Chapter 15/15

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In fact, if Christen didn’t introduce herself, the people present would have no doubt questioned their sanity. Why would the world’s hottest singer, artist, and model suddenly appear here, while being dressed in this manner. She was even holding a gatling gun as she greeted them, while stepping on a mercenary she killed.

However, once Christen confirmed her identity, everyone there was bewildered, since such an occurrence was not one which happened outside of movies!

Who would expect an international superstar to come to their house to rescue them from gangsters?

It was even difficult to dream about it!

“You guys seem to be in some kind of trouble,” Christen spoke in Mandarin fluently. No one would think that she had grown up in America. Moreover, she didn’t mind the gazes she received at all, but looked around at the messy situation and felt interested. She was completely indifferent toward the bloody scene. “Oh, I believe someone is coming to help you guys eh.”

As soon as she finished speaking, two silhouettes leaped over the wall of the courtyard like lightning, and landed behind two dumbfounded Vietnamese soldiers. In the blink of an eye, their throats started spilling blood!

The two silhouettes weren’t anyone else, but the leader of Sea Eagles Molin and an uninjured female member Fanny who had rushed over as fast as they could after receiving Yang Chen’s message. Unfortunately, they were still too late.

Having stabbed two mercenaries with his army knife, Molin nervously looked inside the house. If Pluto’s family was harmed, the consequences he would face would be dire.

When he saw that Lin Ruoxi and the others were safe, he heaved a sigh of relief.

However, Molin was dumbstruck when he saw the smiling Christen who was holding a gatling gun.

Ignoring the remaining seven to eight Vietnamese soldiers, Molin kneeled down to Christen’s direction before sincerely lowering his head as he bowed.

When Fanny noticed her leader’s strange action, she couldn’t help but look at the same direction. At the moment she noticed Christen, she revealed a similar astonished look on her face before immediately kneeling down as well.

“It’s my honor to see you here, Your Majesty,” Molin said solemnly.

Christen didn’t take him seriously. Pouting her alluring lips, she said, “There are still people here. Are you not going to deal with them before we continue?”

Molin’s expression turned serious as he answered, “Yes!” before looking at Fanny. Just like two rapidly shuttling whirlwinds, they shot through these armies one by one. They tried to resist, but their bodies couldn’t keep up to speed at all.

In the blink of an eye, these people were wiped out.

Even if these mercenaries were relatively competent in South Asia, they were just like fresh graduates to the Sea Eagles. They couldn’t even be considered the same level as the special forces, let alone the Sea Eagles which wholly consisted of top-notch mercenaries. Since the beginning, they were even too lazy to use their guns.

Gao Guoxiong was drenched in sweat as he felt that he had lost his soul. When Molin lifted him up by grabbing his collar and threw him to the center of everyone, he was so terrified that he peed himself. An unbearable smell filled his body. He pitifully looked at everyone in silence while his body trembled in fear.

He had been determined to succeed this time, and would commit suicide heroically should he fail. However, as confident as he seemed before, he was still frightened at this bloody massacre.

“Your Majesty, should I kill this guy as well?” Molin asked Christen. To be honest, he felt that killing Gao Guoxiong was a disgusting task.

Christen smilingly looked at Lin Ruoxi and the others. “This fellow should be the one who has hired the bunch of mercenaries, isn’t he? Do you guys think he should be killed?”

Everyone including Rose, Guo Xuehua, Yuan Hewei and the others were still perplexed. They didn’t manage to react to this turn of events in a short time.

Lin Ruoxi had always been the calm one. After thinking for a while, she said to Christen, “I think we should pass him to the police. Killing him is meaningless.”

Admiration and playfulness surfaced in Christen’s sapphire-blue eyes. As she waved at Molin, she asked, “Are you… Yang Chen’s wife?”

When Christen examined her, Lin Ruoxi looked at her naturally as well. She more or less knew why Christen was here. The competition called Star of Yu Lei was coming soon. Being the final judge, Christen certainly had to be in China around this time.

However, she didn’t expect this woman to appear in such a magical way.

Being a superstar well-known around the globe, Christen’s beauty was more vivid and apparent now than in the movies. Although Lin Ruoxi didn’t mind, she hadn’t felt that any women could rival her appearance before, but today, she realized if she ignored the difference between the western and eastern aesthetics, Christen who was standing in front of her was the epitome of perfection.

“I’m Lin Ruoxi. I honestly didn’t expect this would be how we meet for the first time, Miss Christen,” Lin Ruoxi said as she approached Christen in a friendly manner before offering her slender arm. However, she didn’t appear very gentle on the outside, since she seemed as cold as ever.

Christen, however, smiled really sweetly. Shaking Lin Ruoxi’s hand, she asked, “Why don’t you smile a little? Miss Lin and your family have survived the disaster.”

“There is nothing to smile about here,” Lin Ruoxi spoke as she gazed upon Rose who was panting. Although she only fought for a short time, she was still rather tired.

