Covering the Sunlight

Chapter 14/15

Pretty damn cool annoucement

Pretty damn cool annoucement

Pretty damn cool annoucement

Silence ensued in the villa for some time. Yang Chen looked at Zeng Mao who had lost his breath and asked, “Why?”

Cai Ning withdrew her right arm which had fired the hidden weapon while the smile on her face slowly dispersed. Gently, she said, “If you were the one to have killed him, the consequences you would have faced would have been severe. I’ll do the job for you, so that larger troubles can be avoided.”

“You’re not a murderer. What reason do you have by killing him?” Yang Chen asked.

Cai Ning thought for a while before saying in an orderly manner, “He abused his power to free a prisoner, employed killers to commit a crime, and partnered up with foreign financial associations to attack a domestic corporate in addition to disturbing the stock market. All his doings are criminal acts.”

“You’re from Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, not the police force. You’re not even considered one from the security bureau. You can arrest him, but killing him will mean you’re taking things personally. Now you may only rely on the Cai clan to back you up. You should be aware that doing so will get you into a huge trouble,” Yang Chen said. With his heart filled with doubts, he couldn’t understand what the woman wanted to do anymore.

He had known Cai Ning for quite a long while. This woman was usually quiet and cool, while her coldness was only inferior to Lin Ruoxi. She wouldn’t talk when she was getting things done, so no one could tell what she had in mind.

Cai Ning smiled and said, “Just treat it as me returning your favor.”


“Earlier at the hill behind the Liu residence, you saved me from the vampire’s Massacre Blade. When Brahma came, it was you who had rescued us as well. You saved me twice, and I saved you from these troubles. I’m still benefited this way.”

Yang Chen wasn’t in the mood to joke around. “I don’t want others to suffer because of me.”

Cai Ning turned her head away as she sighed. Her cheek looked like a crystal-clear jade. “Realize now that you are no longer alone. A lot of the people around you need your protection. Just because you’re not afraid doesn't mean they aren’t as well. It was first the Xu clan, then the Liu clan, and now it’s the Zeng clan. There are still a whole host of clans that you have not yet met, which you may in the future.

“If you continue killing like this, most of these people you kill will be highly ranked officials in the Chinese government. Take this time as an example. Once Zeng Mao dies, a lot of his students and friends will hold hatred toward you. When they slowly accumulate, you’ll end up lots of enemies everywhere in the world. This way, do you still think living in this country is meaningful?”

Yang Chen remained quiet. He knew that Cai Ning had a point. He couldn’t just leave everything behind, as he had too many strings in this country, so he had no choice but to face them.

“There’s one more thing you should keep in mind. Once the high-ranked officials get anxious, which means when the country gets into a crisis, you’ll certainly become a target Hongmeng wants to eradicate,” Cai Ning said seriously. “You’ve seen their senior before. Are you confident you can defeat the people from Hongmeng?”

Yang Chen recalled the day where Ling Xuzi revealed some of his skills by the sea together with the aura he exuded. Shaking his head, Yang Chen said honestly, “For now… maybe not.”

Before meeting Ling Xuzi, Yang Chen had indeed thought he was number-one in the world, or one of the best at least. However, upon meeting Ling Xuzi, he realized someone had broken through the level which he previously thought was the limit!

Also, it was an organization full of people like that, not just a single person!

However, Yang Chen wasn’t so obsessed with martial arts that he wanted to be the best in the world, but his encounter with Ling Xuzi had brought him more space for exploration and desire. It was no different from a kid who had just discovered a new toy, Yang Chen finally had a new target.

“As a result, I am the best candidate to kill him,” Cai Ning said seriously.

Yang Chen still wanted to say something, but was stopped by Cai Ning.

“You don’t need to say anything, don’t overthink it as well. Although i’m not fond of you, at least my stupid younger sister likes you a lot. I don’t want her to get depressed. Just treat me as an interfering busybody who has ended a problem for you.” Cai Ning looked annoyed. Frowning, she said, “If you’re still not satisfied with my answer, look at me as Ruoxi’s close friend. I can’t stand aside doing nothing.”

Yang Chen sighed deeply. He actually had more things to ask, but he definitely had to rush home now.

“You should go. I’ll take care of this aftermath,” Cai Ning said generously as she understood his intention.

Yang Chen looked at her and felt thankful, before rushing out of the entrance.

After the car engine sound distanced away, Cai Ning silently sat on the sofa in the living room, feeling incredibly empty, watching the muted news absent-mindedly…

… …

Bang! Bang!

The metal shells of bullets fell like it was raining. Clunk! Clunk! Thuds could be heard when they landed on the stone floor.

Delon looked brutal, as if he was a Bengal tiger craving for human flesh. Thicks veins appeared on his arms, exuding an immense, breathtaking aura.

The gatling gun became a beast on berzerk in his hands. As sparks ignited, the dense bullets instantly formed a row of holes on the wall!

“Hide inside, now!”

When Rose shouted, Yuan Hewei and Yang Jieyu pulled Guo Xuehua into the inner part of the house, while Lin Ruoxi and the others followed behind.

Rose, on the other hand, didn’t retreat. Although she couldn’t negate bullets like Yang Chen, through years of combat experience and training in addition to the unique practice methods taught by Yang Chen, she could rival a martial arts expert, while her agility and close combat abilities were formidable as well.

