You'll Go First

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When lunchtime came round, Yang Chen promptly returned home. His gloominess was replaced with one of relaxation. He had managed to calm himself down.

Yang Chen looked at Yuan Ye and Tang Tang with disdain upon seeing them. “I merely asked you guys to stay for lunch out of courtesy. Did you really take me seriously?”

Tang Tang could tell that Yang Chen was himself again. Pointing her middle finger, she said, “I heard from Sister-In-Law that this house belongs to her, and not you. Uncle, you’re just a man who relies on his wife!”

Yang Chen exuded cold sweat. Gloomily, he looked at Lin Ruoxi who was carrying dishes out from the kitchen and said, “Wife, you can’t reveal everything. I’m not given any human rights in this house.”

Lin Ruoxi finally felt relieved when Yang Chen returned safely and started joking again, but didn’t entertain him. Minding her own business, she turned around and walked back to the kitchen.

“Uncle, look! Even Sister-In-Law is ignoring you.” Tang Tang said as she stuck her tongue out at Yang Chen, which made him sigh deeply.

Everyone sat down and started eating while relishing the present pleasant atmosphere. Wang Ma appeared particularly joyous, especially when Yuan Ye and Tang Tang referred to Lin Ruoxi as ‘Sister-In-Law’. She smiled so brightly that her eyes creased like a crescent moon.

“Elder Brother, I have a request,” Yuan Ye suddenly said to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen was stuffing in a big mouthful of rice as he chewed on a chicken drumstick. He nodded as he signalled him to continue talking.

“Can you teach me martial arts?”

Yang Chen had originally wanted to spit out the rice which was in in his mouth to express his astonishment, but the moment he was going to open his mouth, Lin Ruoxi who was sitting opposite him, gave him a cold stare, which caused him to immediately swallow his food.

“Erm… I think that it would be in your best interest to stick to playing computer games. Fighting doesn’t suit you,” Yang Chen said. “If all you want to do is deal with small time gangsters, just learn boxing or something. I don’t know how to teach you martial arts.”

“But you do know martial arts. The person earlier was so powerful but still paled in comparison to you. If I learn from you, wouldn’t that make me super strong as well?” Yuan Ye asked in excitement.

Yang Chen put down his bowl and chopsticks. Solemnly, he gazed upon Yuan Ye and said, “I don’t understand martial arts.”

“Elder Brother, stop joking. Everyone saw what you did.” Yuan Ye thought that Yang Chen was unwilling to teach him.

“I don’t know martial arts, but I know how to kill. Do you want to learn how to kill?” Yang Chen asked.

Yuan Ye got stunned, while the four women dining on the table stopped what they were doing. Dissatisfied, Lin Ruoxi looked at Yang Chen. What he said must’ve frightened Yuan Ye very much.

Yuan Ye looked troubled. At last, he nodded his head and said, “Nevermind, I probably won’t be able to stand the training anyways.”

“Don’t think that I’m being petty. If I really wanted to teach, the least qualified people I’m willing to train is the special forces. You lack the commitment, qualification and foundation. It’s better if you stayed away from all this,” Yang Chen said.

In fact, he could have taught him the internal energy technique of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture. But his master Song Tianxing didn’t specify if he could pass on the technique or not. Thus, it was out of respect for his dead master, that Yang Chen wasn’t readily going to teach others the technique.

Furthermore, he only managed to successfully practise the technique because of his unique body type. Ordinary people would find it difficult to even achieve the first level.

Yuan Ye didn’t mind it too much. Although he felt that it was rather unfortunate that he could not learn, he wouldn’t go so far as to argue with Yang Chen just because he didn’t agree to teach him. After that, he continued chatting with the others relaxedly.

Their lunch ended shortly after. Tang Tang suddenly suggested, “Sister-In-Law, Uncle, let’s go for some karaoke later, can we? Everyone’s on vacation anyway. Let’s have some fun!”

“Karaoke?” Lin Ruoxi frowned. “I haven’t gone to one before.”

“Really…” Tang Tang looked dumbfounded, as if she was witnessing something supernatural. “Sister-In-Law, you’re the CEO of such a huge company but you haven’t been to one before?”

Lin Ruoxi blushed slightly as she nodded.

Yang Chen wasn’t surprised at all. He felt that Tang Tang’s suggestion could be used to improve his relationship with Lin Ruoxi. As a result, he said, “Let’s go. We’ll leave after resting for a bit.”

“We have a well-decorated and considerably large karaoke owned by the Yuan clan. I’ll register a platinum card for you guys later, so that you can go for your subsequent times,” Yuan Ye said with a smile. “I don’t mean anything else than just that by it, take it as a gift for my seniors.”

Yang Chen snorted. “You know, the more you speak, the older I feel.”

Lin Ruoxi felt rather moved when she heard that Yang Chen agreed. Turning her head, she said to Hui Lin, “Sister, you’re coming with us as well.”

Hui Lin had been feeling rather down during the meal. When Lin Ruoxi suddenly invited her to join as well, she almost dropped her bowl. “I’m allowed to go as well?”

“Of course you can. We’re going as a family. You’re related to us, aren’t you?” Lin Ruoxi said.

