True or False

Chapter 1/9

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Inside the old villa of the Lin clan, the atmosphere was thick with palpable pressure, causing the four people to look a little gloomy.

Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi sat on a sofa, while Wang Ma and Guo Xuehua were seated opposite them. The tea on the table had already been cold for sometime, but no one wanted to reheat the water since they had the common consensus that it wasn’t the right time to drink.

Following Wang Ma’s narration, Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi slowly understood some of the mysteries as they were unraveled before them.

Back then, being the lover of Lin Zhiguo, Old CEO gave birth to Lin Kun. To protect herself and her son Lin Kun from being oppressed by the wife Abbess Yun Miao, she spent most of her time and effort into growing Yu Lei International.

Of course, Lin Zhiguo had also assisted them wherever possible. He wouldn’t leave his son Lin Kun to fend for himself.

However, Old CEO concealed the fact that Lin Kun had a disability. He was born without seminal vesicles. Although this had no effect on the usual relationship between a married couple, it only meant that a child was out of the question.

Old CEO wasn’t foolish. She knew that if she wanted her own son to live safely and peacefully, and have the food and shelter he needed for the rest of his life, she certainly couldn’t allow Yu Lei to collapse. She couldn’t let Lin Zhiguo know that he had a ‘crippled’ son.

Major and wealthy clans were all afraid of having no descendents.

The Lin clan had very few children, so Lin Zhiguo highly valued this son of his although it was given birth to by a lover. If he knew that Lin Kun was a ‘chicken which couldn’t lay eggs’, he would give Lin Kun much less care than Lin Kun needed.

Having been betrayed by Lin Zhiguo, Old CEO took advantage on the influence on the Lin clan to stabilize and develop Yu Lei International.

Due to Old CEO’s resolute personality, she had kept her heart cold, and treated Lin Zhiguo good on some occasions and bad in others, leaving him hanging, causing him to feel sympathy for her and her son. Hence, Old CEO managed to expand Yu Lei and in turn, earn Yu Lei it’s great name. Notwithstanding the fact that she wasn’t kicked out by Abbess Yun Miao who had recently married Lin Zhiguo at that time.

As time passed and Lin Kun slowly grew up, he soon noticed the difference between him and other men. He knew that he wasn’t considered a ‘true man’. However, Old CEO told him strictly to keep it a secret.

In fact, even if Old CEO hadn’t ordered him to do so, Lin Kun wasn’t foolish enough to publicly announce his infertility.

Being obsessed with women, it was incredibly disgraceful that he couldn’t have his own child. There was no way he was going to allow anyone to know about his condition!

Thus, his intention coincidentally fit Old CEO’s objective. When Lin Kun was nearing the age of getting married, Old CEO managed to get Xue Zijing from Beijing to Zhonghai to become her daughter-in-law. At that time, Xue Zijing was alone in the country after the entire Xue clan left…

As she spoke, Wang Ma sighed deeply. “At that time, I had only just begun to work in this house. I only found out about all of these right before the death of Old CEO. However, she didn’t tell me why she had picked Madam Xue to marry Young Master Kun. All I know is Madam Xue used to live a miserable life. She got boycotted by numerous people in Beijing. When Old CEO offered her help, she agreed to marry Young Master Kun.

“However, both of them were aware of the predicament the other was in. With no feelings between them, their marriage was merely for show. Although Young Master Kun slept in the same room with Madam Xue once in a while, they barely talked.

“Until one day… Madam suddenly got pregnant…”

… …

The pregnancy of the madam from the Lin clan was something worth celebrating to a lot of people. Although Lin Kun was wild, once the Lin clan had a descendent, to the employees of Yu Lei International and a lot of other people, it meant that Yu Lei International had an inheritor, a successor to continue their legacy.

But only the people inside the house knew what it meant—Xue Zijing had an affair with another man!

… …

“If I have to describe Madam, I would say… she was a strange woman,” Wang Ma said while frowning her brows. “She appeared to be indifferent about everything. Even when she bore someone else’s child, she still lived at home and went about her daily routine. She would do some reading, flower some plants, drink some tea, and sit by the balcony to enjoy the sunlight, as if everything was normal.

“At that time, I remember that Old Madam had been in a bad mood for a short while, but one day she chatted with Madam in her room for a long, long time. After that, Old CEO didn’t seem to mind that Madam had someone else’s child anymore. She even warned Young Master Kun to stay away from Madam and her child in front of me… Evidently, she wanted to protect Madam and the child within her.

“I believe Old Madam must’ve had an important discussion with Madam at that night. But… until now, what they talked about is beyond me. But whatever it was, it was the reason that Old Madam stopped opposing Madam from giving birth to the child.”

Wang Ma turned her gaze to Lin Ruoxi who looked dreary. She sighed, “At that time… Miss was still inside Madam’s stomach, but now you’re already married. Miss… you have no idea how pleased I am at the events that have transpired in your life…”

Lin Ruoxi remained quiet, but it was obvious that her face was ice-cold.

