Chapter 43: I Must Reward Myself Well

After Yang Chen’s series of words brought forth laughter from the female colleagues again, without any semblance of a virtuous lady, one short-haired pretty girl who was holding a fried dumpling walked up to him and coyly said, “Big brother Yang, come closer, there’s something I want to say to you.”

Yang Chen moved closer to hear what she had to say, yet that pretty girl kissed his cheeks with a “muah,” then with her face beet-red she smiled and said, “This is your reward!”

Like he was suddenly on cloud nine, Yang Chen felt that the world was great. Yu Lei International was indeed heaven for men. It was only his second day, yet there was already a pretty girl offering kisses. Just a single breakfast had such an effect, so if he brought breakfast everyday, would his life of “gender happiness” still be far away?

Yang Chen touched the moist kiss mark on his face, and laughed, “Little sister, that was insincere of you, there was still oil on your mouth when you kissed me, if I can’t clean it off, you’ll have to kiss the oil back.”

The short-haired sister pretended to be angry as she said, “Hmph, calling you big brother is already very nice of me, among the sisters here who is younger than you? Don’t gain an inch and ask for a mile.”

“Hehe, just joking.” Only now did Yang Chen remember he was only 23 this year. In Huaxia quite a number of university students graduated at 24. Indeed he could only be considered a little brother, and not big brother.

After the crowd of female colleagues grabbed what they liked, they happily returned to their seats and enjoyed the food while working, and from time to time several bold sisters would release electric eyes at Yang Chen, causing Yang Chen to feel like his saliva glands increased production by no small amount. He had no choice but to continuously stuff his mouth with the ladies’ leftovers, raking in his breakfast with big gulps.

Right at this point of time, Yang Chen thought of something, turned his head towards a corner, and saw his one and only male colleague in the office. The white and tender-looking brother Chen Bo was sitting there tapping onto his keyboard. Remembering that he did not seem to come take breakfast, Yang Chen picked up 2 steamed stuffed buns and walked over.

“Chen Bo, have you eaten breakfast?”

Chen Bo nervously turned his body, “No…… Not yet.”

“Then why didn’t you come to take your breakfast, didn’t you hear that from here on out I’m taking up the duty of providing breakfast?” Yang Chen smiled as he handed over the plastic bag to Chen Bo, “Here, if breakfast is not eaten one would not have enough energy to work so if you need to take more come over to my cubicle, there’s a lot left.”

Chen Bo accepted the food with gratitude, but only removed one steamed stuffed bun from the plastic bag, and returned the other to Yang Chen. He had an awkward expression as he murmured, “My……My appetite is small, one is enough to fill me up.”

Yang Chen nearly choked. A man stood in front of Yang Chen and weakly said that he had a small appetite, and couldn’t even finish 2 steamed stuffed buns. It gave him the feeling of not knowing whether to laugh or to cry.

Returning to his seat, the moment he turned on the computer, he noticed Liu Mingyu who was in a light purple dress gracefully walking to his side. Today, on top of her lovely purplish-red hair dye there was a rose-colored hair clip. Among the ripe and elegance a little sauciness was added. As she approached, a smell that was similar to orchids and musk deers, lavender could be smelled.

With his experience, Yang Chen was able to determine that this woman could make all kinds of hardcore movements on the bed.

Liu Mingyu wouldn’t have thought such vile ideas were in Yang Chen’s mind, she carefully glanced at Chen Bo for a moment, then said, “Little Yang, in the future if you are free please take care of Little Chen more, that child usually speaks very little, and is pretty lonely. We have all been worried for him, but after all we are all ladies, and we can’t truly treat him as a sister.”

It appeared that Liu Mingyu had a good heart and showed care for her colleagues in the office. Yang Chen naturally wouldn’t mind a little errand such as this, and nodded, “Anyway, I’m just buying breakfast and doing little errands. Something like caring for my colleagues, and taking care of my fellow male is a must.”

Liu Mingyu’s pursed lips turned into a smile, “I heard others speak of how much of a great talent you are, but from how I see it you just have a slick tongue.”

Zhao Hongyan, who sat the closest turned around, she gave Liu Mingyu a profound look, tenderly laughed and said, “Big sis Mingyu, why don’t you ask Yang Chen if he has a girlfriend, I think the two of you are pretty compatible.”