Before the gatling gun started sweeping the place, Rose tipped her toe and leaped into the air, swooping behind Delon. A silver Desert Eagle revealed itself. Her elegant and charming eyes were currently filled with a killing aura as sharp as a knife!


Delon wasn’t going to go down so easily, otherwise he wouldn’t have led a bunch of Vietnamese military veterans all the way to Zhonghai for a mission.

Before Rose could take aim, Delon’s gatling gun acted just like a short-range stick. He turned around instantly before swaying the gun right at Rose’s head!

At this critical moment, Rose’s figure once again slipped toward the front left of Delon, barely dodging the attack!

Delon didn’t give Rose a chance to breathe. Once again, he pulled the trigger, firing bullets from left to right!

Shouts could be heard. A few unfortunate members of Red Thorns Society had been shot, causing them to die there and then.

Rose didn’t expect such a huge body to be this agile and quick. Moreover, he had full control over his gatling gun. He was able to only shoot at the people from Red Thorns Society, while his teammates in combat were completely unharmed!

“Ignore the bitch! Kill Lin Ruoxi! I want her dead!!!” Gao Guoxiong shouted. Being protected by a Vietnamese army, he finally had a chance to speak. Even if this day was irreversible, he didn’t hope to give Lin Ruoxi a chance to witness tomorrow’s sunlight!

“Keep your mouth shut,” Delon said in contempt. Seeing that all Rose did was dodge around, he decided to ignore her. Turning around, he fired tens of rounds at the wall behind!

It was an aged home after all. Having fired so many rounds, pieces of concrete and wood flew all over the place.

Delon swiftly came to the wall and used his boulder-like body to crush it!


A loud shock resounded, sending dust up into the air!

Astonishingly, part of the wall collapsed, forming a huge hole at the center!

Lin Ruoxi and the others who were hiding in the room panicked. They didn’t expect Delon to appear before them in such a way!

Rose paled while considering how she could deal a fatal blow to Delon. She couldn’t imagine how she would face Yang Chen if the people in this room were killed by the gatling gun.

They’re right in front of me, but I didn't manage to protect his family?!

Will he think that I have intentionally allowed Lin Ruoxi to die?!

As she thought, Rose rushed toward Lin Ruoxi and the others without hesitation. When Delon turned around, she was facing him head-on!

“Run, now!”

After Rose shouted, they quickly regained awareness. At the same time, she raised her Desert Eagle before aiming it at Delon!

She was fighting a fearless mercenary. Even if she pointed a gun at him from behind, he might give up his own life to end the life of his target.

Rose couldn’t take the risk. Thus, she chose to block Delon from approaching Lin Ruoxi and the others!

At this moment, Lin Ruoxi and the others didn’t move at all. None of them believed that Rose had used her slender figure to block Delon. She looked like she was prepared to sacrifice her life.

What kind of faith made this young woman who had almost nothing to do with them make such a decision?!

Guo Xuehua’s eyes turned red. When she thought of how Rose left in a cowardly manner this morning, she couldn’t stop her tears from flowing down her face…

Lin Ruoxi was dumbstruck. She stared at the proud lady holding a silver gun amidst the ruins, and felt something violently stabbing her heart, causing her to almost fall unconscious.

“Woman, you’re a respectable opponent.” Delon grinned. “Unfortunately, It is still not my time.”

Rose held her Desert Eagle tightly and wanted to pull the trigger. Unexpectedly, Delon stepped sideways!

This is bad!

Rose quickly realized she still had underestimated Delon’s speed!

When Delon stood still again, he was standing on their left. The gatling gun he was holding pointed at Rose first. A cruel smile surfaced on her face before he said, “You shall all die…”

The sparks of the gun signified the lights of death!

Rose painfully shut her eyes. She knew that she had lost the battle. Without the man’s help, she was still far from being good enough.

Lin Ruoxi, Guo Xuehua and the others didn’t have time to react to this at all. They were still panicked and had yet to regain awareness.

However, when Rose was prepared to welcome the coldness of death, she realized nothing had happened although gunshots echoed.

Astonished, Rose opened her eyes and looked toward where Delon previously stood, while the others had looked over there as well.

As everyone was in doubt, a movie-like scene had emerged…

Dressed in an overwashed t-shirt and a pair of light-colored ripped jeans, a blonde Caucasian lady with a flawless figure stood there as calm as the summer breeze. Her hair which looked like golden threads was tied up in a bun, while she wore a huge pair of sunglasses.

Even if she was dressed in such a simple manner, it only took them a glance to feel her an overwhelming, luxury beauty. It was the kind of innate aura that made everyone unable to feel envious of her at all.

The scene had a significant mismatch. On top of this lady, she was holding up the enormous gatling gun with one of her arms!

The gun with a weight of at least 30 kilograms, appeared weightless when held by her slender arm, as if it was a childs toy.

If that wasn’t odd enough, under her leather boots, she wasn’t stepping on the floor, but Delon’s corpse!!! His eyes were still open and his face held the expression of astonishment.

The Caucasian lady seemed to have failed to notice everyone’s surprised look. She also ignored the battle outside which was slowly coming to an end due to her sudden emergence and Delon’s death. Elegantly, she removed her sunglasses, revealing a pair of alluring sapphire-blue eyes.

“Hi, I’m Christen. Nice to meet you all.”

Being shone by the daylight from above, Christen’s smile looked incredibly splendid, as if she had covered the sunlight. Copyright 2016 - 2024