Convey a Message to Her

After listening to Yang Chen’s question, Mo Qianni looked away and refused to speak.

“If you feel it’s something humiliating or depressing to you, please tell me as well,” Yang Chen said seriously. “If you approve of me, I don’t want you to think I’d feel your inferiority for things you deem humiliating. I don’t want you to endure depressing matters alone.”

Mo Qianni remained still. She seemed to have completely missed what Yang Chen said.

Feeling dismal, Yang Chen smiled bitterly. “I must’ve felt too good about myself. Correct, why did I even expect you to tell me such a past of yours while you have a high self-esteem? Who doesn’t have a gray area in heart that they don’t hope others to know? I’m being too greedy…”

Mo Qianni’s eyes got rather reflective as they were wet. Her body shook lightly.

“Rest well, I’ll send you back tomorrow morning.” Yang Chen stood up and turned around before walking towards the door. Mo Qianni’s silence made him feel rather distracted. He needed to drink a few cups or smoke a few cigarettes to calm his mind.

At this moment, Mo Qianni called out faintly.

“Yang Chen…”

Yang Chen turned around before saying, “What is it? Are you still suffering?”

Mo Qianni shook her head. Her clear eyes didn’t contain the slightest impurity, just like the most transparent crystal.

“My leg, was broken by broken by people…”

Yang Chen felt a chill up his heart and his head. He didn’t know what kind of emotion it was. When Yang Chen heard that Mo Qianni’s leg was beaten, he suddenly felt like his heart had fallen.

However, she understated the matter like it was somebody else’s leg that was broken.

Slowly walking to the bed, Yang Chen squatted down and looked at the beautiful and bright calf of Mo Qianni which looked like it wasn’t damaged at all.

He gazed at it for a while before pulling the blanket to cover Mo Qianni’s lower body.

“Don’t catch a cold.” Yang Chen didn’t know what he could say. He regretted asking Mo Qianni to tell him the truth.

Mo Qianni smiled sweetly. Since she used too much energy, she couldn’t quite open her eyes. However, she felt a strong desire to look at Yang Chen.

“Do you still remember that I said… I escaped when I was thirteen. I stole someone’s wallet and ran to Zhonghai to work and earn money,” Mo Qianni said. “Around three months before I met Old CEO, Ruoxi’s grandma, I was washing plates and vegetables and doing some general tasks. Since I was too young, although I looked older than the similarly aged kids, I would be sent back to my hometown if I got discovered to be a child labor…”

As Mo Qianni talked, her voice got softer and softer, making Yang Chen feel extremely guilty. He stopped her from speaking, saying, “Stop talking about it. Let the past stay in the past. Don’t torment yourself anymore.”

“Is it that you don’t want to share the pain with me?”

“No… but…”

“Then listen to me,” Mo Qianni said with a smile as gentleness appeared in her eyes. “Back then, I only wanted to earn some money and enroll in high school. Since the school fees weren’t very expensive, I could deal with working part-time and studying at the same time.

“However, the owner of the small restaurant kept harassing me behind his wife’s back. He’d say shameless things to me, and even touch me.

“There was once where I got accidentally blocked in a storeroom by him. He didn’t allow me to get out. He even wanted to do that thing to me…

“I used all my energy to bite him before running away. However, the owner told the employees that I was stealing in the store room, that I got discovered and he got bit as a result.

“So… I got grapsed and couldn’t escape. Finally, the owner’s wife seized the opportunity to whack me.

“That woman had despised me for a very long time. So under the situation where the owner couldn’t say anything, she used a rolling pin to whack me violently, saying I was a thief, a thief who dared to escape after stealing and biting someone. So she broke my leg…”

As Mo Qianni spoke, she seemed to struggle more and more.

Yang Chen held his fists tightly. He asked, “Is the married couple still in Zhonghai?”

Mo Qianni’s eyes were still wet. She said, “No, they’re not. Old CEO helped me send them into the jail. They couldn’t get out of there after that. Old CEO even paid for my surgical cost. Otherwise, I’d be left with various hidden side effects…”

“So that’s why you respect Ruoxi’s grandma this much. She indeed had done too much good for you,” Yang Chen said as he nodded smilingly.

To Lin Ruoxi’s grandma, she may just be helping Mo Qianni out of empathy, and bringing a little girl with high potential up. However, to Mo Qianni, it was an unforgettable support when it came to her funding for education and dealing with the people who caused her intense suffering.

If that wasn’t the case, Mo Qianni may have turned to a petal that fell into mud long ago.

“Do you know that… every day, there wasn’t a moment where I didn’t hope to see you… However, knowing that you were in the company, I didn’t ever intentionally look for you. It isn’t because Ruoxi and I are very close… Although we are great sisters, I won’t back down when it comes to love. Even if I’m merely a third party, I wouldn’t feel despicable as long as you don’t avoid me… The reason I didn’t approach or take initiative to contact you is because I didn’t want to feel sorry to Old CEO. If a day comes where Ruoxi wants me to disappear completely, I guess I won’t decline her request,” Mo Qianni said softly.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. He said, “I think she wouldn’t want you to leave, but me. I don’t think I’m more important than you in her eyes.”