Yang Chen at that moment was staring right at the 2 lumps of vibrating meatballs on Liu Mingyu’s chest without even blinking, and hearing those words, he couldn’t help but have a regretful tone as he said, “About this……have I never mentioned it? I’m already married.”

“You’re married!?” Zhao Hongyan was stunned, then followed with disbelief as she said, “I really can’t tell, with your lecherous looks, and making moves without permission, a girl is actually willing to marry you.”

Yang Chen was unhappy, and with a righteous and majestic face he said, “How have I been lecherous, I’m quite the upright person, big sis Hongyan you mustn’t speak falsely.”

“Earlier you kept staring at big sis Mingyu’s boobs, do you think we didn’t know?” Zhao Hongyan rolled her eyes.

Liu Mingyu also didn’t feel awkward, she covered her mouth and laughed, “Hongyan you shouldn’t poke at him anymore, if this spreads to his wife, perhaps he would have to kneel on a washboard to pay for his mistakes.” With that said she magnanimously walked off.

In his heart Yang Chen muttered, so they’re all a bunch of vixens, and could see everything. They just kept quiet about it. But since he had already been seen through, there was no need to be sneaky anymore. He stared at Liu Mingyu’s rear view as she walked, and that gracefully swaying butt, while swallowing his saliva.

Zhao Hongyan was speechless towards Yang Chen’s bluntness, then followed with a laugh and said, “Yang Chen, I want to tell you a secret……”

“What secret?” Yang Chen could tell that there was something indirectly implied from those words, and couldn’t help but move closer to ask.

“Actually, big sis Mingyu’s butt may be outstanding, but Zhang Cai’s butt is the softest, it is very comfortable to touch, if you have the chance you should try it.” Zhao Hongyan’s coquettish eyes turned into slits as she said, “I’ve touched all of their butts before y’know?”

Yang Chen was incredibly envious. This woman was truly open and bold, perhaps it was because they’ve stayed in this place, Yu Lei International, where men are rare for far too long, and their natural hunger and thirst welled up. Revealing a playful smile, he asked, “Then how does your butt compare to Zhang Cai’s?”

Zhao Hongyan originally intended to just tantalize Yang Chen, but suddenly being asked such a question, she stuttered and was unable to speak. If she said she was inferior to Zhang Cai, then as a woman who was confident in her looks, she would feel dissatisfied. But if she said she was superior to Zhang Cai, then she would seem too arrogant and complacent, and a flip flopper.

A pair of vivid eyes stared at Yang Chen, “Are you very curious? After you touch Zhang Cai’s, I will let you touch mine, then you can just compare it yourself right?”

“It’s a deal.” Yang Chen laughed.

Pitiful Zhang Cai, she obviously doesn’t know that her butt has turned into a gambling platform for this pair of heartless man and woman.

Zhao Hongyan wasn’t shy about this either, with her eyebrows raised, she flirtatiously laughed, “If you have the ability to make all our sisters let you touch them once, that would be regarded as our PR Department’s welfare for our rare male colleagues.”

These words made Yang Chen’s mood fantastic, and although in the last few years he had relationships with a number of ladies, but those were times of the past. When thinking about it now, it was also merely a vent for physical needs. As of present, the excitement brought to him just by saying a few words to the ladies in the office was unprecedented.

During the morning, working was exactly as how Yang Chen envisioned. Nobody bothered him, he turned on the computer and went straight to the internet to play some games, like gold miner, Pokemon and such. He had great fun. Occasionally there would be several pretty girls coming over to ask him some foreign language questions, and Yang Chen managed to easily answer them quickly without any burden on his brain.

When it was nearly 12pm, Zhang Cai and Liu Mingyu walked over as a pair, and when Zhao Hongyan noticed them coming over, she tidied up her things and got up.

Zhang Cai saw the familiar “Concentration” game on the monitor, chuckled and said, “Yang Chen, big sis Hongyan said you came here to idle about, seems like she was spot-on.”

Yang Chen licked his dry lips, rubbed his stomach, and then raised his head to ask, “Are you guys about to go for lunch?”

“Yep, right at the company’s dining hall, are you coming with us?” Liu Mingyu asked.

Yang Chen may have devoured 7 or 8 steamed stuffed buns, 5 sticks of youtiao and 2 packs of soy milk, but doing something with high difficulty like playing games was the most tiring thing, so he was still a little hungry. He stood up, and without the slightest bit of shame he said, “Of course, I have to go with you. Working is so exhausting, I must reward myself well.”

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