Chapter 44: Three

Yu Lei International indeed proved itself to be a company run by women. The interior decorations for the dining hall which encompasses the whole 15th-storey, were clean, bright, open, and delightfully colored.

Large floor-to-ceiling glass windows were present on all four sides, and one could gaze upon the entire landscape of Zhong Hai City. The tables and chairs were all avant-garde silver-white colored mix of metal and plastic, showing a strong fashionable style. The lighting of the dining hall was also elegant and fresh, the hanging lights with glass that had a crystal-like texture came in various colors and types. In the hall, potted plants were sparsely distributed at the four corners, their tender and lovely leaves showed that someone had been showing great care to them.

At the counter for swiping their IDs, the table used was similar to those used in bars. The food and beverage workers wore clean and white work clothing, and welcomed everybody with smiles.

When Yang Chen entered the dining hall with the 3 ladies, not much attention was brought onto them. After all, despite Yu Lei International having comparatively lesser men, that did not mean they didn’t have any, it was only the PR Department which was a little special. On top of that, there were over 200 workers in the headquarters, when all were assembled onto this level, men wouldn’t be so eye-catching.

Seeing Yang Chen’s expression of interest, Zhang Cai laughed and said, “What do you think, it’s not bad right? Our company’s welfare is considered one of the very best in the entire Zhong Hai.”

“The design of this place is great, I felt my appetite rise the moment I entered.” Yang Chen spoke honestly.

“The dining hall’s renovation was personally designed by our CEO. In these 2 years that our CEO has been on the job, the company’s performance and welfare all increased substantially, we’re all her fans.” Said Zhang Cai with a sense of pride.

CEO? Isn’t that my family’s ice-cold wife? When Yang Chen thought of that, then looked at the 4 corners’ clean and neat decorations, he seemed to gain some deep understanding of it.

Isn’t it so? When looked at closely, these decorations are all cold-toned.

Zhao Hongyan suddenly turned her head and said, “I suddenly thought of something after she mentioned the CEO, yesterday the CEO called you to her office, what actually happened?”

“Haven’t I said it already? She was just greeting a new colleague.” Yang Chen vaguely replied.

“Who would believe you!” Zhao Hongyan coquettishly protested. She knew she couldn’t get an answer out, so she changed questions, “Hey, Yang Chen, you’ve met our CEO, how does it feel to meet her?”

“What do you mean?”

“Did you come from Mars? You entered our company, how could it be that you don’t know our Boss Lin has a reputation of being the number one beauty in Zhong Hai’s business world?” Zhao Hongyan had a face of disbelief.

There’s such a title? Yang Chen really didn’t know, he laughed then said, “She’s alright I guess, just ice-cold, merely looking at her can induce goosebumps in the heart.”

“It goes without saying that the CEO should have a distinctive temperament.” Liu Mingyu who kept silent suddenly threw in a line, Zhao Hongyan and Zhang Cai both followed with sounds of approval.

Yang Chen was surprised, he didn’t expect that in the hearts of the workers of Yu Lei International, Lin Ruoxi’s coldness was regarded as a distinctive temperament, moreover they seem particularly respectful to her. It seemed like it didn’t matter if it was personal charm or management skills, his family’s beautiful wife was indeed extraordinary in every way.

The 4 people took the dishes they wanted then sat at a comparatively larger table. At this time Yang Chen realized, at the east of the dining hall, there was a space separated by a glass window with flower decorations, forming a private area, the tables inside were brightly colored, and the chairs were similarly colored leather sofas.

“Sitting inside there will definitely be even more comfortable, why hasn’t anybody gone in?” Yang Chen asked puzzlingly.

The 3 ladies took a glance, then Zhang Cai answered, “That is the dining area for the company’s management level, only those who possess positions of vice-head and above may enter, the management level’s food is also different, they have a great chef to specially cook for them.”

“Such a large area but there isn’t a soul?” Yang Chen felt a little pity, “How about we go over there, it will be a waste if it was empty anyways.”

