Late-night Talk and Mercy

Chapter 5/9

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Christen painted a picture of Yang Chen who was a student studying overseas. This was actually logical. After all, Yang Chen had a graduate certificate from Harvard that even he had forgotten how he managed to obtain.

The family had dinner together, but this time an international superstar somehow joined them. Moreover, this superstar would occasionally spit out ‘astonishing’ statements. Only Yang Chen himself understood how torturing it was to have endured this meall.

Hui Lin couldn’t hide her admiration toward her idol, but was too shy to open her mouth. Thus, she relied on Yang Chen’s help to take a few pictures with Christen together. When Christen found out that Hui Lin was taking part in the competition, she joked about offering some help on the judgement. However, the naive Hui Lin got anxious as a result, but was too embarrassed to deny her idol’s offer, causing everyone to laugh at her adorable behavior.

It was almost 9 o’clock at night and Lin Ruoxi hadn’t returned yet, while it was time for Christen to leave as well, since her team had arrived in China. The announcement and promotion of the opening of Star of Yu Lei would start officially tomorrow.

Yang Chen took it upon himself to walk Christen out. None of them talked while walking on the quiet and peaceful pathway.

In the night, the street lights shone upon Christen’s delicate and fair-skinned face which was as perfect as porcelain ware. Anyone would find it heart-warming and attractive, but Yang Chen wasn’t in the mood to admire this incredibly rare treasure.

“Who’s Judy to you?” Yang Chen asked after wondering for a while.

Christen, however, looked confused. She tried her best to think but asked, “Who’s Judy?”

“Don’t act ignorant in front of me. That woman had your protective talisman. Or are you telling me there are gods who can grant protective talismans all over the streets?” Yang Chen asked as he frowned.

Christen finally understood what he was talking about. She chuckled and said, “Oh, so you’re talking about her. I didn’t know she was called Judy in Blue Storm. Her real name is Yuna. She’s a stubborn but beautiful girl.”

“I killed her,” Yang Chen said straightforwardly. “That’s because she tried to kill me twice, and I wasn’t in the mood to be merciful the second time round.”

Christen opened her mouth slightly while helplessness was displayed on her face, but she didn’t get mad. “You don’t need to care about it too much. Although she was a bit related to me, I actually consider us to have nothing to do with each other.

“In my past life, around 590 years ago, I was the young lady of the Anderson clan in the United Kingdom. At that time, my husband was Little Yuna’s… the girl you call Judy’s ancestor of whichever generation. This means Judy was my great-granddaughter of however many generations there are.

“There was once when a power-user association tried to abduct me, and Blue Storm sent a few people to protect me. I felt a sense of familiarity when I found out her clan. I didn’t expect one of my descendents to join Blue Storm. Being the great-great-great-great-grandmother, I gave her a protective talisman out of concern…”

Christen then sighed before saying, “Unfortunately that kid was disobedient. It seems that one who is destined to die must die.”

Yang Chen felt that his lips had stiffened. “Don’t give out protective talismans so easily. Don’t you find it silly to give one to such a distant descendent?”

“If she didn’t bump into the few of us undying ones… erm… except you, was the gift going to make any difference at all?” Christen said in an indifferent manner. However, she failed to hide the dejection on her face. She sighed, “Oh my. I feel terrible every time I think of how little of us undying ones are left.”

“Don’t drink. And don’t go insane,” Yang Chen said, worried.

Christen giggled. “Are you so afraid of me going berserk?”

“You’ve caused me enough troubles. I’m now no different than a monster in the eyes of my family.”

“But you are one,” Christen said in dissatisfaction.

“That was in the past! I would blush now for just peeping on a girl’s panties!” Yang Chen yelled a lie righteously.

Christen rolled her eyes. None of her expressions had any effects on Yang Chen. “Alright then. But you have to answer me a question and you have to give me a serious answer.”

Yang Chen nodded. “Ask away.”

In fact, Yang Chen knew that Christen had something to tell him. Otherwise she wouldn’t have come to his house just to ‘earn her meal’ and mess around. His guess turned out to be right.

Christen appear more serious and strict. “A while ago, the crazy Ares came to America to ask if I had touched your God’s Stone. I had to fight him before he believed that I had not touched the stone. Tell me honestly. Did you really lose your God’s Stone? You didn’t use any barrier magic, did you?”

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. “Although Ares is a war freak, he isn’t a fool. Do you think I can trick him so easily? Since I dared to keep God’s Stone with me, I naturally had nothing to hide. I really lost it this time.”

Christen looked serious. “This is really weird. The one who has managed to steal God’s Stone away without any traces detectable by you and Ares must at the very least be on par with us. That person might even be stronger than the few of us.”

Yang Chen suddenly thought of something. “Is it possible that there’s someone of your race remaining on Earth whom the eleven of you aren’t aware of?”

“Why do you ask so?” Christen asked, surprised. “How is it possible? Even your predecessor couldn’t stand the endless cycle of loneliness and reincarnation anymore and ended his own life. What makes you think that there might be someone from our race who is hiding from us?”

