No Wonder

Chapter 8/9

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Having walked out of the office, Lin Ruoxi was still emotionless, but her footsteps, heavy in their movement, said otherwise, causing her to lose her usual sharp aura in the company.

Employees passed by Lin Ruoxi and Yang Chen occasionally. Having been pressured in the past, they didn’t dare to raise their heads, but only greeted her in a simple manner before leaving as quick as possible, so they didn’t manage to notice anything abnormal.

Yang Chen walked behind her, knowing that there was nothing he could say. He just followed her all the way to the carpark and came to the place where Lin Ruoxi had parked her car.

Lin Ruoxi reached into her shirt pocket for a while, and seemed to notice that she had touched the wrong pocket. She then reached out to another pocket on her shirt to take out her Bentley key.

However, Lin Ruoxi’s hands were still slightly shivering, which showed the turmoil that was brewing in her heart.

She fumbled with the key for awhile before finally pressing on the door lock.

When Lin Ruoxi stretched her arm out to the door, Yang Chen couldn’t bear to stand aside and watch any longer. He approached her and grabbed her hand.

Lin Ruoxi silently turned her head to look at Yang Chen, lifeless.

“Don’t drive. Based on your current condition, driving is no different from courting death,” Yang Chen said seriously.

Lin Ruoxi ignored him, and used her other arm to open the door.

“Can you hear me?! I’m speaking to you!”

Yang Chen moved Lin Ruoxi away from the car and held her shoulders with both his arms before forcefully shaking her soft body.

Lin Ruoxi was swayed so hard that her head moved back and forth, but she still hadn’t made a sound, just like a soulless puppet being controlled.

Yang Chen felt gloomy, as he had noticed the lifelessness in her eyes!

All this pointed to the fact that she had no regard for her life any longer!

Having been extremely introverted in the past, Lin Ruoxi hadn’t actually spoken her heart out before. Thus, no matter what suffering she was going through, she would silently keep it to herself. All she could do was suppress instead of express.

Currently, Lin Ruoxi was at the edge of collapse. She was repressed by her tough and even twisted mental barriers.

“I won’t let you do anything foolish.” Resolution flowed in Yang Chen’s eyes.

Before Lin Ruoxi reached to her car again, Yang Chen struck her on her neck from behind to knock her out, causing her to fall into his arms.

Yang Chen made sure no one was around before he lifted Lin Ruoxi up and walked to his car before putting her on the back seat.

Lin Ruoxi appeared calm and peaceful, as if she was a sparkling, clear lake, looking extremely enticing and attractive. However, Yang Chen knew that it was an entire different story once she woke up.

Around a minute later, Yang Chen drove his car and headed home.

… …

After Yang Chen brought Lin Ruoxi away for a short while, Ning Guodong’s driver picked him up before driving him home.

Ning Guodong looked like he would explode at any moment, thus causing his assistant sitting beside the driver to be more cautious about his actions. There was no way he could afford to make mistakes now.

At this moment, Ning Guodong passed a folder to the front. “Pass this thing to every influential news media to publish. Make it as large as possible.

The assistant received the folder and took the document inside out. When he read a few key words, his face instantly turned pale.

“Young Master… Young Master… it can’t be wise to publish this, can it? Yu Lei International is now a multinational corporate that our country pays attention to… It can be said that Lin Ruoxi is standing under the spotlight… This might… this…”

“Do you want to get fired?!” Ning Guodong yelled violently. “Fucking listen to me! Do whatever the fuck I tell you to! Can’t you see i’m in a bad fucking mood? Do you think I’m brainless or you’re a lot smarter?! Even without Lin Ruoxi, her position in Yu Lei will be replaced and the company will still continue its operations. I want Lin Ruoxi to face death in the worst possible way. I want her to regret thinking that she’s a goddess above everyone else! She’s nothing but a bastard given birth by a wild man and a bitch!

“She should consider it her blessing that I am still willing to play with her body! Now, she only deserves to kneel before me and lick my feet!”

The assistant exuded cold sweat on his forehead as he nodded anxiously.

“If you don’t dare to do it…” Ning Guodong said really softly. “You should really just jump from this car right now.”

The assistant would’ve kneeled in front of Ning Guodong if he wasn’t in the car. Nervously, he stammered, “I—I’ll do it! Young Master, calm down…”

Ning Guodong leaned on his seat and shut his eyes quietly. It could be seen from the corners of his lips that he was smiling coldly.

However, Ning Guodong didn’t notice that his middle-aged driver was frowning his brows in contemplation…

… …

Yang Chen reached home really quickly after speeding on the road. He carried Lin Ruoxi’s body and entered the house.

Zhenxiu had classes to attend so she wasn’t at home at the moment. However, Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma were watching the television. They were surprised to see Yang Chen rush inside like this.

“Young Master! What happened to Miss?!”

“Yang Chen, what happened to Ruoxi?”

Worried, they followed Yang Chen upstairs. He told them that Lin Ruoxi merely fainted, so they felt a little relieved, but regardless, they were still concerned as to why.

Yang Chen couldn’t provide a comprehensive explanation in such a short time. He carried Lin Ruoxi into her room and placed her on her bed carefully.

Wang Ma removed her outercoat and heels in a caring manner before asking, “Young Master, please ease our worry. Quickly tell us why Miss had fainted?”

