Orange Juice

Chapter 1/9

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The raging war that threatened to swallow a city quickly came to an end.

To most people, the main side being attacked, Yu Lei International, was still in a miserable state, and would reach its lowest stock price ever once Nasdaq Stock Market in America reopened. This would cause the company to be taken over by outside parties, to the point where even their bones wouldn’t remain.

However, the people who had truly understood the situation like Yang Chen, Lin Ruoxi, Yuan Hewei, Yang Jieyu, and Athena Team stopped taking this matter seriously.

If Athena Team had still managed to fail with 50 billion cash in hand, then what Lin Ruoxi had said would be accurate, “I hired you to work, not to state the obvious.”

The only real loss to all this would be that Lin Ruoxi’s old house had been damaged. Fixing the place would only require a few days, and it would be as good as new.

Of course, having been through this experience, the people at home had a completely new understanding for Yang Chen. Lin Ruoxi chose to avoid talking to him, so she returned to Yu Lei International to continue her work.

Silence is worse than the anger.

Yang Chen didn’t feel that Lin Ruoxi was looking down on him, but she was certainly mad at him. He was aware of the problem, but had not thought of a way to resolve it at the moment.

Being the lover, not only did Rose not hold any malice toward Lin Ruoxi, she also risked her life to protect her entire family. This was no different from giving a violent slap on Lin Ruoxi’s face filled with pride!

Furthermore, Lin Ruoxi had to suffer in silence. She had to be thankful for Rose, even if the talkative Christen was the one who had truly saved them, Rose still managed to buy time to save everyone’s lives.

There was no reason for Lin Ruoxi to hate her savior. Thus, all she could do was express her resentment, anger, hatred, and pain to the giant carrot Yang Chen.

Babe Rose, you’re making it hard for me to face both sides… Yang Chen thought with a bitter smile.

Fortunately, Yang Chen had a shameless personality. Even when he knew he was no different from a target board for archery which everyone shot their ‘arrows’ at, he still put on an act to intimately ask Guo Xuehua and the others if they were fine. He then informed Sea Eagles to take care of them before smilingly going out of the house and taking a left turn as he headed to Rose’s home.

It was his first time coming to Rose’s and Mo Qianni’s new place. The door wasn’t closed. Rose may have forgotten to close it, or not

The style and design of this villa was similar to the Lin clan’s old house, but the interior looked darker and more spacious. These decorations must have been the works of Situ Mingze and were left by him in his passing.

A few copybooks were inserted in the western paintings. Wood and stone were mainly used for the decorative crafts. Should a timid person enter this time, he might not dare to leave the house, as there were weirdly shaped ‘ghosts and monsters’ all over the place.

Yang Chen came to the kitchen and discovered Rose who appeared to have calmed down. She took a carton of orange juice out from the fridge with the intent of drinking from it. Her face held a carefree expression, not one which showed a life or death situation.

Rose wasn’t very surprised to see Yang Chen suddenly appear in her house. Smiling, she asked, “Do you want a glass of juice?”

“It looks like my worry was unfounded. You should be fine.” Yang Chen examined Rose who had changed into a loose cotton pyjamas. It couldn’t be seen from her actions that she was injured, which allowed Yang Chen to stop being anxious.

“The big guy had not planned to battle me since the start, so I hadn’t had many chances to fight him. Luckily the lady Christen came afterward…” Out of curiosity, Rose asked, “Oh yeah, Hubby, isn’t Christen the singer and actress superstar? Why is she so good in martial arts? I don’t even know how she killed the big guy.”

Rose wasn’t Christen’s fan, and only knew a thing or two about her, so she wasn’t too shocked regarding what had taken place earlier. She just treated Christen as a low-profile woman. Regarding combat abilities, Rose still thought Yang Chen was stronger than Christen without hesitation.

“Ignore that woman. Stay as far away from her as possible, or you’ll find yourself caught up in a whole heap of trouble,” Yang Chen said as he frowned. “She doesn’t know martial arts at all. That’s just her inborn ability.”

“Inborn ability?” Rose took a sip of her orange juice and looked confused, but decided not to ask Yang Chen as he wasn’t very willing to explain.

Yang Chen walked forward and hugged her slim waist, gazing upon the elegant face right in front of him. “I once said that I’d face dangers for you. But I seem to always fail to fulfill my promises. I’ll feel better if you can cry in my arms or scold me. What should I do if you act like everything’s normal after almost losing your life, and keep quiet when you’re suffering? Rose… don’t always keep everything to yourself. Let me know what you truly think, can you?”

Rose bit her lower lip and raised her glass before drinking the orange juice again. However, she didn’t swallow the liquid, but raised her head instead to kiss Yang Chen on his lips.

Yang Chen blurrily kissed Rose, and felt that Rose used her tongue to aggressively entangle with his. Soon, the orange juice from Rose’s mouth slowly flowed into his mouth…

Rose appeared deeply immersed. She put down the glass and hugged Yang Chen tightly with her jade-like arms, as if she melted into his body.

Yang Chen’s nose was filled with the woman’s familiar, rosy scent. Rose’s soft and curvy body was in his arms, while the pair of flesh mounds made him feel incredibly content with the situation.

