Candyman and Big Mouth

Chapter 4/9

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Not unlike being electrocuted, Hui Lin hurriedly dashed aside when she saw the man who had suddenly entered. She frowned her brows when she felt the guy looked rather familiar.

Tang Jue walked toward Yang Chen as he chuckled. Carefully glancing at Hui Lin, he felt impressed and spoke with a softer voice, “Brother-In-Law, don’t worry. I definitely won’t tell Elder Sister about this. It’s normal for men to have a few wives and lovers. Ignore me for a bit, a few of my people have multiple women as their lovers.”

“I don’t really care if you tell your elder sister or not, but you shouldn’t make things up.” Yang Chen felt that he was destined to suffer today. Christen had come to his house to make a huge mess, and now the big mouth Tang Jue suddenly appeared.

“Hehe, I promise I won’t.” Tang Jue still failed to understand what Yang Chen meant. Slapping his own chest, he said, “Men have to be loyal to their brothers. I’m one of the ‘Beijing King Trio’, why can’t I keep such a small promise? In this world, there are no men who are faithful, only the ones who are incapable. Am I right, Brother-In-Law?”

Looking at the foolishly grinning Tang Jue, Yang Chen really couldn’t understand why the intelligent Tang Wan had this poor sap for a brother.

Regarding the ‘Beijing King Trio’ he mentioned, Yang Chen was more astonished. Is China in such desperate times that such a fellow can be titled ‘king’ nowadays?

“Ah, I know who you are now!” Hui Lin said suddenly while her face had reddened. “You are the ‘Candyman’ Tang Jue!”

Tang Jue’s expression turned terrible. He seriously examined Hui Lin from top to bottom, but still failed to identify her.

“You don’t know me for sure, but I’ve seen you once before.” Hui Lin seemed to have thought of something funny. She walked to Yang Chen’s side and said, “Brother Yang, why do you know him, and why is he calling you ‘Brother-In-Law’? Isn’t his elder sister Miss Tang Wan?”

Yang Chen felt rather guilty when he noticed the teasing look in Hui Lin’s eyes. Even a person this naive was sure that his relationship with Tang Wan was intimate.

“Ahem, ahem.” Yang Chen didn’t plan to talk about Tang Wan. Thus, he put on an act to ask, “What does ‘Candyman’ mean?”

Tang Jue looked rather worried. He winked at Hui Lin to signal her. A signal to ask her to keep her mouth shut.

However, why would Hui Lin listen to him? She opened her mouth and revealed, “That’s because although this fellow is the seemingly powerful young master of the Tang clan, all he does is cause trouble outside. Whenever he faces someone stronger than him, he’ll call for help and immediately break down, just like a small figure made of candy which would melt with a little bit of heat applied to it. Coincidentally, his surname is Tang, so everyone eventually started calling him Candyman.”

[TL note: Candy (糖) and Tang (唐) are pronounced exactly the same way: táng]

Tang Jue immediately turned embarrassed. He let out an embarrassed smile but didn’t dare to express his anger. He wasn’t a complete fool. He knew that Hui Lin mustn’t be an ordinary person, not to mention he didn’t dare to piss Yang Chen off.

“Also,” Hui Lin said happily. Giggling, she said, “The two most gifted people of the new generation are called ‘Beijing King Duo’, the ‘King Trio’ was made up by Tang Jue as he wants to forcefully include himself in the list. Except himself, no one refers to him in that way.”

Tang Jue couldn’t hold himself back anymore now that his secrets were all exposed. “ Beautiful lady, we have nothing against each other. Please let this humble one go…”

“Humph.” Hui Lin turned her head away. It was a way of saying that she promised to not talk about his ‘achievements’ anymore.

Yang Chen knew a thing or two about Tang Jue, so he wasn’t too surprised. He asked, “Why are you here? I don’t remember inviting you over.”

Tang Jue stopped smiling and looked incredibly serious. “Brother-In-Law, there’s something I need to verify with you.”

Yang Chen was rather curious. He didn’t seem to have anything to do with Tang Jue in the past.

“Actually, I’m asking on behalf of my elder sister and the Tang clan,” Tang Jue said before waving behind.

A guy who looked like Tang Jue’s assistant walked over and passed him a newspaper before going back to his original position behind.

Tang Jue opened the newspaper and delivered it to Yang Chen. Softly, he asked, “Brother-In-Law… you’re not the one who did this, are you?”

Yang Chen briefly read through the title in the huge article, and was instantly shocked.

The title of the was ‘Annihilation of the Qi clan!’

The Qi clan was where Qi Kai, Liu Mingyu’s ex-boyfriend, also the one who had had two bad interactions with Yang Chen before, was from.

Being a clan attached to the Tang clan, the Qi clan wasn’t very large nor was it small. It was still however, a rather influential clan in the south.

However, later that night a day before yesterday, all the higher-ranked members were wiped out! The criminals used heavy firearms and knives to kill. Their style was quick and neat. The police instantly identified that this case was done by experts.

Moreover, this murder crime was obviously on a motive to take revenge. Thus, the police had been tightly monitoring the few clans which were related to the Qi clan.

However, such an occurrence would damage the society’s peace in the country. Thus, the police had tried their best to minimize the media coverage, which was the reason it wasn’t reported in the TV or radio stations. It was only published on a small-scale newspaper company.