Yang Chen sighed before explaining the Holy Grail’s incident which had taken place after the Liu clan’s banquet. He mentioned that someone used space methods to snatch the Holy Grail in addition to absorbing the energy within. Christen immediately held a terrible expression after listening to him.

“If it is indeed what you have described, I don’t know the reason as well.” Christen furrowed her brows tightly. “I’ll find time to talk to the few other awakened old fellows about this. For now, it’s good enough that the God’s Stone isn’t in the crazy Ares’s hands. But it is possible that someone else is trying to use the God’s Stone for something equally as terrifying.”

“Do you feel that the other fellows would be interested in investigating into this? They have long lost their life purpose,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Sorrow surfaced on Christen’s face. “Yeah… Even the end of the world is meaningless to some of them, let alone a single God’s Stone…”

“Since we can’t find that person, all we can do is wait for his emergence. No matter what, I’ll stop anyone trying to do something unacceptable with the God’s Stone. I am the one who lost it after all,” Yang Chen said seriously.

Christen forced a smile, but the worry between her brows didn’t reduce.

If the conversation between Yang Chen and Christen was heard by someone else, they may feel that two of these lunatics were talking nonsense late at night.

In this night, a lot of people were paying close attention to the challenge faced by the mother of the Chinese fashion industry Yu Lei International in the American Nasdaq stock exchange.

The war had attracted much attention once the stock market had opened. Most people actually more or less knew what would happen next. When Yu Lei was engaged in a war when they were at their lowest, it could be said that it was incredibly unlikely for them to survive.

A few people even heard from the employees from the entertainment company that the headquarters failed to obtain funds from the banks. As a result, countless people started selling their shares at crazily low prices to minimize their losses.

However, in the morning in China, a lot of people who were ready to witness Yu Lei International collapse were dumbstruck when it struck with a counter attack!

The seemingly weak and helpless Yu Lei International behaved just like a spendthrift as they fought their opponents crazily. The countless cash was just like flowing water as it splashed in front of everyone.

Wasn’t Yu Lei supposed to sell clothes? Why did they look like they were printing bank notes?! This question had surfaced in too many people’s minds.

At the same time, at the base resort, Lin Ruoxi silently walked up the platform to look at the stock index shown on the screen. Having stayed awake all night, she finally revealed a smile on her face.

The members of Athena Team were fired up. To them, days like these were the ones that they truly worked. They were faced with only difficulties like this. However, once they started working everything else was secondary to them, like sleeping and eating.

They wouldn’t ask their boss Lin Ruoxi where she had gotten so much funds from. All they wanted was repeatedly expand and expand using the resources in their hands!

Seeing that the end result was destined, Lin Ruoxi didn’t stay there any longer. She wanted to return to the headquarters to deal with a lot more stuff.

Once the financial war ended, not only did Yu Lei’s funds not decrease, it even multiplied itself by several times. Hence, the development blueprint of the company’s blueprint had to be restructured.

When Lin Ruoxi walked out of the resort, all of the employees gazed upon her passionately as they worshipped her. An army would always need an indestructible spirit. Similarly, in the hearts of the employees working for Yu Lei International, their CEO had always given them emotional support and brought them victory!

Lin Ruoxi, however, didn’t feel like she was anything special…

Grandma, I didn’t disappoint you at last. I didn’t allow Yu Lei to collapse… Although it was mostly because of that man. But… it is also because you’re helping me in heaven, isn’t it? she thought.

The thinking and yearning had given Lin Ruoxi a lot more thoughts.

The one who was similarly paying attention to this battle was Ning Guodong who was in a high-class condominium in Zhonghai. He was sipping on his red wine in his pyjamas.

Seeing that Yu Lei slowly regained their advantage on the screen as they obliterated each of their opponents as domineering as a tiger which had gone down the mountains, Ning Guodong clenched his fist holding the wine glass as he shivered unstoppably.

Slowly, Ning Guodong turned his head to a tightly sealed file holder.

At this moment, an assistant dressed in a suit walked in from the living hall hurriedly. Bowing, he said, “Chief, you wanted me to contact Lord Mao, but I’m afraid that that would no longer be an option.”

“Eh?” Ning Guodong frowned.

“Lord Mao… Lord Mao… he…” the assistant stammered. “I just got the news that Lord Mao was killed on-the-spot by a government worker this morning as a result of committing certain crimes. It is said that that government worker is being investigated, while the crime committed by the few Singaporean and Malaysian businessmen is most likely set.”

Ning Guodong squinted as he waved his hand to signal his assistant to leave.

He then looked at the file holder again as he smiled coldly. “Lord Mao, oh, Lord Mao. No wonder you gave something so important to me although you had nothing to do with me. It seems like… you’re still ahead of the game.”

He stretched his arm out to take the file holder. Brutality filled his eyes while he smiled wickedly. He then murmured, “Fine. It doesn’t matter if I have been used by you. I have run out of patience anyway.” Copyright 2016 - 2023