Smiling, Mo Qianni replied, “I said this before. It’s not that she refuses to accept you, it’s just that it’s too difficult for you to be accepted.”

Yang Chen reached out to hold one of Mo Qianni’s hands. It was cold and soft.

“If you ever dream of Old CEO, tell her that Yang Chen wants you to convey a message to her.”

Mo Qianni mumbled, “What do you want to say?”

“Just say, sorry, although this must be tough for you, but please don’t let Mo Qianni leave Yang Chen. Since the person at fault isn’t Mo Qianni, but the man who has been holding onto Mo Qianni’s hands,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Tears immediately wet the pillow below Mo Qianni’s head. Since her emotions fluctuated, her hands couldn’t stop trembling.

Yang Chen silently touched Mo Qianni’s fringe. He could smell an alluring fragrance. Yang Chen didn’t plan to console her nor advise her to stop crying. At this moment, the tears made Yang Chen feel that crying women were the prettiest.

“Yang Chen, my leg isn’t hurting anymore,” Mo Qianni said softly.

Yang Chen hummed with acknowledgement. “The sky has gotten dark already. I’ll ask them to send the dishes I ordered earlier over. What do you think?”

“I said my leg isn’t hurting anymore,” Mo Qianni said.

“I know you’re not in pain already, but you still need to eat, don’t you?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

Mo Qianni pouted. He said, “You removed my pants.”

“Wasn’t I looking into your issue…” Yang Chen said awkwardly.

“But you’ve seen it all already. From my waist to my feet, you saw a major half of my body already,” Mo Qianni said.

Yang Chen slowly understood what she meant. Suddenly, he felt heat on his chest as his eyes got filled with excitement. “Little Qianqian, to make up for it, do you want to see half my body as well?”

Mo Qianni blushed. She said blurrily, “Yes.”

Yang Chen gulped. Without speaking more nonsense, he abruptly leaped onto the bed before removing his coat, pants, socks and everything else!

When the high-spirited object appeared in Mo Qianni’s sight, her heart was pumping extremely fast, but she didn’t shut her eyes. Instead, she looked rather curious and blur.

“What are you doing? I didn’t ask you to remove the innermost one.”

“Then what should I do? I removed it already, and you’ve seen it as well,” Yang Chen said as he pouted.

“Then I’ll show you as well…” Swiftly, Mo Qianni’s face looked exceptionally charming. “If you want to see it, do it yourself.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she removed the blanket on his body, revealing a pair of bright and seductive thighs and the black-patterned sexy underwear...

Yang Chen’s body slowly leaned forward as he reached out to touch Mo Qianni’s face using one hand, while the other hand extended to the side of the underwear. Over there, the bowline knot slowly got unfastened…

“What should I do? Little Qianqian, I feel really hot now,” Yang Chen whispered to Mo Qianni’s ear while he exhaled hot air.

At this moment, Mo Qianni’s face looked as red as blood. Her breaths slowly got heavy.

“Remove your clothes if you’re hot…”

“Wouldn’t you see all of me if I did?”

“Then you remove mine too, I won’t take advantage on you…”

When one after another binds got thrown down the bed by Yang Chen and scattered onto the ground, the two naked bodies were already entangled together.

Yang Chen held Mo Qianni’s delicacy, firmness and softness into his hands as he recklessly tasted the sweet lips and groped the pair of elasticity in front of his chest.

“Little Qianqian, my lower part has gotten cold already. What should I do?”

“Wear pants,” Mo Qianni said with a hoarse voice.

Yang Chen deeply inhaled the strong breath exerted by the female hormones. He said, “Wearing pants is too troublesome. Give me some warmth.”

“Then come in yourself,” Mo Qianni mumbled while her face got boiling-hot.

As wind blew the precious door, red plums got squeezed in as well.

This chilly night passed a bit too abruptly, but was simple and fulfilling at the same time.

When the two finally ended their exercise, Yang Chen hugged Mo Qianni with his arms on the narrow single bed. Mo Qianni’s head used his chest as a pillow. Her face still brought the post-climax flush. The red peaches would easily make someone intoxicated.

Under the blanket, one of Yang Chen’s hands was still dishonestly fondling the group of elegance. However, Mo Qianni seemed like she was exhausted, or she may just be allowing her lover’s mischievous behaviour. Silently feeling the touch, she acted like nothing happened.

“Yang Chen.” After a long time, Mo Qianni raised her head to look at Yang Chen gently. “I like you.”

“I know.”

“I’m serious, I really really like you,” Mo Qianni said willfully.

Yang Chen lovingly pinched her chin. “I said I knew. Even if you don’t say it, I knew that you liked me.”

“No… I like you, more than how you imagined I liked you, a lot… a lot… more than that.”

Yang Chen didn’t allow her to continue speaking. Even though he knew his lady who just became a true woman couldn’t be punished anymore, he still lifted the blanket and pressed the ‘disobedient’ woman below his body... Copyright 2016 - 2024