Christen suddenly thought of another thing. Giggling, she said, “Miss Lin, is it possible that you think I am one of your husbands lovers? I’m totally innocent. I’m not the discourteous fellow’s woman. Although he has a lot of women, I’m not one of them, so you can totally be rest assured if you were holding a unpleasant doubt.”

Except ‘straightforward’, there were no other adjectives to describe this superstar. After Christen said it happily, she realized the atmosphere had become incredibly awkward.

This was especially the case for Rose. She managed to calm herself down a little earlier, but went back to being red from all the blushing she was doing.

Guo Xuehua looked at Yuan Hewei and Yang Jieyu and smiled as she felt embarrassed. Even a superstar was aware of her son’s terrible demeanor. Regarding Wang Ma and Zhenxiu, they hadn’t recovered from the shock yet, so there wasn’t much that one could glean from their expressions.

“I… I’ll leave now.” Rose felt that she couldn't stand still anymore. She instantly rushed outside and signalled her people from Red Thorns Society to clean up the aftermath before dashing home.

Guo Xuehua and Lin Ruoxi looked curious. They didn’t expect the bunch of people who had rushed inside to help were all Rose’s people. When they recalled that Yang Jieyu called Rose ‘President Situ’ earlier, they planned to ask her about Rose’s identity.

Gao Guoxiong was brought away by the Red Thorns Society as well, while the corpses at the courtyard were pulled away one by one as well, and a few people started cleaning up the combat traces.

After a while, a white BMW rushed over at high speed before the emergency brake was pressed, parking outside the entrance and sending up some smoke.

Yang Chen got out of the car and stepped into the messy courtyard. When he noticed that Lin Ruoxi and the others who were inside the house with a collapsed wall was fine, he finally felt relieved. However, he seemed to have developed a headache when he noticed Christen staring at him. Smiling bitterly, he approached her and asked, “Why have you come over so suddenly? You should’ve at least told me about it.”

“If I hadn’t come earlier, your beautiful wife would’ve ended up in pieces” Christen stepped on Delon’s corpse a few times with her leather boots.

Seeing that Yang Chen didn’t understand, Guo Xuehua walked over and explained what had happened to Yang Chen.

After listening to her, Yang Chen turned gloomy. He looked at the corpses around the courtyard and could briefly tell what just happened. He then felt a little fear. He didn’t expect Gao Guoxiong to hire such a huge group to come over, which Rose definitely couldn’t hold off.

He then noticed he was too careless. The time he spent talking to Cai Ning at the villa earlier almost turned into an irreversible tragedy!

Not only would his family be harmed, even Rose might have lost her life…

Luckily, the heavens still looked after him, and didn’t make him regret for the rest of his life. This matter could be considered to have ended now.

When Yang Chen looked at Christen again, he suddenly felt rather thankful.

“Don’t thank me, or I’ll feel flattered,” Christen said seriously.

Yang Chen shook his head. He felt helpless toward the woman who had a mismatched personality and appearance. He then turned to Guo Xuehua to ask, “Where’s Rose?” He was worried if Rose was injured or not.

“She ran home just now. I don’t know if she’s fine or not. Do you want to check her out?” Guo Xuehua asked out of concern. She didn’t mind Rose’s identity anymore.

Yang Chen hesitated for a bit before looking at Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi avoided Yang Chen’s gaze. Indifferent, she said to Wang Ma, “Wang Ma, I still have stuff to deal with. Send someone over to clean the house and fix the damaged parts. Don’t wait for me for dinner. I think I’ll only be able to return much later in the evening.”

After she finished speaking, she bade farewell to Guo Xuehua before leaving directly.

Everyone present wasn’t a piece of thoughtless log. They could easily feel that Lin Ruoxi was trying to avoid something, while Guo Xuehua sighed as she felt that she was at a difficult position. She was originally standing on Lin Ruoxi’s side, since she wanted the family to be peaceful. However, having experienced the scene earlier, she didn’t know what she was supposed to do.

“Oh, so that woman is your lover as well? Aye, doesn’t that mean the lover tried to protect your wife? How touching,” Christen said joyfully while her eyes were filled with the gaze of a busybody.

“How about you keep quiet for a sec?” Yang Chen evidently had a deep understanding of this woman’s straightforward behavior.

Christen walked outside the house slowly as she acted like she heard nothing. Throwing the gatling gun on the side, she said, “Alright, alright. Like what the Chinese say, there are problems in every family. I just didn’t expect a man who used to treat women as nothing would feel headache for women one day, so I found it really interesting…”

“I told you to keep your mouth shut for a bit.” Yang Chen sounded more serious. He had the urge to rush forward and pick a fight with that woman.

Contented, Christen chuckled and said to Molin and Fanny who were speechless, “Look. Your idol can’t do anything to me.”

After Christen finished speaking, she disappeared into thin air. Except Yang Chen, no one knew how she left. Copyright 2016 - 2024