Stop Talking About It

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Yuan Ye’s sudden appearance and question made Yang Chen dissipate all his killing aura. He frowned as he thought of something, staring at Yang Lie who was panting heavily.

Yang Lie’s brows creased as he took a closer look at Yuan Ye. “You are…”

“I’m Yuan Ye. We met before when we were younger!” Yuan Ye said as he pointed at himself, feeling rather excited. However, the situation made it awkward for him to put a smile on his face.

“You are… Aunt’s son?” Yang Lie asked doubtfully. He looked as if he was recalling something similar as well.

“Yeah, my mom is Yang Jieyu. I was wondering why you appeared so familiar, and looked very similar to Uncle. So you’re my cousin… But… but we haven’t met for so long, I couldn’t recognize you immediately and I wasn’t thinking straight.” Yuan Ye awkwardly turned around and said to Yang Chen, “Elder Brother, for me, can you spare his life? Please don’t kill him. I heard that he started following a master to learn martial arts, so he may not understand you well. He’s been punished enough now…”

Although Yang Chen didn’t rid himself of his hostile look much, his killing aura had long dispersed the moment Yang Lie recognized Yuan Ye. Negative emotions of sorrow and loneliness made him feel like his heart was at its freezing point.

He didn’t have to analyze the situation much to understand why he felt a subconscious, bizarre emotion the moment he saw this young man earlier.

With a complex gaze, he glanced at Yang Lie before looking at the old man who acted cautiously. Sighing, he said, “Leave. I won’t kill you guys for this little brother of mine.”

Cai Ning’s face revealed shock. She knew that Yang Chen wouldn’t mind killing anyone even if they are related to him once he was in action. Did Yuan Ye’s presence manage to stop Yang Chen from committing murder?! This… is too strange!

However, Cai Ning truly relieved herself since Yang Lie didn’t have to die. After all, Cai clan was much weaker when compared to Yang clan. If something really happened to Yang Lie in Zhonghai, while he was coincidentally brought over by Cai Ning, Cai clan would definitely get into trouble. When that happens, they’d have no place to cry at. Anywhere they went to would lead to certain death…

The old man squinted his eyes. He felt rather surprised towards Yang Chen’s rapid dismissal of his killing aura. But he still rested at ease, and treated Yang Chen’s action as kindness. He clasped his hands and said, “Yu Jizi from Kunlun Sect thanks Little Brother for your generosity.”

After he finished speaking, Yu Jizi lifted Yang Lie who was crippled and low-spirited up, before leaping away and leaving the villa.

His lightness skill was indeed formidable. Even Yang Chen might have not been able to defeat him in the air. If he wanted to abandon Yang Lie and escape, Yang Chen was certain that he couldn’t catch up to him.

[TL note: Lightness Skill (轻功 qīnggōng): The ability to lighten the body and move with great agility & swiftness. At high proficiency, practitioners of this skill can run across water, leap to the top of trees, or even glide through the air.]

Following his leap, even when he was carrying a person, Yu Jizi’s figure was nowhere to be found anymore.

Cai Ning gloomily looked at Yang Chen. Nodding, she said, “Thank you,” before leaving the scene as well.

Having witnessed such a magical incident early in the morning, Yuan Ye and Tang Tang were astonished, feeling like they’d just woke up from a dream. Fortunately, it wasn’t their first time seeing Yang Chen in action. Otherwise they would’ve fainted out of surprise earlier.

Melancholy could be seen on Hui Lin’s face. She noticed that Lin Ruoxi had been staring at her with a weird gaze. Although Lin Ruoxi didn’t explicitly state anything, Hui Lin vaguely felt that she seemed to have found out something.

Yang Chen wasn’t in the mood to stay at home. Walking to the door, he said, “Ruoxi, I’ll go take the car out for a spin. Take care of Yuan Ye and Tang Tang.”

Lin Ruoxi stunned slightly. She’d rarely seen Yang Chen this serious. He even talked to her this solemnly, which rendered her speechless. She even felt a small heartache coming. Nodding gently, she said, “Alright. Come back soon, we’ll wait for you to have lunch.”

Yang Chen hummed in acknowledgement before walking to the garage and leaving the villa with his car.

He needed some time for himself to calm his mind. The feeling of love and hate mixed together made him fall under the illusion that he was being heavily tortured.

The feeling one faced when thinking about something compared to actually experiencing it, was not unlike the difference between heaven and earth. Similar to the time when he met up with Yang Jieyu at the cafe, Yang Chen found it hard to rationally look at the things which he had never felt he owned, that he tried very hard to forget about.

After Yang Chen left, the atmosphere at home got rather awkward. Yuan Ye and Tang Tang didn’t expect a life-and-death scene to emerge when paying a new year’s visit. Luckily, Yang Lie was Yuan Ye’s cousin brother whom he hadn’t met in a while. Otherwise the scene would definitely have gone south.