Zhao Hongyan said, “At the vice-head level and above, which of them doesn’t have meetings often? Who will have the free time to eat at the company’s dining hall every day? However, you need not think of going in, rules are rules, little employees like us only need to do our part well.”

Liu Mingyu then said, “Actually, that can also be considered as a motivational policy for normal employees, only with a difference in treatment can one’s competitive spirit be raised. Only with a competitive spirit can one make progress, I think this is necessary.”

Yang Chen looked at his plate’s chicken cutlet and cauliflower, it’s cooked well, but with only the size of two hands, he gloomily frowned, “There’s so little dishes, so little rice, I only need 2 or 3 mouthfuls to finish it, it isn’t even as filling as a 5 dollars meal from a small restaurant.”

The 3 ladies looked at each other in dismay, all of them revealed expressions of being unable to understand. The fact was, they simply didn’t know what a 5 dollars meal from those small restaurants in the markets were like. Seeing Yang Chen’s expression of not having enough to eat, wordlessly, they began moving some of their dishes and rice on their plates to Yang Chen’s with their chopsticks.

“Usually we can’t finish our food, so we’ll let you have some.” Zhao Hongyan helplessly laughed, “In the future if you join us for lunch, we can avoid wasting food.”

Right at this moment, a line of people entered the dining hall, many workers in the dining hall quietly stood up, revealing a somewhat nervous expression, and greeted those people.

“Oh, the CEO and department heads have come, the department heads’ meeting has ended.” Zhang Cai cried out in alarm, stopped whatever she was doing, and stood up like the other ladies.

Standing at the forefront was the impressive Lin Ruoxi, with her hair tied up in a bun, and no cosmetics on her clean, moon-like face. That ice-cold temperament could repel others from a thousand miles away. She was like a heavenly goddess, in a pure black outfit, and seemed especially lucid and elegant beyond compare.

This was a woman who didn’t need any makeup, and only needs to be present to captivate her surroundings.

The other management level people who entered together with her proved this point. The majority of them were ladies, they wore fitting clothes, had graceful temperaments, some were older yet still attractive, while some were youthful and pretty. This included Yang Chen’s superior, the PR Department’s Mo Qianni. However, at that point of time, these glamorous beauties who followed behind Lin Ruoxi were like moons covered by the sun, and weren’t as dazzling as they usually were.

After a short glance or two, Yang Chen lowered his head, he felt that in this situation, it was better for him to just eat.

Therefore, as everybody present stopped eating and stood up to greet, Yang Chen who wolfed down his chicken cutlet, suddenly stood out like a sore thumb.

When Lin Ruoxi walked past Yang Chen, she didn’t stop for the slightest moment, and didn’t even pay a glance, as if she totally didn’t recognize Yang Chen. The fact was, when she just entered, she saw the scene of the 3 ladies adding food onto Yang Chen’s plate, and a burst of unhappiness entered her heart.

Her cheap husband, really thought of the company as his flirting spot! Furthermore, he even picked up three at a time!?

Instead when the others from the management level saw Yang Chen, whom unlike the other workers who were putting in the effort to please, only cared about raking in his meal. They felt displeased, but wasn’t in the right situation to say something, and could only intentionally or unintentionally remember this person by heart, and include him in their blacklist.

Looking bright and charming, Mo Qianni who was in a light yellow outfit was at a meeting since early in the morning, and hadn’t met Yang Chen yet. Upon seeing this scene, she also felt displeased, suddenly recalling something, a trace of teasing and taunting flashed in her eyes. She stopped by Yang Chen’s side and said, “Yang Chen, be prepared to leave around 3 in the afternoon, you’re coming with me to settle some work outside.” With that said, she walked away without even looking back.

Yang Chen swallowed the mouthful of food, how could he not know? This lady superior who was displeased with him definitely intends to pull some tricks on him, he wanted to evade it by saying he was “very busy,” but seeing Mo Qianni already seriously discussing something with the other management level people, she basically no longer paid any attention to him.

“I wish you good luck.” Zhao Hongyan beside him winked at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen shrugged his shoulders, indifferently laughed, and continued burying his head into “battle.” Copyright 2016 - 2023