Hui Lin felt sour in her heart. She wasn't sure if Lin Ruoxi found out about their relationship. When Lin Ruoxi mentioned the word ‘relative’, she immediately felt guilty.

She had been lying to her all this time, even though it wasn’t malicious in intent. She was extremely grateful that Lin Ruoxi was willing to tolerate her even when that was the case.

“Alright, I’ll go,” Hui Lin agreed. She knew that Lin Ruoxi wanted someone to keep her company, although she herself hadn’t been to a karaoke before as well.

After the meal, they rested at home for a short while, before preparing to leave. Lin Ruoxi and Hui Lin wore a overcoat before going out with the others.

Lin Ruoxi’s car tyre hadn’t been replaced yet, so she boarded Yang Chen’s. They followed Yuan Ye’s R8 to Yuan’s Dream Karaoke owned by the Yuan clan.

In the car, Yang Chen drove as he asked Lin Ruoxi who was beside him, “Honey, do you know where I went earlier?”

She glanced at Yang Chen and said, “I don’t want to know.”

Yang Chen pouted. “Ah, how uncooperative… I went to look for Zhenxiu.”

“Zhenxiu?” Lin Ruoxi finally got interested. “How is she these days?”

Yang Chen nodded. “I’ve asked her to sign up for school again, to get ready for the college entrance exam this summer. I went to visit her today. Her place was filled with huge piles of books. She must’ve started to treat it seriously.”

Lin Ruoxi looked at Yang Chen in satisfaction. “You’ve finally done something good.”

Yang Chen felt dismayed. When have I ever done bad things?

Hui Lin didn’t know who Zhenxiu was, but she felt that it was fun to see Yang Chen’s troubled face.

Upon their arrival at the karaoke, the general manager rushed out to welcome them inside. Yuan Ye gave him a call earlier. When he found out that the young master of the Yuan clan and the CEO of Yu Lei International were coming over, he immediately asked his subordinates to empty out the largest room, and handpicked two of the best-looking employees to serve them.

“Young Master, how come you have time to visit us today?” the general manager asked with a smile.

Yuan Ye pointed at Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi beside. “This is my elder brother and sister-in-law. I’m quite free today, so I decided to come over to have some fun. You don’t need to do anything meaningless, but continue doing your job instead. None of us here likes the extra attention.”

The manager took a glance at Lin Ruoxi, and immediately realized that she was the well-known CEO who seldom showed herself in public events. He got slightly stunned, before quickly nodding his head to Yuan Ye.

Upon entering the specially prepared, incredibly large and luxurious room, huge portions of fruits, snacks and beverages could be seen on the table.

Being led by the ever so active Tang Tang, the atmosphere quickly became bright again. Holding the mic, Tang Tang sang a fast song passionately before singing a love song together with Yuan Ye.

Yuan Ye’s singing was rather out of tune, but it wasn’t too terrible. The two resembled professionals when they sang, relaxed and natural.

After they finished singing the two songs, Yang Chen and Hui Lin clapped in encouragement, while Lin Ruoxi looked immensely bothered, as if she witnessed something that made her exceedingly nervous.

“Uncle, it’s your turn now,” Tang Tang said as he passed the mic to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen received the mic before putting it in front of Lin Ruoxi. “Ladies first.”

Lin Ruoxi hurriedly pushed the mic back to Yang Chen. “You go first, I don’t need you to let me go first.”

Yang Chen felt rather helpless. Using the mic, he said to Yuan Ye, “Kid, help me pick a song.”

“What song do you want?” Yuan Ye asked.

“Pick whichever one you like, anything will do,” Yang Chen said.

Lin Ruoxi stared at him doubtfully. “Stop lying. What if you don’t know how to sing the song?”

“Haha, I will certainly know how to sing all the songs this kid listens to,” Yang Chen said joyfully.

Yuan Ye didn’t believe a word he said. Having pondered for a while, he picked a rather new song, Rolling in the Deep, sang by the award-winning singer Adele. Due to its unique tone, it was rare for other people to convey the same emotions when singing the song.

Hui Lin was delighted. The equipment in the karaoke room made her really excited. When she heard that Yang Chen was going next, she looked at him with high expectations.

Yang Chen followed the rhythm and started singing the song. His hoarse voice was suitable towards this style of music.

The relaxed yet powerful voice filled the room with wildness and indulgence. Yang Chen even used a pure American accent, to sing the song, making it sound particularly unrestrained.

Yuan Ye and Tang Tang were immersed in his voice, while Hui Lin’s face revealed astonishment. However, Lin Ruoxi looked more and more anxious. Her palms were clenched while they trembled.

After Yang Chen finished singing the song, he happily passed the mic back to Lin Ruoxi. “Wife, it’s your turn.”

Lin Ruoxi, after watching his performance, quickly passed the mic to Hui Lin. “Sister, you’ll go first.”

“Ah?” Hui Lin blinked her eyes. Although she wanted a turn as well, she didn’t expect Lin Ruoxi to let somebody else go first again.

Seeing Lin Ruoxi’s serious and nervous look, Hui Lin received the mic and stood up. Copyright 2016 - 2023