodong forcefully raised his head as he thought of something. “Father! You’re monitoring me?!” he yelled as he lost his voice.

Ning Guodong quickly realized he had never told his father about everything from meeting Zeng Mao and looking for Lin Ruoxi. The people around him wouldn’t dare to report about him as well. The best possible explanation was that Ning Guangyao had sent someone to closely monitor him!

Suddenly, Ning Guodong noticed he knew nothing about his father. He didn’t expect his optimistic and righteous father who was as transparent as glass to do something so shady. He even monitored his own son!

“So what if that’s the case? If you really managed to succeed this time, do you still expect me to clean up your mess for you? Wipe your butt for you?!” Ning Guangyao was filled with the blaze of anger.

Ning Guodong started panting. Using a deep and hoarse voice, he asked, “Father… I’ve been wondering all this time, why… why do you care so much about that woman?! So what if she’s the CEO of a multinational corporate?! She’s nothing but a bastard given birth by a bitch and a wild man!”

“Shut up! I will not allow you to insult her in that way!” Ning Guangyao shouted furiously.

“Isn’t this the case?!” Ning Guodong yelled back as if he had gone insane. “Father! I’m your biological son! Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve never dared to disobey your will! I would always ace every exam you threw at me! You wanted me to enter Peking University, so I worked hard for it! When you wanted me to enter a certain department, I spent much time and effort to obtain that position by my own merit! You raised my workload every year, and even constrained me for the number of times seeing the seniors in the clan! I have never complained about anything. I have never gotten mad! That’s because I know you’re planning to let me inherit everything in the clan!

“However, today, all I wanted to do was to look for a woman that I could spend the rest of my life with. Is this small request too much?! So what if Lin Ruoxi is married? So what if she’s a CEO?! She didn’t even have a wedding for her marriage. What’s the difference with her being unmarried this way?! In this society, is snatching a woman from another man really that wrong?! In a society where having more than one lover is common practice, I, Ning Guodong, only asks for one woman. Is this really too much?!”

“Silence!!! I… Never in my life have I expected you to say such a thing. Kneel before me!” Ning Guodong yelled, enraged, while his body started trembling.

The corners of Ning Guodong’s lips twitched, but he still kneeled down. Raising his head, he said loudly, “I can kneel, but this is because you’re my father and you’re the highest-ranked official in the Chinese government. It isn’t because I’m at fault! I merely used means which reflected her identity in order to accomplish this!

“As long as the medical record is exposed, Lin Ruoxi would be seen as a bastard. Her inheritance of Yu Lei International would be denied! She and the dead slut had gotten everything through lies! The society will think she’s shameless, and she has caused Lin Kun’s and her grandmother’s deaths to rob everything! At that moment, I will make her my woman and no one will be the wiser! Isn’t that the truth?!”


Ning Guangyao rushed over and directly slapped Ning Guodong on his face.

Ning Guangyao’s eyes turned bloodshot. Using a deep voice, he warned, “Let this be known to you… even if you end up single for the rest of your life, Lin Ruoxi is the one person even your pinkie has no right to touch! Also, if you dare to call Lin Ruoxi a bastard, and insult her late mother, I will fucking shoot you by my hand and send you to death’s door right here, right now!!!”

Ning Guodong had never heard his father swear before. Dumbstruck and stunned, he touched the side of his face which was slapped earlier, before his vision turned black...

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