When their lips separated, Rose panted as she opened her watery eyes to stare at Yang Chen. “How does it taste?”


“The orange juice.”

Yang Chen licked his lips. Smiling, he said, “It’s sweet, sour, and a little rough.”

Rose smiled and said, “That’s exactly what I’m feeling inside… Do you understand now?”

Yang Chen remained silent as he exhaled warm air, feeling extremely emotional. He stopped speaking, but hugged this woman tightly in his arms again.

After a long time, Rose quietly opened her eyes and blinked a few times. Gently, she said, “I’m actually fine. I have long gotten used to waiting for you… But Hubby, do you know that Qianni always complains to me how irresponsible you are?”

Yang Chen felt rather awkward. He asked, “What did Little Qianqian say about me?”

Yang Chen didn’t expect Mo Qianni to make reports about him to Rose. She should just tell me if she’s dissatisfied. Why is she always acting like she’s busy every day? How am I supposed to notice every subtle detail? The woman indeed deserves a spank on her butt, Yang Chen thought.

“Qianni said you refused to visit us after we moved here for so long, and both of us combined have less attraction to you compared to Lin Ruoxi alone. Other men always find the women outside more alluring than the one they have at home, but it’s not the case for you. Since you’re this biased, we feel that we should just get married to another man,” Rose said seriously.

Yang Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Not only was Lin Ruoxi already having a cold war with him, his two other women were feeling resentful as well. Although Rose claimed that it was what Mo Qianni had said, but it was obviously what Rose felt as well.

“Don’t joke with me like that. I’ll visit you guys more often. Qianni always acts like an independent woman. She wouldn’t call me if she had nothing to tell me, while I was always afraid of disturbing her work,” Yang Chen said.

“How about me… I lost my job now…” Rose pouted her mouth.

Lost your job?! Yang Chen joked, “Since my Babe Rose is so bored, why don’t you expand Red Thorns Society to other cities, and soon take over all the underground syndicates in China?”

“Really?!” Light glared out from Rose’s eyes. Excited, she said, “Since Hubby supports me so much, I’ll do just that!”

Yang Chen felt a chill on the back of his head. Why do I feel like I’ve fallen into a trap?

Frowning, he said, “Babe Rose, what do you mean? Have you really been thinking of expanding the Red Thorns Society?”

Cowardly, Rose said, “Actually, a rather powerful syndicate leader scouted for me recently. He hoped to team up with our Red Thorns Society to expand our power to the south. I… I’m rather tempted by the offer… but I’m afraid that you may not allow me to continue doing this, so… so i decided to ask you.”

Yang Chen took a deep breath. I’ve indeed fallen into a trap! he thought. He felt that Rose had long had a plan in her mind.

“Why do you suddenly want to get involved in that field again? Didn’t you say you were tired of it, and haven’t you passed a lot of tasks to Rongrong already?” Yang Chen asked gloomily.

Rose seemed to be feeling rather embarrassed. Lowing her head, she said, “Although I’ve invested in your company, I noticed that I don’t possess the business-like mindset needed. There’s nothing much I can help, and I’ve basically been staying home these days, while I don’t have many friends outside… A lot of my gang members have started losing the spirit, and the organization is getting more and more scattered… So, I feel that expanding our power isn’t the worst option at this point…”

Yang Chen noticed he had still underestimated the desire for combats in Rose’s blood. She might be good in enduring in a relationship, but it didn’t mean she could stay put for the rest for her life at other aspects.

Having been influenced by her father Situ Mingze since young, Rose loved to occupy places and expand her power although she wasn’t a huge fan of killing and bloody scenes.

At the night of taking over Dongxing, Yang Chen noticed the strongly burning blaze in that woman’s eyes. Currently, the same flame seemed to have returned.

“It is said that one should support the people he loves. I didn’t expect my support would be for my woman to expand her underground power…” Yang Chen sighed as he shook his head.

Rose excitedly kissed Yang Chen on his cheek. “I knew that you wouldn’t stop me from doing something like this. As long as I have your approval, there’s nothing I need to fear!”

Yang Chen naturally understood what she meant. Since he had promised to allow her into doing so, he naturally had to lend his hand when she was in a difficult situation.

In fact, this wasn’t something impressive to Yang Chen. Ignoring the fact that Red Thorns Society had become one of the most powerful syndicates, it wasn’t too difficult for them to expand. Moreover, the underground syndicates in China were only messing around, unlike the ones from America or Europe. The largest ‘gang’ in China contained more than 2 million soldiers.

Yang Chen didn’t mind giving his woman a little fun in her life. He was also too lazy to ask her about the specifics regarding the actual excecution. Rose was more experienced than him in the underground world. Today, he was reminded that he hadn’t accompaied Mo Qianni in a while.”

The independent woman proudly wagging her tail would always speak in an indifferent manner, but in fact she had scolded him for at least thousands of times in her mind.

Yang Chen thought silently before bidding farewell to Rose and driving to Yu Lei International. Mo Qianni should still be at work now. Copyright 2016 - 2024