Changing for Tens of Centuries

Chapter 3/9

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Yang Chen wasn’t able to get a clear answer to these questions, so he decided to put them aside for now.

Since Liu Mingyu wasn’t in at the moment, Yang Chen didn't have a reason to continue staying in the headquarters of Yu Lei International. Knowing that Christen had arrived, and the Star of Yu Lei was launching soon, Yang Chen doubted that Christen had informed Zhao Teng and Wang Jie of her arrival in China. To prevent the overly straightforward woman from causing more chaos, Yang Chen felt the need to get her into the working mood as soon as possible.

Thus, Yang Chen made a call to Zhao Teng, and asked if he was in the company with Wang Jie.

These two hard-working subordinates of his didn’t let him down. They were both busy in their respective office’s. Even when Yu Lei International was facing a difficulty, and the subsidiary company Yu Lei Entertainment couldn’t be of help to that situation, they were still doing whatever they could given the limitations.

“Christen has arrived in Zhonghai. Are you guys aware of that?” Yang Chen asked.

Zhao Teng couldn’t hold himself back from shouting. Surprised, he asked, “Director, are you… for real?”

“Why would I lie to you?” Yang Chen scolded in his mind, The crazy woman is taking her own sweet time on this matter as expected. “I’ll go to the office now and make some confirmations for the upcoming Star of Yu Lei. We’ll start immediately after Yu Lei goes through this disaster.”

“Director, it’s indeed better that way… but… Director, will we really make it this time?” Zhao Teng found it unlikely for Yu Lei to win this time.

Annoyed, Yang Chen said, “What are you talking about? How is that even a question? Is it possible that you want to see us collapse?”

“No, no, no…” Zhao Teng said hurriedly. “Then I’ll ask Wang Jie for a discussion immediately. Director, where is... Miss Christen now?”

How the heck would I know? Yang Chen thought. “She’ll naturally appear when the time comes. I’ll come over now.”

Ten minutes after ending the call, Yang Chen came to his office, while Zhao Teng and Wang Jie were excitedly having a discussion. Even when the company was in danger, they still couldn’t calm themselves down for Christen’s arrival.

“Director, you’re here,” Wang Jie said smilingly. “I’m discussing with Vice President Zhao if we should announce Miss Christen’s arrival. Can we meet with Miss Christen to make arrangements regarding the promotion site?”

Yang Chen was glad to do so of course. He’d be contented as long as Christen wouldn’t sway back and forth around him. Thus, he turned on his desktop computer without hesitation before logging into a software and dialing Christen’s number.

Since he didn’t usually have need of a phone before, most of the communication methods Yang Chen used required a computer.

Christen’s phone supported video calls. After the call was connected, the screen showed a yacht sailing on the ocean.

Christen wore a huge pair of sunglasses and a wide cloche. She was leisurely sipping on a beverage which by Yang Chen’s guess was either green tea or coffee.

There was no one at all around her. Evidently, she had booked the entire yacht.

Although a majority of her face was covered by her hat and sunglasses, Zhao Teng and Wang Jie still managed to recognize this much anticipated superstar, thus causing their eyes to shine.

“I remember inviting you to China to work. Where in the world have you gone to again?” Yang Chen spoke in Portuguese so that Zhao Teng and Wang Jie wouldn’t understand.

Expectedly, they both looked at Yang Chen and felt confused. They were wondering why their director started speaking in another language.

Christen appeared to have also be fluent in different languages much like Yang Chen. Using Portuguese as well, she answered, “My dear Yang, don’t you feel discourteous speaking to your friend this way? Can’t you let me have some fun in China for a few days before using my reputation? I had missed you a lot before coming here.”

“Have fun? Is there anything in the world you haven’t played before? Also, I don’t know if you miss me or not, but what I do know is that you’ve caused me a lot of trouble upon your arrival. Since you can never control your own mouth, I’m now not in good terms with my wife.” Yang Chen expressed her anger to Christen. He admitted that doing so would make him feel more comfortable.

Christen, however, didn’t take him seriously at all. Giggling, she asked, “Really? You know that I’ve tried to change this habit of mine for tens of centuries, but I seem to have no luck with it.”

“Damn it. I don’t care how many centuries you took. In short, there are problems you have caused and now have to fix! My subordinates want to talk to you about the schedule for some promotions and other activities. Bring your damn team over here now. As it is, I have enough problems to deal with. Can’t you lend me a hand for a bit?” Yang Chen said gloomily.

Christen pouted her lips. “Alright then. But ask your people to wait until tomorrow morning. My team is still on a plane now. They’ll reach here tonight and will rest for a night.”

After the conversation ended, Yang Chen ended the video call. He then swapped to Mandarin to briefly inform the two about what Christen had said, and asked them to make preparations.

Although both of them were curious about why Yang Chen had spoken in a foreign language, they didn’t dare to ask much. It was a personal matter after all. They just had to know that everything was under control.

After dealing with the troublesome fellow Christen, Yang Chen had a look at the time. It was almost 4 o’clock in the afternoon now. It was right around the time Hui Lin would leave for home. Thus, he headed to the recording studio on the fourth floor planning to fetch her home.

Unexpectedly, upon reaching the recording studio, an unexpected silhouette had walked out.

Dressed in a luxury dress, a middle-aged woman who had her hair tied up in a bun while wearing a scarf on her neck appeared. It rare for Abbess Yun Miao to be dressed in something other than her martial arts robe.