“I knocked her out,” Yang Chen sighed.

This time, the two revealed astonishment on their faces as they gazed upon Yang Chen doubtfully.

Yang Chen remained quiet for a bit. When Lin Ruoxi was in this situation, there was no way that he could hide it from his family. Thus, he explained everything from going to the company to meeting Ning Guodong and seeing the medical report.

At last, Yang Chen noticed that they looked immensely unnatural.

Yang Chen quickly noticed that Wang Ma had been working in this house since the Old CEO’s generation, so she naturally was aware about a lot of things, past and present! On the other hand, Guo Xuehua was a close friend of Lin Ruoxi’s mother Xue Zijing. It could be seen that they used to be extraordinarily close from the photos in the album.

They’ve been aware of the truth all this time, haven’t they?!

When he noticed the sorrow and agony in Wang Ma’s eyes, he was sure that Wang Ma knew that Lin Ruoxi wasn’t Lin Kun’s daughter! It was possible for her to know who her real father was!

He then noticed the sympathetic look on Guo Xuehua’s face. Although Yang Chen didn’t understand the reason, he was sure that Guo Xuehua was privy to certain parts of this secret.

Yang Chen looked at the two seniors who were deep in contemplation, before gazing upon his unconscious wife, he couldn’t help but feel a headache on the horizon…

He initially thought of how miserable his life was, but he didn’t expect Lin Ruoxi’s origin to be more ridiculous than his. There were even lots of interconnected secrets…

Was their meeting and their marriage both jokes played by the heavens?

“You guys… know something, don’t you?” Yang Chen looked at Wang Ma and Guo Xuehua in an indifferent manner.

Wang Ma sighed deeply as she looked at Lin Ruoxi on the bed. Shaking her head, she said, “Young Master, you must’ve found out about it already. I’m indeed aware about this… but I thought… I would never have to reveal anything for the remainder of my life… That’s right, Master Kun wasn’t Miss’s real father. Master Kun had been born with a condition which made him sterile.”

Yang Chen knew that this was the case. Actually, in the beginning, Yang Chen was wondering why Lin Kun didn’t have other children since he had spent basically all his money on women, and why wouldn’t he give birth to another child if he hated Lin Ruoxi so much?

When Yang Chen thought about it, he realized that it wasn’t because Lin Kun didn’t want one, but he couldn’t get one at all!

Lin Kun might not have loved to play with women so crazily, but he was trying to prove that he was a real man through these methods. However… all he could become was an ineffective half-eunuch!

This could very much explain why Lin Kun had such a failed marriage although Xue Zijing was his jade-like wife.

Lin Kun knew that it was impossible for him to get children, but Xue Zijing somehow managed to conceive a child, Lin Ruoxi. This was a huge slap on Lin Kun’s face!

Yang Chen was confused about why the Old CEO, Lin Kun’s mother, chose to raise Lin Ruoxi attentively instead of stopping her from being born, knowing that she was the child of her daughter-in-law and someone else. Moreover, she had even passed the empire she created to Lin Ruoxi in her early days instead of her own son Lin Kun!

At the same time, why didn’t Lin Kun tell the truth? It it must have been him trying to protect his pride as a man. Was it because he didn’t want to sacrifice his man’s pride to tell others that he was incapable, or was there another reason?!

There were too many questions, causing Yang Chen to feel perplexed.

“Wang Ma…”

Suddenly, Lin Ruoxi opened her eyes on the bed. Her eyes were filled with tears. Slowly, Lin Ruoxi pushed herself up and sat on the bed, staring at Wang Ma with her glittering eyes.

“Wang Ma, why? Why only tell me now when it’s too late? Do you know how cruel it is to keep something like that from me…”

“Miss… I…” Wang Ma was in a difficult position. She felt that there was no good reason she could give Lin Ruoxi. Thus, she stood there with her mouth half-open while she failed to speak a single word.

Lin Ruoxi smiled in a pitiful manner, as if she was a falling lily, appearing incredibly heartbroken.

“No wonder… that man had hated me since I was young. He had never been willing to hug me or treat me well. He had always found Mom so unpleasant, and looked for women outside while enjoying alcohol… No wonder he would never accept me as his daughter no matter what I did for him, how I treated him… No wonder he didn’t mind beating me so mercilessly and scold me… He didn’t even mind kidnapping and killing me…”

As LIn Ruoxi spoke, tears which looked like a broken string fell onto the bed sheet.

“I had been wondering why a father like him existed… No parents in the world would disregard the deaths of their children… So I had been wrong from the start. Since the beginning, I have never been his daughter. In his eyes, I was just a bastard given birth by his wife and another man… It was his shame of being sterile…

“He definitely had a reason to hate me. I had indeed snatched Yu Lei away which was supposed to belong to him. I even tortured him by staying in his vision for more than ten years after that…

“I should considered it a blessing that he had not tried to choke me to death when I was young…

“Am I right, Wang Ma?”

Lin Ruoxi raised her head. Her eyes looked like a lake while her face looked like the frost which formed in the lake. Her flower-like smile seemed like a flower in the mirror, or a moon in the water. Fragile and brittle, she would shatter should someone lay their hands on her. Copyright 2016 - 2024