Xiantian Full Cycle

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The battle outside the door caused Lin Ruoxi and the others to come over to Yang Chen. They relieved themselves when they saw that Hui Lin was fine. However, the situation was still tense. They then looked at Yang Lie outside who held a fierce gaze.

When Yuan Ye saw Yang Lie close up, he felt that his face looked rather familiar. When he recalled that Hui Lin called him ‘Yang Lie’, Yuan Ye started looking at him more carefully with suspicion…

“Yang Chen, you better mind your own business. This matter is between Lin Hui and I. I advise you to step away.” Yang Lie still kept his domineering demeanor.

“Her grandma asked me to take care of her while she is here, which means I can’t allow you to do whatever you want. Whether you like it or not is none of my business. All I see was she wasn’t willing to leave with you and asked for my help. I have no reason to stand aside. So, stop talking nonsense and prove that you’ve got what it takes to do what you want.” Yang Chen got rather impatient. This young man looked a few years younger than him, but spoke like he was a senior, arrogant as hell.

Yang Lie snorted scornfully. “Do you think that I, Yang Lie, dare not fight you? Do you think that I’ll be afraid of you just because you’re stronger than me? Let me tell you. In this world, there are countless experts whom you would never have a chance to meet in your entire life. Your insignificant strength is nothing in my eyes. Within a few years, I’ll be a few times stronger than you! You should back off now, or you’ll have to beg for mercy from me come that time… I know that you hold evil intentions towards Hui’er. Why would you step in to make her stay at your house otherwise? You have nothing to do with her. Do you think I’m an idiot?!”

His words ignited a blaze within Yang Chen. Yang Chen wasn’t the slightest bit interested in knowing the experts that Yang Lie mentioned. He knew that there was definitely something wrong with this kid’s brain.

Why didn’t he lower his head when he was in somebody else’s realm?

“Do you believe that I can’t make you disappear from this world if you say something more?” Killing aura surged in Yang Chen’s body. Even if he really disliked killing people, it was an appropriate way of dealing with the matter. Leaving such an unscrupulous person alive would be a disaster for others.

Having listened to what Yang Chen said, Cai Ning immediately frowned and said, “Yang Chen, don’t get reckless! It’s just that he doesn’t understand the situation…”

“Yeah, Brother Yang, beating him is good enough. Please don’t kill… please?” Hui Lin was aware of the difference in strength between Yang Chen and Yang Lie. If Yang Chen said he wanted to kill him, he really couldn’t be saved anymore.

On the other hand, Yang Lie who burst into laughter appeared to be fearless. “Do you think I don’t dare to do it? You’re finally revealing your true side. I exposed your hostility towards Hui’er, didn’t I? You managed to earn her trust because she’s naive and pure. You’re merely an ugly being living in darkness...”

Before Yang Lie could speak anymore, Yang Chen’s figure had moved in front of him instantaneously!

Yang Chen’s face was emotionless, like dark clouds in a thunderstorm. The overwhelming force his body exerted started oppressing Yang Lie!

“You shall die…”

As he spoke, Yang Chen’s palm landed on Yang Lie’s chest!

What Yang Lie didn’t know, was that he would have had no chance to react to Yang Chen’s speed once he got serious!

Such a great disparity caused the presumptuous grin to remain on his face the moment his chest was smacked by Yang Chen!


Following the echoing of the strike, Yang Lie’s body was just like a kite with a broken string, launching backwards seven to eight meters, flipping in the air a few times before falling onto the lawn!

Yang Lie violently spit out a mouthful of blood while his eyes were wide open. As his hands shivered, he raised his finger to point at Yang Chen…

“You… you… dare…”

Yang Lie couldn’t complete his sentence. He felt countless mini bombs exploding away within his organs. His meridians fell into complete chaos. His internal energy was shocked so hard that it was not unlike mice who were frantically scurrying around, making him lose most of his energy!

Yang Chen’s eyes looked brutal and ice-cold. His body seemed like it was utterly immersed in darkness. Even if bright sunlight shone upon the house, Yang Chen’s surroundings still felt like it was in the realm of darkness.

Cai Ning was dumbstruck. She didn’t expect Yang Chen to strike so quickly just because he said so!

If the smack earlier landed on her body, Cai Ning believed that even if she possessed three times her power, she would still die. However, the fellow Yang Lie was still alive. His internal energy is indeed far superior to mine!

But, I really can’t let him die!

Cai Ning hurriedly rushed towards Yang Chen and blocked his way, stopping him from further getting closer to Yang Lie. Her cold face was currently filled with anxiety. “Yang Chen, enough. You can’t kill him. You’ll get into trouble!”

