Ocean and Calf

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Though it wasn’t too high of a hill, it still had an altitude of a few hundred meters. Furthermore, the route was covered in snow, so Yang Chen didn’t dare to move too quickly. He walked and stopped to rest repeatedly. When he arrived at the peak with Mo Qianni, almost two hours had passed already.

The summit wasn’t very flat. On the land with an area of tens of square meters, there wasn’t anything except weeds and a few rocks covered fully with moss.

The chilly sea breeze blew past their ears. Mo Qianni’s ears, cheeks and the tip of her nose were all red.

Yang Chen lovingly caressed her dry face before removing his own scarf, intending to wrap it around his woman’s neck.

“I’m not cold, wrap it onto you.” Mo Qianni wanted to decline his action.

Smiling bitterly, Yang Chen said, “Accept it when a man wraps his scarf around you. When a woman says she isn’t cold, don’t you think it’d embarrass the man?”

“There’s only you and me here,” Mo Qianni said.

“That’s not how you use that sentence,” Yang Chen said with a smile. “If we were lying on a warm, giant bed, I’d like to hear what you just said.”

“Idiot.” Mo Qianni blushed as she obediently allowed Yang Chen to wrap his scarf around her. The soft texture brought the warmth of a man.

The two silently looked at each other for a while before turning to look at the seascape.

Looking east from the peak of the hill, there was an endless ocean. It looked like it sparkled right under their feet when gazed upon.

Probably due to the snowfall earlier, the sun exposed part of its head. Like a tentacle, the sunlight provoked the clouds on the sky which got blown around.

In the afternoon, the waves of the golden sea looked fascinating as they reflected the sunlight.

The wonderful scenery was unrivaled.

Mo Qianni took a deep breath in the cold air as cold wind blew and messed her hair up, looking scattered while arrogant.

“It’s really as described by those uncles. It’s so beautiful here.”

“If you like, I can bring you here often in the future. If you say no, I may not ever visit this place ever again in my life,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Smiling, Mo Qianni replied, “I was born in the hills. Even if I now stay in a city, I would always think of coming to places like this. I’ve always felt that I belong to such a place… Yang Chen, am I really foolish?”

“Why do you say so? Till this date, I still prefer working in the vegetable market over the office,” Yang Chen said.

Mo Qianni chuckled. “How shameless.”

“Facing solely you and the ocean, do I have to be ashamed?” Yang Chen asked as he smiled relaxedly.

A peace of mind appeared in Mo Qianni’s eyes. Reaching her white and slim, precious hand, her cold fingertips slid across Yang Chen’s face slowly.

“Back then when I first saw the ocean when I was a child, my father still lived in this world. At that time, he brought me and my mother to a distant relative’s home which was located in a fishing village near the sea.

“My mom held my hands as she asked, why the ocean was lower than every river and stream…

“I didn’t know the answer at the moment. My mom told me it was because the sea wanted to accept every drop of water that flowed from the river…

“My mom said, Girl, when you get married in the future, you have to be a woman who behaves like the ocean. You only have to silently place yourself at the lowest position, so that the waters from the rivers can flow into your arms. Just like the ocean, your boundaries can’t be seen. Make the people around the ocean look at you obsessively.”

Yang Chen pondered as he looked at Mo Qianni who looked like she was dreaming. Smiling, he said, “Although my mother-in-law isn’t a professor in a university, nor is she a specialist, she seems capable to say uncommon things.”

“I’ve been thinking about something. If I don’t ever get married in this life and if I can act like the ocean, will the person by the sea look at me obsessively too?”

“You have to get married,” Yang Chen said before pulling Mo Qianni into his arms forcefully. “If you don’t get married, but behave like the ocean, too many people would stare at you obsessively. Even if you’re the ocean, I will become Earth that carries you.”


Mo Qianni laughed while lying on Yang Chen’s chest. As her sight blurred, she said, “If you transform into the spherical Earth, I think I don’t want to be the ocean anymore.”

“Do you want to get slapped on the butt, or kissed on the lips?” Yang Chen looked at her with bad intent.

Mo Qianni blinked her big eyes, appearing wronged. “Are they any different?”

“Then I’ll do both together…”

Yang Chen leaned forward and kissed his lips as he used one arm to support her waist, and the other to grope her elevated and elegant backside, feeling a wonderful touch as he continuously kneaded the area.

The ice-cold wind that blew in the outside world seemed to have turned to a gentle spring breeze. It wasn’t chilly anymore.

The two entangled for a very long time. When Mo Qianni couldn’t breathe anymore, she struggled out of Yang Chen’s control. She begged, “Let’s get down the hill. The sky is getting dark already.”

“Don’t you feel that we’re just like the sea and the mountain here?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

[TL note: It’s a Chinese idiom that means the oath between a man and a woman which never changes, just like the sea and the mountain.]