“After that, Madam gave birth to Miss.” Wang Ma continued narrating the story. “I still remember Old Madam’s smile at that time. It was the time where Old Madam looked the happiest. She held Miss in her arms, without hesitation, she said, ‘You’ll be called Ruoxi in the future then’, as if she had read that name aloud countless times, she spoke it with a sense of calmness and fluidity that had to come from practice.

“However, Young Master Kun seldom came home after that. He knew that Miss wasn’t his child, but Old Madam had asked him to not do anything reckless. All he could do at that time was hide outside which had made me suffer in my heart. I know that Old Madam was actually trying to protect Young Master Kun, but their mother-and-son relationship soon became terrible.”

Yang Chen didn’t feel good as well when he listened to the story. He seemed to be able to understand why his late ‘father-in-law’ Lin Kun would behave that way.

Knowing that he was a half ‘eunuch’ since young, while he was born in a major clan, being surrounded by women, all he could do at the end of the day was live life as an actor.

Thus, Lin Kun had kept the secret in his heart all this time, afraid that others would find out one day. Anyone, even those with the strongest willpower, would face insanity from having to keep such a secret.

After that, his legal wife even started bearing someone else’s child, while his mom insisted on protecting the woman and the child inside her. He was not even given a reason. Lin Kun was just asked to keep his mouth shut. Every last bit of his pride had been completely stepped on!

Lin Kun found it more absurd that Old CEO passed Yu Lei International to a young girl whom she had no relations with…

The series of negative events was more than enough to make Lin Kun behave the way he had. He wasn’t humane anymore. He was now acting in an irrational state of mind.

… …

Lin Ruoxi suddenly opened her mouth to ask, “Wang Ma… since Grandma had done so much just to let that person live a worry-free life, why did she still pass Yu Lei International to me… Didn’t she know how much he would hate me this way…”

Wang Ma smiled bitterly. “Miss, do you think Young Master Kun… has the capabilities to manage the company well? Or rather… could he operate the family business at the very least to save it from it’s collapse?”

Lin Ruoxi remained silent. It was indeed difficult. Ignoring the fact that Lin Kun already had a twisted personality, his competence was far inferior to hers. Lin Kun had lived an extravagant life for the most part, and to which, he had failed to pick up any sort of business acumen at all.

“Miss, actually, I only managed to understand Old Madam’s hard work after all this had taken place,” Wang Ma sighed. “When Miss was still really young, Old Madam had started raising you as an inheritor. Old Madam treated you better than how a lot of other people treated their own grandchildren, even though you weren’t her biological granddaughter. She had hoped that one day, you would come to love your family and accept a father like Young Master Kun. Old Madam had searched everywhere and managed to find Miss Mo Qianni. At that time, she was a girl from Sichuan Province. Old Madam saw her potential, and supported her education. She then allowed her to join the company before you had even set foot into that place, so that Miss Mo could be your assistant after you inherited the position… Everything had been planned by Old Madam from the start.

“Old Madam even used her relationship with Lin Zhiguo to let you get close to the Cai clan. All this was done in hopes that one day it may protect Miss and Yu Lei…”

“Wang Ma… are you saying Grandma had been using me… to protect her own son…” Lin Ruoxi asked while bitterness filled the corners of her lips.

Wang Ma shook her head. Sincerely, she said, “Miss, the blood relation could be faked, but could the love be faked as well? Miss, you had lived with Old Madam for more than twenty years. Even a fool could tell that her fondness for you was legitamate”

Lin Ruoxi’s body shivered slightly. Raising her head, she looked at the oil painting of the kind-looking old woman as she murmured something.

Currently, Guo Xuehua who had remained silent to listen to Wang Ma’s narration suddenly said, “Perhaps… I know the conversation between Zijing and Old CEO…”

Not only did Wang Ma get curious, even Yang Chen and the absent-minded Lin Ruoxi turned to look over there. Evidently, Guo Xuehua sounded like she indeed knew something.

Guo Xuehua looked like she was struggling a little. At last, she shook her head and sighed. “I initially felt it was inappropriate to say it. But Ruoxi is now my daughter-in-law, I feel that there’s no reason for me to hide this anymore.”

Guo Xuehua turned her gaze to Lin Ruoxi. “Ruoxi, I feel that the reason your grandma hoped for you to be born and even pushed for you to become CEO of Yu Lei, is not just because she could confuse General Lin Zhiguo into giving you guys more care as you were his granddaughter. The other reason could be… your biological father was more competent to take care of Yu Lei International, and protect you and Lin Kun…”

As Guo Xuehua spoke, the picture in the album which she had seen earlier suddenly flashed in Lin Ruoxi’s mind. The man in the picture had almost given her a conclusion in that instant!

Lin Ruoxi paled while terror and astonished filled her eyes, causing her to panic.

Guo Xuehua noticed her reaction and asked, “Ruoxi… what happened?”

Yang Chen held Lin Ruoxi’s shoulder, letting her shivering body lean on his body. He then turned to Guo Xuehua and said helplessly, “Mom, Ruoxi’s biological father that you just mentioned, isn’t Premier Ning, is he…”

This time, Guo Xuehua’s expression was brilliant. She had her mouth half-opened while shock filled her eyes. The answer to that question didn’t have to be said. Her expression had said enough. Copyright 2016 - 2023