Lin Ruoxi and the others were astonished when they witnessed Yang Chen’s sudden outbreak, especially Yuan Ye and Tang Tang. Although they knew that Yang Chen was proficient in fighting, they didn’t know he was this powerful.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t speak a word, but her face paled severely. She didn’t pay much attention to whether Yang Chen was committing murder or not. However, she heard Yang Lie referred Hui Lin as—Lin Hui?!

Lin Ruoxi quietly gazed upon Hui Lin who looked anxious, before immersing into contemplation…

“Go away,” Yang Chen stared at Cai Ning indifferently. “You know that you can’t stop me.”

Cai Ning clenched her teeth while her eyes were filled with resolution in addition to pleading. “Yang Chen… please don’t do this. He really cannot die…”

“Why?” Yang Chen asked coldly.

“His background is extraordinary. If something happens to him, you’ll…”

“What’ll happen to me? Who can stop me?” Yang Chen laughed loudly. “I tolerated him repeatedly, but he chose not to back off. He’s conceited, ignorant, and foolish. Why should I spare his life?”

Yang Lie who was lying on the lawn hadn’t experienced such insults before. He got so pissed that he spat out yet another mouthful of blood on the ground. Pointing at Yang Chen and opening his bloody mouth, he said, “You… you dare scold me…”

Cai Ning instantly paled. Why doesn’t this fellow understand his situation?! Is he an idiot?!

Expectedly, Yang Chen didn’t speak any more nonsense. He swept his hand in front of Cai Ning and simply pushed her aside.

It only took Yang Chen one step to arrive in front of Yang Lie, literally looking down on him in a condescending manner.

“I like how you look at me. Killing you will make me feel very pleased.” As soon as Yang Chen finished speaking, he launched a kick at Yang Lie’s head!

However, Yang Chen frowned as he swung his foot down. He turned his body around in the blink of an eye and swung his leg towards the sky!


An explosion-like sound echoed midair!

A green and gray figure suddenly emerged mid-air. After his foot collided with Yang Chen’s, he flipped in the air and landed behind Yang Lie.

The green and gray figure pulled Yang Lie towards his back for protection.He was then revealed to everyone.

He was an old man dressed in a green robe. His black hair was aging slightly, but his face was ruddy while his skin was bright and smooth. No one could tell just how old he was. Keeping a solemn expression, he gazed upon Yang Chen as if he was facing his biggest enemy.

Cai Ning was stunned when she saw the person approaching. She then thought of something and got surprised, but soon relieved herself. Judging from this senior’s ability, he might be able to stop this murderous god.

“Master…” Yang Lie coughed blood. Upon seeing the person who came, joy immediately emerged on his paled face.

The old man leaned downwards before striking a few meridian points on Yang Lie’s body before standing straight again to face Yang Chen.

“Young Man, isn’t it our practice to be forgiving whenever we can. My apprentice is still young. Don’t you feel that it’s wrong to attack him so severely?” the old man asked as he frowned.

Yang Chen looked at the old man’s actions. Earlier, he felt an enormous oncoming force. Although he could forcefully take the blow, he’d receive a slight injury. As a result, he merely impacted the old man once.

Yang Chen didn’t expect he’d really meet someone who could withstand his attack without being affected. At this moment, he snorted in disdain. “He’s young, but I’m not old as well. If he didn’t choose to provoke me repeatedly, I wouldn’t have taken action. So he’s your apprentice. Shouldn’t you lecture him before telling me these?”

“My apprentice is at fault as well, but you didn’t have to punish him so brutally…” The old man’s eyes revealed emotions. “As far as this one is concerned, you’ve already achieved Xiantian Full Cycle. Even this one is far from reaching this level. With great power comes great responsibility. Although I don’t know how you managed to obtain such abilities at a young age, do you have to quibble about such a trivial matters with my apprentice?”

[TL note: ‘This one’ is a humble way of referring to oneself.]

Yang Chen looked indifferent when he listened to the old man, while Cai Ning and Yang Lie were dumbfounded. Cai Ning didn’t know Yang Chen had entered the legendary level of Xiantian Full Cycle! No wonder he’s this strong!

Yang Lie didn’t expect even his master to be inferior to this man! Previously, he wanted to ask his master to take action, since he was certainly stronger than Yang Chen. However, this dream of his got crushed when the old man spoke. He finally realized that he really could die in Yang Chen’s hands!

“Old Man, don’t think I’m unable to kill you just because you could block my kick. Your apprentice pissed me off. If you want to talk more nonsense today, I’ll kill you as well.” Yang Chen immediately lost his patience when the old man started telling him life lessons. Fight me if you want to. Rescue him if you can. Why must you bullshit in the process?

There was no fairness in this world, it had always been this case. At the end of the day, the strongest would forever be the fist, instead of the ability to reason. Only fools would believe that God was fair and just.

However, at this moment, Yuan Ye who had been observing Yang Lie suddenly rushed over. Hesitatingly, he asked, “Are you… are you my cousin from the Yang clan?”

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