Morning Make-Up

After a small-scale snowstorm, the temperature of the entire Zhonghai fell below zero degrees.

The rooms in the farm stay were rather decent. At least the heater kicked in on time. The rooms were all warm and comfortable, making people feel rather sleepy.

Not to mention the couple Yang Chen and Mo Qianni who were currently lying on the bed, having fought in hundreds of rounds of war at night.

Since he was with his own woman, Yang Chen didn’t sleep with caution after the night’s vigorous activities, not to mention he was currently at a rural area. Thus, his sleep this night was exceptionally satisfying.

It was Friday the next morning. Although Yang Chen had to work early in the morning, he woke up later than usual.

When Yang Chen opened his eyes, he blurrily noticed that Mo Qianni who previously lay beside him, was sitting in front of the make-up desk alone. She was using the cosmetics she brought with her to enhance her appearance for him.

Mo Qianni just ‘broke’ her body last night before getting continuous ‘bombings’. Yang Chen thought she’d only wake up in the afternoon. However, she still had the energy to wake up at dawn to apply make-up.

Yang Chen slowly got out of bed and walked towards the make-up desk, behind Mo Qianni.

In the mirror, the two bodies adhered together.

Bending his body, Yang Chen lightly hugged Mo Qianni’s waist from behind, asking, “When did you wake up?”

Mo Qianni noticed that Yang Chen was approaching her long ago. Although the two acted extremely intimate last night, Mo Qianni still felt rather shy currently.

People always behaved this way. The closer something got near to yourself, the more cherished it would be, and the more afraid you’d get for losing it.

“Four in the morning. I couldn’t fall asleep,” Mo Qianni said.

Frowning, Yang Chen said, “Little Qianqian, weren’t you exhausted? Why did you wake up this early for a make-up? You look very pretty as well without make-up.”

Mo Qianni stopped moving her hands. Lowering her head, she blushed as she said, “No, it’s different.”

Smiling, Yang Chen asked, “What’s different about it?”

“My mom told me that I must wake up earlier than the man to put on make-up after I get married, to let him see this version of me. Because only then would the man feel my true love for him.”

Yang Chen’s heart shook lightly. Listening to the silly woman’s speech, he affectionately placed her cheek towards Mo Qianni’s face. Rubbing a few times, he said, “I want to thank my mother-in-law. She didn’t teach you how to truly love a man. What she did was placing a woman who deserved true love into my hands.”

Mo Qianni turned her head around with a smile. “So what if that’s the case? It’s not like I can get married to you. I can only have a taste of waking up beside you in the morning occasionally.”

“Are you asking me to divorce with your great sister to marry you?” Yang Chen asked jokingly as he squinted.

“Yes!” Mo Qianni exclaimed out of the blue with a serious expression. She then sighed and said, “But it can’t happen. I want it to happen, but I can’t make it happen. You should know what I’m talking about.”

“I understand. However, it isn’t because of your relationship with Old CEO. It’s all my fault. I can’t do that now at least, before I truly understand how I feel,” Yang Chen said sadly.

“Furthermore, I bet I’m not the only woman in your queue,” Mo Qianni said mischievously.

Yang Chen nerves suddenly tightened. Standing up, he coughed twice before putting up an act of staring outside the window. “It’s quite late already. Let’s get back to the city. Oh yeah, I suddenly feel really thirsty. I’ll boil some water to drink…”

“You’re acting dumb again,” Mo Qianni said as she pouted before rolling her eyes. She then continued applying make-up on her face. Copyright 2016 - 2024