However, the matter was only temporarily delayed. The main issue still remained.

At the very least, including Yuan Ye, they felt it was extremely odd for Yang Lie to have taken a fancy towards Hui Lin—Yang Lie isn’t an ordinary person! How about Hui Lin?

Although Lin Ruoxi didn’t have much connection with Yuan clan, she was well aware that they were quite steady in their position as the strongest clan in Zhonghai. It was mostly due to Yuan Ye’s mother, Yang Jieyu from the Yang clan in Beijing.

Since Yang Lie was Yuan Ye’s cousin brother, he was undoubtedly from the top clan in China, the Yang clan. The reason why he is this strong and has such a domineering master was all because of his extraordinary family background, although, even his master could barely stand a few strikes from Yang Chen.

Why would such a man come to look for the seemingly normal Hui Lin, who claimed to be Yang Chen’s cousin sister, this resolutely?

Although Hui Lin was a rare beauty l, she paled in comparison when she stood beside Lin Ruoxi. She could be considered pleasant-looking at most. It was impossible for her to attract a man so much that he would lose his mind, let alone a child from a wealthy family like Yang Lie! He must’ve seen countless beauties in his life before. Even when he met Lin Ruoxi, he wasn’t the slightest bit affected.

As a result, Yuan Ye couldn’t help but to ask, “Miss Hui Lin, how do you know my cousin brother? I heard that he left the city at a young age to learn from his master, who’s likely to be the daoist that came earlier, Yu Jizi. Are you an apprentice of a master from Kunlun Sect as well?”

Hui Lin paled. Being naive, she didn’t expect Yang Lie to come find her. This time, she was afraid that she would really get exposed.

Expectedly, Lin Ruoxi turned her cold gaze over to Hui Lin after Yuan Ye asked the question. She was the CEO of a multinational company with tens of thousands of employees after all. Giving subordinates pressure was something she was good at doing. When Hui Lin saw that she was looking at her in such a way, she felt rather distressed at the question.

“I… I’m not… I’m just…”

Hui Lin really didn’t know how to explain herself. She wasn’t one who was good at lying. Yang Chen was the only who claimed that she was his cousin. She found it hard to cover herself as she couldn’t come up with a perfect lie.

“It’s fine. Stop talking about it, this isn’t a problem to be discussing now,” Lin Ruoxi said out of the blue while her sight met Hui Lin’s for a while. “Hui Lin, go give Wang Ma a hand in cooking lunch. Yuan Ye and Tang Tang, please stay to have lunch with us.”

Hui Lin stunned. She didn’t know Lin Ruoxi would let her go just like that, and even help her change the topic.

Doesn’t she want to ask about me being ‘Lin Hui’?

Regardless what the reason was, Hui Lin instantly nodded and proceeded to the kitchen.

Yuan Ye didn’t feel the need to get an answer. Since she wasn’t willing to tell, he was too lazy to delve into the matter. She wasn’t the girl he was interested in after all.

Hui Lin felt relieved when she ran to the kitchen. She helped Wang Ma wash and cut vegetables, but her attention was focused at the living room. She really had no clue what Lin Ruoxi was thinking about. Based on Lin Ruoxi’s intelligence, it was impossible that she missed such an obvious issue. Furthermore, her gaze earlier proved that she must’ve found something out.

It’s all because of Yang Lie!

Emei Sect , where Hui Lin was in, had always been connected to Yang Lie’s Kunlun Sect, not to mention that the Lin clan and the Yang clan were close. Although the Lin clan wasn’t as powerful as the Yang clan, they could still be considered on the same tier.

When Yang Lie first met Hui Lin, he quickly fell in love as he was still young. Since then, he had been thinking that Hui Lin would certainly end up being his wife. On the other hand, Hui Lin had no interest in the arrogant Yang Lie who came from a wealthy family, which allowed him to have a master of Xiantian level, although he was extremely gifted. As a result, such a scene emerged earlier.

When Hui Lin busied herself in the kitchen, Lin Ruoxi came into the kitchen as well to get some snacks for the visitors.

Seeing Lin Ruoxi, Hui Lin immediately wanted to explain something. “Elder Sister, I’m actually—”

“Stop talking about it.” Lin Ruoxi gazed upon her for a short while. “You don’t need to tell me, while I don’t know anything. You’re Yang Chen’s cousin, which means you’re my cousin as well, am I right?”

Hui Lin felt sour at heart when she saw that Lin Ruoxi was repressing her emotions. Biting her lips, she nodded and said, “Yeah…”

Lin Ruoxi forced a smile, before walking out of the kitchen with some dried fruits.

Hui Lin got stunned as she stood up. She wasn’t able to calm herself down. Her eyes reddened while she tried her best to hold back from crying. Copyright 2016 - 2024