“Your sister thinks i’m the one behind all this?” Yang Chen asked.

Tang Jue smiled as he was in a difficult situation. “Elder Sister is too embarrassed to ask you personally, but… I guess you could say that. But, Brother-In-Law, my sister isn’t angry or something. She’s just worried that if it is, she can help by defending you. This can’t be considered an insignificant manner after all.”

Yang Chen replied, “Firstly, I’m not the one who did it. I too have no idea why Qi Kai’s clan was obliterated. Judging by his cocky behavior, I don’t think his family could have done any better though. It’s not surprising for them to have enemies. Secondly, even if I’m really the culprit, tell your sister that she doesn’t need to involve herself with situations like this.”

“Brother-In-Law, calm down. It really isn’t what my sister meant,” Tang Jue said hurriedly with a smile.

In fact, Yang Chen was unhappy that Tang Wan wasn’t talking to him personally. She was worried about him, but was afraid of being blamed, so she asked Tang Jue to come over instead.

“Don’t worry. Instead of worrying if I’m angry or not, ask your sister to focus her efforts on finding out who the real killer is. This matter is a slap in the face for the Tang clan, isn’t it?” Yang Chen asked.

Tang Jue clapped his hand furiously. “I know right! God damn this is ridiculous. They have gone way overboard, even the seven-to-eight-year-olds weren’t spared. Every single clan member had died. Qi Kai was the most unfortunate one. I heard that his body was chopped into a few pieces! Brother-In-Law, who do you think can be this cruel? This is no different from a horror movie!”

Yang Chen shrugged his shoulders. “How should I know? Since they dared to have gone against them , the culprit either doesn’t plan to live anymore or they’re fearless. No matter what, Qi Kai died for nothing, and your Tang clan better start getting busy.”

Tang Jue furrowed his brows further as he fell into contemplation after listening to Yang Chen’s analysis. He even couldn’t be bothered to say goodbye when Yang Chen brought Hui Lin out of the recording studio.

After half an hour, Yang Chen arrived at home with Hui Lin. Surprisingly, there was a white BMW Z4 parked outside the house, which had given Yang Chen a premonition. He didn’t think Lin Ruoxi had this car in the garage. They had a guest.

Hui Lin’s face was filled with guilt after she witnessed the mess in the courtyard and the collapsed wall. “I’m really stupid. At such a critical moment, I should’ve stayed at home to protect Aunt Guo, Wang Ma and the others.”

“How is it different for me? I almost had to live the rest of my life in regret.” Yang Chen smiled bitterly before saying, “What we need to do is to learn from our mistakes, instead of pulling a long face.”

Hui Lin nodded before forcing a smile and walking into the house.

Although certain parts of the house were destroyed, the house was for the most part, the same.

Yang Chen entered the living hall and heard a cheerful chatter from the dining hall. Doesn’t this voice belong to Christen?!

How did this woman end up at my house after wandering around?!

Hui Lin looked at the dining hall curiously and saw Guo Xuehua, Wang Ma, and Zhenxiu talking to a blonde lady in Mandarin. Hui Lin cried out of astonishment before quickly covering her mouth. Her cheeks reddened while her eyes were basically shining!

“Oh God, am I dreaming?”

Yang Chen gloomily looked at the fangirl Hui Lin. “Hui Lin, are you a fan of her’s as well?”

Hui Lin squeezed the corners of her shirt in shyness. “Back then… when I was still at Emei Mountain… I was already listening to her songs. I had a lot of her CD’s under my bed. I really admire her voice.”

Yang Chen had heard of Hui Lin’s past of learning music. Abbess Yun Miao would never support her to listen to pop music after all, but Yang Chen didn’t expect this girl to even learn foreign songs.

“Eh, my dear Yang, you’re back? You even brought a beautiful little girl?” Christen said as she looked surprised, as if she hadn’t noticed Yang Chen’s emergence.

She’s indeed an Oscar-winning actress based on her acting skills, Yang Chen praised in his mind. “Why are you here again?”

“To earn my meal,” Christen said in a natural manner. “I flew across half the globe for you. Aren’t you going to treat me nicely? You’re such a petty guy. Why didn’t you tell me about anything? I just found out that you have found your mother. Aunt Guo seemed to be really interested in your past unrestrained behavior, so she and I had a lovely chat.”

Yang Chen had noticed something strange in Guo Xuehua’s gaze upon walking over. It was just different from before.

Yang Chen whispered to Christen, “What in the world did you say?!”

Christen widened her sapphire-blue eyes in an innocent manner. Waving her hand, she said, “I didn’t say much, actually. I just briefly talked about three years ago when you came to my villa in America, and had an uncovering assembly with more than twenty supermodels. Aunt was really paying close attention to my story earlier!”

Christen spoke in Mandarin, so Hui Lin who was previously astonished quickly understood the key words like ‘more than twenty supermodels’ and ‘uncovering assembly’. She couldn’t help but cover her mouth so that she wouldn’t scream.

Yang Chen had the urge to bang her head against the wall because it was the first time he noticed even Hui Lin seemed to be using her shy gaze to tell him how unbearable it was to look at his past, let alone Guo Xuehua, Wang Ma, and Zhenxiu.

At last, the corners of Yang Chen’s lips twitched as he suppressed his anger. Looking incredibly serious, he explained, “Actually… there were only nineteen of them, not twenty…” Copyright 2016 - 2024