Chapter 42: Breakfast Time

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When the first light of dawn shined its way into Rose’s huge bedroom, Yang Chen got off the bed in great spirits, put on his clothes and prepared to leave.

Drowsy-eyed Rose pouted with dissatisfaction, and without a shred of charisma befitting an underworld boss, just like an ordinary girl, she spoke with remorse, “I told you not to do it in the water yesterday, now I feel water swollen(edema) down there.”

[TL: In chinese the characters for water and swollen put together means edema.] [Note: Edema – a condition characterized by an excess of watery fluid collecting in the cavities or tissues of the body]

Yang Chen looked conflicted, “Doing it in the water so it’s water swollen(edema). Darling Rose how can it be that you don’t have the slightest bit of common medical knowledge. That’s not what water swollen(edema) means.”

“I don’t care, you have no conscience.” Rose threw a pillow at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen laughed in embarrassment, and said, “It’s alright, when you practice more in the future you’ll gain resistance to it. Practice makes perfect, right?”

Rose made a spitting impression, and she didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, “What practice makes perfect, utter nonsense. I really don’t know how I fell in love with a hoodlum like you whose mouth has no filter.”

After a brief moment of poking fun at one another, Yang Chen remembered that he still needed to return home to change clothes and go to work. So after rubbing Rose’s well developed butt, he left the bar in a hurry.

When he returned to the villa at Dragon Garden, it was precisely breakfast time, Wang Ma, who was wearing an apron was in the process of bringing breakfast out of the kitchen. Seeing that Yang Chen returned home, Wang Ma was stunned for a moment, then revealed a caring expression as she asked, “Young Master, where did you go last night? Miss and I were worried.”

The moment Wang Ma said that, Lin Ruoxi who was eating congee by the table frowned, and coldly said, “I wasn’t worried.”

Upon seeing yet another cold expression, as if someone owed her money, Yang Chen did not mind. He sat down, picked up the ladle, filled his bowl with congee and happily ate it. The congee slid down smoothly, dragging with it a taste of coriander.

“Wang Ma, how do you make it so delicious even though it’s just congee!”

Wang Ma happily laughed and said, “If Young Master likes it please eat more.” She then returned to the kitchen to do her chores.

After finishing the whole bowl of congee with two big gulps, Yang Chen moved to pick up the ladle intending to refill the bowl, but even before he picked up the ladle, he saw Lin Ruoxi swiftly shift the big pot of congee to her side, giving the impression of not letting him have another sip.

Yang Chen was hurt, he sourly laughed and said, “My good good wife Ruoxi, it can’t be that you aren’t even willing to let your husband eat congee in the morning right?”

“You’ve already ate two mouthfuls, also, you’re not allowed to call me in such a disgusting way.” Lin Ruoxi put the pot of congee by her side, then lowered her head and continued eating.

“Do you need to go that far for just a small bowl of congee…….” muttered Yang Chen, then he suddenly thought of something, laughed and asked, “Ruoxi, could it be that you’re angry because I didn’t return home last night?”

Lin Ruoxi didn’t even raise her head as she coldly said, “I’m not interested in your trivial affairs.”

“Then why won’t you let me eat the congee!” Yang Chen was bewildered.

“Wang Ma cooked this for me, you settle your own food.”

Yang Chen hesitated for a while, and he felt that forcefully snatching the congee to eat would be excessive. Remembering that he promised all his female colleagues that he would bring breakfast, he didn’t continue teasing her.

Yang Chen went upstairs to change his clothes, then prepared to leave home.

When Wang Ma saw Yang Chen about to leave, she curiously asked, “Why not eat a little more, Young Master? There’s still some steamed buns left.”

“Oh, I have some things to take care of this morning, I’ll just eat out.” Yang Chen glanced at the large pot of coriander congee with reluctance, but still left in the end.

Wang Ma sighed, walked to Lin Ruoxi’s side and heartfully said, “Miss, Young Master is a good person, the two of you, man and wife should live harmoniously, don’t be so opposing of Young Master anymore.”

Lin Ruoxi’s hands stopped, and she plainly said, “Don’t worry anymore Wang Ma, if he wants to eat out, then let him eat out, as he pleases.”

“He’s a man after all, and when they’re young they’re more playful. Miss if you just treat Young Master a little better, how can those women outside compare with Miss? When that happens, Young Master won’t stay out for a whole night anymore.” Wang Ma persuaded patiently.

It seemed as if Lin Ruoxi could listen no more, she stood up and put down the chopsticks, “Wang Ma, I’m full, I’m going to work.”

Seeing how Lin Ruoxi was no longer willing to speak about it, Wang Ma knew the short-tempered Miss had grown impatient, and could only sigh. Then she began clearing the table.

The episode that morning did not affect Yang Chen’s mood, he listened to the morning news while driving to west region’s market. He parked nearby, then moved to where his lamb skewer stall used to be, and began purchasing various kinds of breakfast.

Those who worked as peddlers were naturally familiar with the many kinds of stalls for breakfast, quite a number of them were also friends with Yang Chen, so when they saw Yang Chen, they happily greeted him and also gave him extra food on top of what he ordered for free.

Very quickly, Yang Chen carried bags of food to the car, but it was a pity he didn’t see Old Li’s stall, Old Li was most likely still unaware of last night’s happenings.

Thinking of Old Li, Yang Chen felt the need to let Zhang Hu take note not to treat the little peddlers here unfairly. After all, during this half a year all of them had good relations with him.

Yang Chen managed to reach Yu Lei International without being late. When he left the elevator and entered the large Public Relations Department’s office, immediately there were 2 well dressed and pretty female colleagues that welcomed him, happily laughing, “Why did big brother Yang only arrive now, us sisters have all been hungry.” Apparently Zhao Hongyan did inform the others about Yang Chen taking up the responsibility of bringing breakfast.

Yang Chen raised the two large bags of food in his hands, “The amount of food needed is quite high, next time I’ll go buy breakfast earlier.”

While speaking, Yang Chen walked over to his own office desk, because his table only had a computer and nothing else, it was a suitable location to place the food.

The tens of youthful and attractive female colleagues in the office immediately crowded around chirping, and lively beyond compare. Seeing Yang Chen’s table full of glittering foods like steamed stuffed buns, mandarin rolls, steamed buns, shaobing, youtiao, fried glutinous rice dough cakes, fried dumplings, and even soup-filled buns, they blanked out for a moment, then one by one turned towards Yang Chen with looks of adoration.

“Yang Chen, you’re too amazing, how did you manage to buy so much, and still manage to avoid bringing the heavy types!” Round-faced Zhang Cai quickly grabbed a soup-filled bun, took a bite with that little mouth, and commended.

“It can’t be that you’re a specialist at buying breakfast right? So professional, how is it that there is both milk and soy milk, and the soy milk you bought even has sweetened and unsweetened types!? Zhao Hongyan also didn’t expect Yang Chen to be so “professional”. This was much more abundant than what they had before.

Seeing all his lady colleagues happily praising him, a certain person named Yang felt gratified and proud at the same time, totally forgetting that his original job application was for PR, and not a breakfast gopher.

“Everybody, please eat whatever you like, if there’s something you particularly like please let me know, I’ll buy more of it the next time.” Yang Chen was proud of himself, and also didn’t forget to boast and flatter, “When doing something, we might as well do it seriously, satisfying the masses’ requirements in life, this sort of thing is something a person like me who has a great character happily does. To think of the time I was nearly able to put on the red neckscarf!”

[TL: He means that he nearly joined the Young Pioneers of China organization, it’s like a scout organization, china version. Probably a lie of course, like everything he says. lel] Copyright 2016 - 2023