Being an impressive cultivator, Abbess Yun Miao’s appearance didn’t reveal her true age. Currently, she was dressed in a manner no different than a wealthy woman.

“What is it? Surprised are we?” Abbess Yun Miao asked calmly.

Yang Chen waved his hand. “Nope, I’m just surprised that Abbess has such a stylish martial arts robe.”

“Humph. Kid, watch your mouth. My husband isn’t here anymore. Being the wife of the Lin clan’s master, I’ll naturally be controlling the situation all over again without my robe. You don’t need to pick on my appearance.” Abbess Yun Miao was naturally referring to Lin Zhiguo who had been brought away. She didn’t feel much sorrow, as she had already faced much more difficult circumstances. She could endure far beyond what one could imagine.

She’s only doing this because she’s still deeply in love with Lin Zhiguo. Otherwise there was no way she would have done this, and allow it to fall on its own, Yang Chen sighed in his heart.

Since she cares about him this much, why did she have to treat Lin Zhiguo so coldly back then?

Coldly, Abbess Yun Miao said, “I came here today to talk to my treasured granddaughter. You need not over think. Since we’re here, I’ll remind you about what you have promised Yellow Flame Iron Brigade. Keep that in mind.”

Yang Chen was confused. “What is it?”

“You forgot, what’s the usual,” Abbess Yun Miao said in dissatisfaction. “You promised to help us train a new bunch of elites.”

Yang Chen slapped his forehead. Smiling, he said, “That is what I promised to your husband. Now that he’s not here anymore, there’s no more obligation is there?”

“Why don’t you? Although I admit I don’t like you very much, I can’t deny that you’re our best instructor. I won’t give up on this opportunity,” Abbess Yun Miao said. “The newly appointed general will meet you somewhere in the middle of the month. At that time, the batch of new recruits will be brought to our secret training base in Zhonghai. I hope you can fulfill your promise. Yellow Flame Iron Brigade has suffered much losses over the years. We need a sufficiently large amount of fresh blood.”

“With the something Hongmeng here, there’s no need to exaggerate,” Yang Chen said with a smile as he waved his hand.

“If we need the seniors from Hongmeng to take care of everything, how is the younger generation in this country going to continuously improve? Death is inevitable. But as long as there are survivors, we won’t be considered to have lost,” Abbess Yun Miao said solemnly.

Yang Chen was merely joking. He was one to fulfil his promises.

After Abbess Yun Miao left, Yang Chen walked into the recording studio. He realized Hui Lin wasn’t practicing this time, but was sitting absent-mindedly instead.

When Hui Lin saw Yang Chen, she ran over and asked, “Brother Yang, Wang Ma called me to be careful just now. She mentioned there was a surprise attack earlier. What’s the situation now?”

Yang Chen smiled and answered, “Why don’t you go home and have a look if you’re worried? With your abilities, there’s no need to fear those people.”

“I wanted to go back just now, but Grandma came over.” When Hui Lin mentioned Yun Miao, she looked rather perplexed. “Grandma asked me not to worry. Nothing will happen with you here. I think I feel that we’ll be fine when we’re with Brother Yang.”

“Then why were you daydreaming? What else did she tell you?” Yang Chen was curious about why Yun Miao suddenly came over. Did she come to force Hui Lin to do that something with me? he thought. He had experienced first hand the old nun’s matchmaking ability.

Hui Lin pouted her mouth. “Grandma said singing and other stuff… are useless. She asked me to return to Beijing to learn management and slowly inherit the Lin clan…”

Yang Chen didn’t expect this to be the case. After thinking for a bit, he asked, “What do you think of it then?”

“I… I feel that I’m not suited to be the master of the Lin clan.” Wronged, Hui Lin lowered her head before saying softly, “I told Grandma that Elder Sister is actually more suitable to be the leader, but Grandma got really mad… She said I was incompetent and childish…”

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. Hui Lin had the intention to let Lin Ruoxi manage the Lin clan. However, it was impossible for Lin Ruoxi to agree to this.

“Then what do you want to do?” Yang Chen asked.

Hui Lin appeared to be struggling. “I told Grandma I really want to take part in this competition. If… if I lose, I will return. Otherwise I will continue to sing.”

Yang Chen didn’t expect Hui Lin to be this resolute for her dreams of becoming a singer. He patted her head and said, “If you don’t want to be the clan master, even if you lose, your grandma won’t do anything, trust me. I’ll stop her for you in the worst case.”

Hui Lin paled. “Brother Yang, you… you want to whack my grandma?”

“Stupid Kid.” Yang Chen didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. “If your grandma doesn’t whack me, why would I whack her? Also, what can she do to me?”

Hui Lin finally felt relieved. Soon, she realized that Yang Chen had patted her head. Blushing, she complained, “Brother Yang, you shouldn’t touch me this like anymore…”

As soon as she finished speaking, a rough and perverted voice echoed from the outside. “Haha, Brother-In-Law, is this your lover as well? Which part of her did you touch?”

Yang Chen and Hui Lin turned their heads around, only to discover Tang Jue walking over like a gangster. He wore a pair of reflective sunglasses and a low-collared shirt, revealing a huge chunk of his chest hair.

Yang Chen felt a major headache. Why on earth has he come?! Copyright 2016 - 2024