Mo Qianni rolled her eyes. “You’re really getting better at talking each day. Is your mouth always this sweet towards every girl?”

“If that’s the case, do you think I’d have the time to accompany you to this deserted place like a fool?”

“You’re the one who’s a fool,” Mo Qianni complained. She got out of Yang Chen’s arms before starting to walk down the hill.

Yang Chen quickly followed behind. “Don’t walk too quickly. Don’t step on the places which are frozen, you’d fall easily.”

Turning around, Mo Qianni replied, “I grew up in the hills. Do I need you to teach me how to walk here?”

Yang Chen pouted and stayed quiet.

However, after Mo Qianni finished speaking for a short moment, she shouted as her left leg softened, immediately half kneeling in the middle of the path!

Shocked, Yang Chen immediately ran over and supported Mo Qianni’s body. Quickly, he asked, “What happened?”

Mo Qianni’s mouth was slightly opened as her face suddenly turned pale. Shivering, she couldn’t speak properly and could only mumble. She looked like she was having an unbearable pain.

Yang Chen saw that Mo Qianni was pressing on her left calf with both her hands. Her watery eyes made him more anxious.

“What happened?” Yang Chen asked once again.

“My leg… My leg is hurting…” Mo Qianni murmured.

Without hesitating, Yang Chen carried Mo Qianni up horizontally. Hooked up by Yang Chen, Mo Qianni tapped Yang Chen with difficulty. Barely, she said, “Don’t… don’t get nervous… I… I can make it… It’s dangerous… to walk this quickly…”

Yang Chen didn’t intend to ask any more questions. Regarding how slippery the path was, it wasn’t an issue for Yang Chen. Moving almost like wind, he sprinted down the hill through the greatly tough roads.

Since Mo Qianni was suffering intense pain, her half-unconscious state didn’t allow her to feel any abnormality.

Looking gloomy, Yang Chen arrived at the farm stay before asking for a room. The female server saw that Mo Qianni who was in Yang Chen’s arms looked terrible, so she quickly rushed the procedures.

Carrying Mo Qianni, Yang Chen walked into a warm room before placing her, who was drenched in cold sweat, on the single bed with a white bed sheet.

Mo Qianni frowned tightly, her face still looked really pale. She appeared to be suffering awfully.

Without overthinking, Yang Chen removed her long leggings, revealing a pair of white thermal long pants.

“Qianni, I’ll take a look at it for you,” Yang Chen said as he wanted to remove Mo Qianni’s thermal pants.

Mo Qianni stopped him. She said softly, “Don’t… don’t look at it already. I’ll… I’ll be fine…”

“That isn’t for you to decide.” Without hesitation, Yang Chen took off Mo Qianni’s thermal pants.

Mo Qianni was left with a black-patterned sexy underwear. The pair of white and firm thighs displayed luster as they reflected the light.

The thighs which didn’t contain any fats looked like a scripture. They were exquisite like a beautiful jade. The smooth lines extended up to her adorable calves.

However, Yang Chen didn’t have the slightest mood to admire this attractive scenery. His attention was focused on Mo Qiann’s left calf which brought her intense agony. It didn’t look unusual at all. However, when observed carefully, a long but slender scar could be seen.

Yang Chen carefully touched Mo Qianni’s scar with one hand. It was obviously left after a surgery. However, the doctor who operated the surgery must’ve been extraordinarily skilled since the scar was almost invisible by now, or she had used various skin care products.

Yang Chen silently cultivated true Qi, spreading the unique internal energy of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture into Mo Qianni’s aching area.

The clogged feeling made Yang Chen soon realize that the area on Mo Qianni’s leg had suffered serious damage. Although it had recovered greatly, it couldn’t be considered a complete piece anymore, just like a log which had numerous nails inserted within.

The warm and humid internal energy quickly conditioned the previously injured veins. Slowly, Mo Qianni’s brows relaxed as her face slowly recovered liveliness.

Opening her eyes, Mo Qianni gazed at Yang Chen before saying, “Thank you…”

She didn’t ask how Yang Chen managed to perform such an act. Having seen uncommon aspects of Yang Chen, she was used to not asking Yang Chen regarding his unknown past.

“You used to be severely injured here. Under such a cold weather, an inflammation recurrence is normal when it’s exposed in cold air,” Yang Chen explained.

“I haven’t experienced any pain there in the past two years. I thought I had fully recovered already. I’m sorry that I made you worried…” Mo Qianni said sadly, just like a child who did something wrong.

“Your wound extends to a major half of your calf. It doesn’t look like it came from a fall, or a simple stab. Where did it come from?” Yang Chen pondered for a while, but he still decided to ask at last.

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